How do you say “home" in India? (Tiny Tents under Towering Condos) – Cityscape Photography

This is my entry in the CityScapePhotography contest by @juliank.

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This shot shows the view from the balcony of my condo in the newly developed “city” of Gurgaon, just 1 hour from New Delhi. Until a few years ago, there was only the tiny town of Gurgaon and a few dozen other towns and villages scattered throughout the jungle.

Developed and crowded

Now, there is a growing conurbation (currently known as Gurugram), but the old villages remain. Directly below my condo, we see a tent city, which is basically a mini-slum inhabited by lower-caste citizens. During the rainy season, the paths around their tents would often become flooded. Although I never looked inside their tents, I’m sure those living areas also became flooded.

Off in the distance, we see a conglomeration of new office towers and ritzy condos. Those buildings have recently shot up around the intersection of 2 new major roads. Several times, I went to parties held by an expat engineer who lived in a very luxurious, 2-storey condo in one of those towers. The monthly rent for his condo was roughly equal to the yearly income of the slum-dwellers – and his income was probably 100 times as much.

In the middle distance, we see several 3-storey houses under construction. They will become homes to upper class families. And within a few years, the number of houses will increase dramatically. Consequently, the citizens in the tent city will be crowded out and forced to move somewhere else. Some place that will not be any better than this little “camp.”

Growth and development – for some

The lives of the upper-caste people continue to improve, noticeably and significantly. On the other hand, the lives of the lower-caste people continue as they are – tough, a bit rough, and very hardscrabble.

Thanks to @hrisheekrayb for the update re the change of the name from "Gurgaon" to "Gurugram."

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This situation is beginning in the US now as well. The homeless numbers are growing and tent cities are now lining the California roads. We should all be happy that India is beginning to surge as well as being concerned that the US it in decline.


Yes, that's clear and evident. In fact, it's shocking to see that happen. One would assume that an advanced country based on (supposedly) democratic principles would never regress and slip into such a situation.

But it's happening, right before our eyes. It's visible in the cities, and it's visible from statistics. At the same time, it still appears "invisible" to many.

Keep those eyes open!

This, sadly is what I like to call 'peak people'. The notion that over population renders the majority of poor people of the world increasingly worthless, when we have the resources and technology to provide at least the basics of good food, water and decent shelter. Instead elites of the world choose not to, amassing huge accumulations of wealth, owning more than half the worlds wealth.

The worrying trend going forward is, as the rich get richer and populations continue to grow, the majority of humans are becoming worth less and less.


Thanks for your relevant, pointed, and perceptive comment. (I kinda wish there were more like this.)

However, I do not necessarily agree that the issue in India is caused by "peak people." The caste system is an age-old part of the Indian socio-economic system, and thus its roots extend far back into history.

At the same time, the great inequities of the caste system are now appearing in other countries, not because of any caste system, but simply because the rich have been skimming off as much wealth as they can, increasingly over the past 2-3 decades.

It is, as you say, a very worrying trend. Even in some of the "finest and fairest and best" countries around the globe, the wealth gap is reaching a point where the middle class is declining and will soon become inconsequential. And a country without a thriving middle class is doomed to failure or doomed to stagnation.

Re the rich and the richer rich, I like to call them "The creme de la phlegm."


"The creme de la phlegm". I will have to remember that one, I find myself often calling them simply "tapeworms".

My observations are very general and broad and not in relation to India's caste system, perhaps the caste system exacerbates the theory of peak people as opposed to the Communist mindset in a place like China, to a lesser extent today of course. Many ancient peoples throughout the world are being ripped into the 21st century due to rapid growth, globalisation, technology and communications and as a result are bringing a lot of historical customs and traditions that clash the high tech and wealth driven world we have created.

The middle class is being strangled and what we will be left with is some kind of neo-fuederalist corporatocracy where the masses can't afford to participate in the systems that generate huge wealth for the rich.

Thanks for the kind words and watch out for my posts in the future as I will be touching on these issues as well as a whole range of other relevant news events, ideas and topics.


Upon reading the first paragraph of your comment, whose words rang so true and clearly, I knew I would follow you (further) and look forward to some fine posts by you.

"Tapeworms" is very apt. In fact, the great economist Michael Hudson recently wrote a long and very interesting book on the financial parasites , called "Killing The Host." It describes precisely what is currently happening in the developed economies ...

Scary, indeed.


Absolutely, if you look up the description of "tapeworm" it is almost as if you are reading the description of a central bankster. It's good to meet people who are switched on and unplugged from the central programming system. Cheers for the book recommendation, it is on my list now for next to buy.

A terrible reality in India. Slums rest next to high rises. The labourer on his cycle leaves home next to the millionaire in the Jaguar


Indeed, a terrible and inexcusable reality. And it does not appear that change will come any time soon.

Of course, a few more of the upper caste will be able to afford Jaguars, or other nice cars. But for the lower castes, nothing will change.

Wealth inequality needs to be dealt with if India wants to become the next Japan or China.


So true. Of course, China has certain issues that may perpetuate certain inequalities, but already, millions have moved into the middle class over the past few decades.

In India, that's definitely not so. The caste system perpetuates itself, and the upper castes have very little incentive to raise the lower-caste people or improve their situation in any way.

That is the world we found ourselves in, where he rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. Where there is segregation between the upper caste and the lower cast.

And a full oppression of the lower caste, driving them away from there ancestral homes in the name of city development without considering the welfares of the poor.


Good point. I saw those trends with my own eyes, during my 4-year residence in India. A very unjust and inequitable society.


I don't call that development where only few benefits and the majority still lives in abject poverty. I called this social economic injustice to the poor masses

Wow, what contrast between the tents and the tower blocks. I love seeing places like this on Steemit.


Yes, indeed. It was a very stark and clear contrast.

..your photo precisely show the reality of life.
...We are not rich but atleast we dont leave in tents sir @majes.tytyty.


I agree. When I travelled in Philippines, I realized that many people are not very rich, and many live in poverty, but few people (if any) have it as tough as the millions of poor in India. It's a travesty.

I'm glad you realize that you are rather fortunate.

Looks a lot like Anaheim but with a smaller tent city. Can you help me help some people help themselves?


Yes, I believe the US is catching up to India in that regard. Sad.

Ohh thats nice in your country develpment is so fast and perfect un usual land is changed into colonies it is good this also show that world is develping so fast


Yes, fast, for some, but slowly for others.

@majes.tytyty as an Indian I am saying this that we are developing so fast but from different point are country people lower caste thinking is like that old only they dont want to work they will do begging instead of work this makes their homes in tents but if they want to do they can do everything and are country will the fastest growing country in world if this happens right now the develpoment growth is so high because we are having the all time best PM MR. Narendra Modi his ideas are excellent and has vision of making everyones house by 2021 for every family their home its best in class. Thank you for sharing this appreciated


Demographically speaking, India is set to be an economic powerhouse over the next few decades. 2020-2030 will see China-like double digit growth, cultural mindsets will change over time as new generations take over and become accustomed to the rapid technological and economic growth about to take place, Indonesia and Africa will join India with huge growth over the coming decades and in many cases will skip certain sectors like the traditional banking sector and instead opt straight for high tech mobile solutions to banking.


@ingenting ya seriously we will develop in next years so fast because the vision is of growth only and make so much growth in India its seriously a class step by the govt. of India.


Do you like to work? Do you want to work?


@majes.tytyty work what kind of work??


Anything. Do you like writing? Can you write one page per day, even on various topics that may not be of interest to you?


@majes.tytyty ya i like so whats the work and whats the profit in it?? tell this

wow very good post

very pretty.I love the city of new delhi,there's a lot of beautiful women pretty

Woow its wonderful picture, jungle is now changed into city with huge buildings

India is a lovely place no doubt


Not so lovely for those who live in a shabby tent city.

Wonderful click.

I really like it, will visit this place in the future.

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Why is it happening? May be increasing population rapidly. Right?

Great photo. It perfectly demonstrates that from Baghdad to poverty is only one step.