Aerial photography / Let me take you back in time, 80is

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Quick story

This amazing city is located in Austria near Graz. It's called Gratkorn and the factory you see, is one of the biggest producer of paper and cellulose. And NO, the smoke that comes out of the chimneys is not toxic, is just steam. Because of that, the city itself, creates a mystery atmosphere. With this photo, I was what trying to recreate a vintage look, like in the 80is.
Did I do a good job and you like the photo? Let me know in the comment sections.

"Mystery will reveal itself"
Cam: DJI phantom PRO plus
Set: F4.5 / shutter 1/400 / Iso 200

Yes, you can use my photos and if you need any help, do not be shy, just contact me.


Pollution is the biggest problem for human beings now no one but when we will understand that time we cannot control #save mother earth

And please visit my post and help me to grow I am new in this community

Sorry I can't grow your account, that is what you have to do and takes time. But I can support you. And that's what I gonna do! For shure!
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Sorry I mean support I just given grow

For shure 🤘

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You are wellcome... @Photocircle rocks!

Im loving your aerial shots, this will definitely be on my top choice. Keep it up @marjanko :)

It means a lot to me, that you like the work, that I m doing. It keeps me motivated to shot more and better footage.
Thank you once agien.

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You did such a good job that I'll be looking to sell my Mavic and go on and buy a p4 PRO :))

Love, that you like the photo.
Dji phantom 4 pro its just amazing. If you what hight qualety photos and videos. p4p is the right drone to buy. Next week I will kick of with my cinematografy, b-rolls. Then, you will see the full potencial of the dji p4p.

I had the p4, traded for a Mavic, but I know that p4p is superior because of better photos (I guess the dynamic range of the camera is wider). You'll have my full attention when you start sharing some filmography done with it :)

That is the spirit 🤘
I think you will love the b-rolls. What to show tou a sneak peek but I cant poste videos here. Dtube. But Yes, next week, videos. So pumped ❤️🍀

cool shot :)

Thank you, bro 🍀

You got a 2.89% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @marjanko!

Good work, it looks like a cinematic picture.

Thank you very so much, yes I tried to recreate old vintage cinema look. I think I got it. :) Thanks for the feedback

Nice photo you got there!

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Wow, wonderful cityscape! Well done!

Wow, impressive shot!

Thank you 🍀

Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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Stunning photo @marjanko

Sorry about @photocirclebot running amok on your post. Looks like you got hit pretty hard with it.

Thank tou so much 🍀 It no problem, I m a suppoeter of @photocircle 🤘🤘🤘

Incredible panorama. I'm seriously impressed!

Thank you so so much. I appreciate it.

Steam, sun and photographer worked well together! :)

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