Transilvania's gems

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When you hear Transilvania, the first thing that comes to your mind is Bran Castel (known as Dracula's Castel). But that castle is not the only beautiful place in Transilvania and not so far from Bran (15 kilometers) you can find a small town named Râșnov. The castle of Râșnov was built in the years 1211-1225 by Teutonic Knights and now Râșnov has a lot of touristic attractions such as the castle, the Roman fort of Cumidava, four ski jumping slopes - I'll post this week an article about that, the Valea Cetatii cave, etc.


If you ever visit Bran Castle it will be a pity not to visit Rasnov!

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Nice post! Do you live here? Or near here?
After reading the opening paragraph, I was hoping for more.
Maybe you could tell more about the historical significance of the Teutinic Knights? Or the castle they built? Why did they build it?
Trying to help a newbie. Steem on my friend!!

Hi! thank you very much for your upvote :) i live in Brasov 15 km away from Rasnov and 30 km away from Bran. Teutonic Knights receive land in Transilvania by the end of the crusades as a gift for their bravery and a lot of Transylvania's city was Teutonic settlements. The castle of Râșnov was built in the years 1211-1225 by Teutonic Knights. Râșnov was mentioned for the first time in 1331 as Rosnou and again in 1388 as villa Rosarum. While the village was razed many times in its history by Tatars, Turks and Valachs, the castle was conquered only once, in 1612 by Gabriel Báthory. In 1856, the Roman fort of Cumidava was discovered near the town. In 2002, the Râșnov Citadel and surroundings were used during the shooting of several scenes from the American film Cold Mountain. There is a myth attached to Râșnov Citadel. During a particularly long siege of the fortress, the citizens of Râşnov were concerned about the lack of available fresh drinking water. Two Turkish soldiers, having been captured earlier, were put to the task of digging a well in the center of the fortress. These two men were assured that they would be given their freedom once the well was completed. According to local legend, it took them 17 years to finish the well, but they were still killed afterwards. This famous well still sits in the centre of Râșnov Fortress, and is 143 metres deep. As of August 2013, Râșnov became the host of the first extreme metal festival in Romania, known as Rockstadt Extreme Fest which was held at the hill's base with the Râșnov Citadel. The festival featured bands such as Decapitated, Napalm Death, Gojira, Carach Angren, Septicflesh, Primordial among many others and it continues to this day. Râșnov Sports Complex was built just outside the town in Cărbunarii Valley, for 2013 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival which was hosted in the nearby city of Brașov. Two ski jumping events will take place in Râșnov, as part of the Women's Ski Jumping World Cup 2013/2014 competition. The events are scheduled for March 2014, on the "Valea Cărbunării" slope.

Beatiful town! It's also a good place for families with kids to visit, because there's a Dinosaur Park there.

Good view of this city name!

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Great pictures! I love this place :)

thank you very much! :)

Lovely pictures