A City A Story Photo Weekly Contest#57-【CHRISTMAS】~小城故事相片比賽#57-【聖誕】

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In Hong Kong, we usually go out to celebrate Christmas with friends. Have a big meal or take some nice photo with the Christmas decoration along the victoria harbour!

Someone ask me what would we do in our teenage in Christmas. I remember when I was young, we would go out to have a drink, gossip, have a party, etc., the main point is going outside.

Today is the 1st of 2019, Happy New Year to all steemian!




Many thanks to @aaronli for hosting this competition and giving me a chance to look back the city in our busy life.

非常多謝 @aaronli 舉行這個比賽,給予一個機會,在忙碌的生活中細看我們所居住的城巿。

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