Clay Art Contest # 5 (5 SBD Prizepool) Your Favorite Snack | Entries and Winners for Last Week's @josejirafa Clay Art Contest # 4

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Good day Steemians! Today, I am going to present to you the entries and announce the winners of this week's #clayartcontest run 4: Your Favorite Cartoon Character. Click here for more details about last week's contest

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Clay Art Contest Run 4

While the third run of this contest only had very few contenders, I was amazed by the number of contestants joining the contest. I believe I owe that to these loyal supporters of the contest @tonie, @yssa who gladly shared it with their friends. This makes me want to increase the reward pool to accommodate the number of contestants. Hopefully, I will also find more people who are willing to sponsor my contests. Anyways, thanks to those who made extra efforts to bring more people into making clay art.

The previous theme is about making your favorite cartoon character. I have to say that the entries were simply amazing! I received a variety of clay artworks ranging from TV shows. I could see the characters being brought to life. Most of which were very familiar to me so it did take me back to my childhood days.

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Commitment to Reward Quality Clay Artists

With that being said, I continue to pledge my dedication to rewarding quality clay art in Steemit. This wouldn't be possible without the generous offers and support from our sponsors, fellow steemians and loyal contestants. I do hope we reach a much bigger audience in time. I owe my gratitude to everyone who helped me with this contest.

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This week's sponsor: The Famous Multipotentialite

Last week, both @smaeunabs and @ybanezkim26 declared their intention to support my contest as a means to propel creativity in the platform. I have had a fair amount of support from the community including @girlbeforemirror who has been with the contest since the second run. This week, I will introduce you to a close personal friend of mind whose status precedes himself as a quality content creator and a multipotentialite. He has been making great travel blogs recently which I think really deserves great appreciation. He advocates quality content and towards supporting great initiatives in Steemit. He is no other than @ybanezkim26!


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Announcing the Winners

I proudly present the contestants and winners for this week's #clayartcontest. Anyways, here are the winners:

1st place: @bigboycrafts

Clay art contest # 4: Watch out Mickey! The floor is lava!


Honestly, at first glance, I did not believe that this was made out of clay. @bigboycrafts is a self-taught polymer clay artist. If you look at his blog, you can see how he makes an ordinary chunk of clay into lifeforms. I think we all agree that this one deserves to have recognition

2nd place: @jacinta.sevilla

OPTIMUS PRIME ?? Clay Art Contest #4 Entry - Timelapse and process photos ???


I think it is safe to say that her entry deserves the win for this week's contest. Just take a look at the intricate markings on Optimus prime and how she brought the character to life. She used a wide variety of colors and formed them separately, then "added" each piece until it is done


She even added a gif on her process of making her work. It's really wonderful what she does. You should check out her blog to see more of her artworks. You will love each one of them for sure.

3rd place: @mermaidvampire

Clay Art Contest Entry #1 Your Favorite Cartoon Character | Stitch aka Experiment 626


This entry was the result of a toxic experiment 626 lol. I happen to be a big fan of Stitch as well (though I am pretty sure that doesn't merit any bias from this contest) @mermaidvampire mentions how she used to take a class in clay art in Cebu, my hometown. I am firm when I say that her efforts were not in vain. Just take a good look at the quality of those artworks. She really deserves a big deal of appreciation for this one.

4th place: @grace44

An Old Lady Joined The Fun Of Clay Art Contest


I am a bit disturbed by her title as it is my principle that no one is too old to have fun or to make art. But I do understand her sentiment. I do urge @grace44 to just have fun with what she does. Age is but a number lol. Regardless, she very much created fine artworks with this entry. It's very pink and lovely

5th place: @tonie

Clay Art Contest #4: Favorite Cartoon Character - Kevin from "Minions"


Here is @tonie's entry with Kevin from the Minions. Once again she never fails to surprise us with the quality of her work. I believe I also owe her my gratitude for spreading the word around about my contest. I hope you had fun with this one.


Check out her post to see how she made this one. Her creations are always very detailed and I love how she always shows the process on how she makes them. Hope to see you for this round's clay art contest :D

Other Entries


Clay Art Contest #4: Favorite Cartoon Character

Here is @ediah's daughter with her clay artwork of Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants. She mentions how he is a loyal friend despite his lack of intellect. It's amazing she came up with that thought - how sometimes virtues and values matter more than brains.


Clay Art Contest # 4 Entry . Favourite Cartoon Character with Googlyeyes.


This young man surely has talent when it comes to clay art. @littleblue has been with us and I can say that his artworks are improving. Clay art is really beneficial for children as it enhances their fine motor abilities. He has made PJ Masks catboy since he already made a TMNT themed one with the turtle theme from the past weeks.




This cute little kid named H did this all by herself. If you look at the original post you can see how she is very diligent in crafting her entry for this one. She did really well with is as well. She also mentions choosing piglet because of her personality - being supprtive towards her friends. This kid knows at a young age that friends really matter. Commended!



The piglet above was made by @dunnadelirium's daughter. She said how piglet was lonely so she wanted to make her own clay art as well lol.. That really made me giggle. I just find it fascinating how thi family used my contest as a means to bond eith each other. It is one of the reasons why I do this - to revive the child in each one of us and to make sure that the children who join always have art in their lives. It was very healthy for me as a child back then to make clay art and I believe it is vital for children of the modern world to revert back to these toys instead of mobilde devices. That's just my opinion.


[Clay Art Contest # 4 Entry] Jake The Dog!

I really find this entry very cute. @guri-gure moved Jake the Dog in different places around his house to make a very picturesqueview of his work. It was lovely haha. I could really imagine Jake moving from place to place with his long slender elastic arms. This was fantastic work, I may say. I highly commend your work!


Clay Art Contest: Old Olaf in the House


@yadah04 mentioned how the contest tapped the child inside of her. I am glad that she enjoyed the contest as much as I did with her work. You can never be too mature to have fun with clay lol. This contest has made me like a child as well as I do enjoy looking at the entries very much.

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A Big Thanks to all the Sponsors!

Once again, big thanks to @smaeunabs for being the sponsor of Clay Art Contest Week #4

My appreciation goes to @girbeforemirror for upvoting these deserving clay artists on my behalf, being the sponsor for Clay Art Contest Week #3, and for being such an amazing warrior


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So that's it for last weeks #clayartcontest. As much as I would, I cannot reward each one of you but I hope this post will show my appreciation for you joining my contest. I will continue with this contest in wishful thinking that it will help everyone grow here. Above all, I hope you guys had fun.

This Weeks Clay Art Theme: Your Favorite Snack

If I were to join my own contest I would definitely make a slice of pizza. That counts as a snack for me. This is just an example.

I urge you to make clay art featuring your FAVORITE SNACK. It may be in the form of chips, a sandwich, biscuits, bread, pasta, or any finger food that you fancy. I'm not really strict with the theme as long as it is not a drink. If you have questions, so ask below as well. Let your imagination run wild with the texture, colors, sizes and designs. You may also add in a reason why you chose one through a write-up. Have fun!

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About This Week's Contest

Here are the details for this week's #clayartcontest:

Inclusion Rules
Like all contests here in Steemit, I need to lay down a few ground rules for everyone. I will use this as a basis whether your entry is considered official or not.

  • Upvote this post: Hope that doesn't sound too much. I believe more upvotes on this post will merit more rewards later on :D
  • Resteem: Not everyone is totally on board with this one as it disrupts the delicate layouting of their blog. But I do need a bit of exposure. You may resteem before making a post so your latest post appears on top.
  • Make a post and use #clayartcontest as your main tag: This will make it easier to look for the entries
  • Post the URL of your entry at the comments section below. I would also appreciate it if you upload the photo with your comment and URL so everyone can see your work!

Other Rules

  • As of the moment, you may use any type of molding material. But I do prefer if you use modeling clay.
  • Your post should include a short write-up. It could easily be a short explanation on how you made your entry. It does help to make your post more appealing. We are after Quality Content after all ;D
  • Please nominate someone who you think would love to make clay art with us. Tag his/her name in your post for the nomination. He/She doesn't necessarily have to make an entry but it does make the game so much better.


  • The contest will end 7 days after posting.
  • I will be the judge for the contest and will focus more on the quality of the clay art and the short writeup.

Here is the updated reward pool of 5 SBD for this run. Once again, big thanks to @ybanezkim26 for his generosity.

  • First Place - 2 SBD (Minnow Food)
  • Second Place - 1.5 SBD (Minnow Bite)
  • Third Place - 1 SBD (Minnow Scrap)
  • Fourth Place - 0.5 SBD (Consolation)


  • It's fun! How therapeutic what that be to spend a few minutes of your time molding clay into the desired theme. It won't take you long.
  • All the entries will be featured in the next posts. I will also be occasionally resteeming a few entries which I find to be really spectatcular so everyone can see it.
  • Minnow Food awaits you lol

If you want to see more Clay Art Entries or why I started this, you may click here:

Again, I urge every participant to share this with their local community and fellow clay artists so they could be rewarded and featured for their great work as well

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This is Aaron, Jose the Giraffe

@steemph.cebu | @steemiteducation | @air-clinic | @thealliance | @steemph

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Hello again 😄 I'm back with another entry for this week's contest. My favorite snack is the donut, preferrably krispy kreme or dunkin 😅


  ·  last year (edited)

Hi... Here's my entry for this week's contest... Thank you.. Have a great day!


Hi! Here's our entry for this week's #clayartcontest received_10212979640417989.jpeg

Check out how we made our own clay for this entry here:

So cuuute!

Thank you so much @hiddenblade..

Thank you sir @josejirafa hehhehe congratulations to all the winners!

Oh wow! Thank you so much! Congratulations to everyone. @josejirafa, let's make this contest very popular. You will help a lot of people realize how therapeutic clay molding is! Let them nominate a lot of people. Ahahahahaha! Keep the ball rolling!

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations everyone! It was fun! I'll see what I can cook up (favorite meal eh hehehe) for the next contest. :)

Haha nice pun. I will look forward to it

Wooow! Amazing entries!!! Congrats to all winners :D

I am so pleased for you. It was a wonderful week. What a success! I thought @bigboycrafts was a bit suspiciously perfect too, how amazing.
Well done on the success of your contest.

It did look so good that I doubted it at first. I did promise to reward great clay artists so he definitely deserves the win. I am thinking of separating polymer clay and modelling clay. The kids did amazing for their caliber but I couldnt rewsrd them that much because of the tight competitors. Thanks for dropping by @girlbeforemirror!

Congratulations to all the winners of week#4 clay art contest!
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your challenge for week #5 themed Your Favorite Snack @josejirafa
Here is my submission link and picture:

Ey...congrats to all the winners

Congratulations to the winners!

Daghang Salamat Sir @josejirafa nga imo na appreciate ang ako nabuhat. God Bless Sir

Ty so much for the honor 😊 Congrats to everyone who participated!

Good day congrats to all the winners.... Hi this is my entry hope you love it guys and have a nice day ahead ... .
Good day! This is my entry for clayartcontest week#5 😀

hi my friends, im here again sharing my entry for this week #5. God Bless Everyone.

Hello,here's my entry on the clay art contest week #5