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all that you'd anticipate from the activity RPG (ARPG) class - crowds of foes, hack-and-cut interactivity, arbitrary plunder and character customization with abilities and things. With gorgeous graphics, modern controls, new enemies to defeat, and new stories to enjoy as one of 10 distinct hero classes, our ARPG takes the best features of mobile old-school Eternium-like games and adds them to our ARPG!

RPG games are all about the characters you play as. UNIQUE AND COMMON HERO CHARACTERS In Polygon Dream, you can strike areas loaded with adversaries with 10 unique legends. The solemn Necromancer, the arrogant Rogue, the blade-wielding Warrior, and the mystical Wizard are all classics of the action role-playing game (ARPG) genre, as are heroes whose exploits have yet to be chronicled by bards.


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