Tell us a story of your city! “A City a story” photo weekly contest #58 COUNTRYSIDE + Winners of #57!

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“A City a Story” photo contest!


What is “A City A Story”? 什麼是 “A City A Story”?

If you have read my blog before, you know that I like to share the story of my home town HK with photos. I like to share the community, history, culture and art of my home town to let you know more about my home. It gives me the inspiration to hold the contest. I wish you may also share the stories of your city.

如果你有留意我的文章,你都知道我很喜歡利用照片去分享我的家 – 香港的故事,我十分喜歡分享我家的歷史、社區、文化、藝術等等,讓大家更認識我居住的城市。這個比賽的靈感就來源於此,我希望每一位都分享屬於你們城市的故事!

Why do I hold this contest? 舉辦這個比賽的原因

For me, culture is the most important element of humans. Culture builds history, ethnics, nations, home and love, as well as the cities we are living. I wish there are more steemians sharing the stories and the culture of their hown town, their cities, and I can see more posts related to culture in Steemit!


Winner of #57 CHRISTMAS 第五十七回的勝出者!

1st place - A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest 57-【Christmas】~小城故事相片比賽 57-【乌节路圣诞灯饰】 by @auleo


A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest#57-【Christmas】~小城故事相片比賽#57-【乌节路圣诞灯饰】 — Steemit

2nd place - 168 Wish Tree 🎄 | 许愿树 by @itchyfeetdonica


#168 Wish Tree 🎄 | 许愿树 — Steemit

3rd place - A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest#57-【CHRISTMAS】~小城故事相片比賽#57-【聖誕】 by @kona


A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest#57-【CHRISTMAS】~小城故事相片比賽#57-【聖誕】 — Steemit

“A City a story” photo contest #58 Topic 題目



Prizes 獎金

1st Place – 3 SBD
2nd Place – 2 SBD
3rd Place – 1 SBD
(Sorry It’s the maximum I can support. I wish you may upvote my post to raise the prize pool!)

第一名: 3 SBD 第二名: 2 SBD 第三名: 1 SBD (由於小第能力有限,暫只能提供以上獎金,期待大戶贊助中!!!)

Rule 規則

-Your entry needs to be related to the topic
-Tell us a story related to your entries and your city in your post (no matter how long or how short the story is)
-Please include “A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest in your Post’s Title.
-Entries must be original work
-Add the tag “citystory” (no need to be the first tag)
-Let us know your camera and your city
-Deadline is 8th Jan Tue 21:30 (UTC+8)
-Each user may have up to 3 entries to be considered

  • 你的作品需要與題目相關
  • 在你的文章中講一個和提交照片與你的城市有關的故事 (不論長短)
  • 文章的標題請包含”A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest
  • 只接受原創作品
  • 加上 “citystory”的Tag
  • 告訢我們你使用的相機及你的城市所在
  • 截止日期是1月8日晚上9:30 (北京時間)
  • 每人最多可提交3個作品

I Need Your Support! (And your sponsorship) 需要你的支持及贊助!

-It’s my great pleasure if you can sponsor the contest!
-You can upvote and resteem the post!
-I am also looking for guest judge. Please contact me if you are interested!
-And of course, joining the contest is the best support!

  • 尋求善長人翁贊助比賽 T_T
  • upvote及resteem是無任歡迎的!
  • 如你想成為客席評審,請隨時聯絡我!
  • 當然啦,參加比賽才是對我最大的支持!

Promotion Time 廣告時間 – Steemit World Map

All entries in the “A City a Story” photo contest is about a city. Do you want your entry to be located on a map? And let others can search your entry in a world map? Steemit Worldmap is a great application that you can connect to all travelers from all over the world and share you city stories to them through a world map!

每一篇“A City a Story” photo contest 的文章都是關於一個城市,你希望你的文章能被印記在一張地圖上,並讓其他人在這張地圖上搜尋你的文章? Steemit Worldmap是一個很偉大的程式,它能讓你連接世上每一位旅行者,讓你在一張地圖上分享你的城市故事給他們!

For more information about Steemit Worldmap, please check:

更多關於Steemit Worldmap, 請到:

Promotion Time 廣告時間: 1001 Places to Remember

The 1001 Places to Remember is a project launched by @archisteem with the support from the co-founders @kimzwarch, @cklaiand @funtraveller. The Project is to create a record of series of memories from people of different countries, age group, and culture.

The elements of 1001 Places to Remember are person, place and event. User can share their experiences and stories of a place through the Project. And it’s the theme of A City A Story. Moreover, 1001 Places to Remember will collect 1001 stories and make them into publication! For more about 1001 Places to Remember, please check:

”1001 Places to Remember” 由 @archisteem 發動,團隊成員包括 @kimzwarch, @cklaiand@funtraveller。計劃的目的是創造一個不限國界、年齡及文化背景的回憶紀錄。

”1001 Places to Remember” 最重要的組成部份是人、地、事,大家可以透過活動分享他們的經歷及故事,這正正與A City A Story的宗旨不謀而合!而且,1001 Places to Remember 將會收集1001個最動人的故事,收錄成書!更多有關1001 Places to Remember的詳細,請看:

It will be great to see your work soon! Submit your work!


Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!

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Congrat. to all winners🎉🎉


Hi @aaronil I have just discovered this contest via @travelfeed and obviously it is too late to enter that one . Do you plan on having more of these type contests in the future?

Will follow to keep up to date......and get to know you too. Happy New Year!