Cindicator results for April

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Just thought I'd share my Cindicator prediction results for April 2018. I have noticed mixed thoughts from people, some say it isn't at all worth the time, some think it's amazing.

After making predictions all month, nothing crazy, I dont predict every day, I skip some. I do look every morning for 5 minutes . And again at night about 5 minutes. I noticed some making over 300-350 predictions per month, and I only predicted 125 questions.

I made .0134678 ETH which as of writing ($670 ETH) is roughly $9.

I'll glady take that and say it IS worth my time, I enjoy making the predictions anyway, keeping up with the market.


Cryptocurrency ranked #329.

-125 predictions
-72% correct
-2814 points
-#329 ranking

Traditional ranked #439

-56 predictions
-64% correct
-430 points
-#439 ranking

As you can see, by no means, did I kick ass, and make a ton of money. At the same time, I didn't spend too much time making predictions, and walked away with some money for it.

Now you may say $9 bux, big deal right. But this kept me watching the market more, helped me with my investments keeping a closer eye on things.

And that is 9 bux todays market.. market is looking good, that will be 50 bux one day. Down the road I'm saying... I don't think ETH will go up 5x this year, not what I'm saying.

So, I will continue to make predictions and look to make some free ETH each month, even at small amounts it adds up.

Keep up the good work Cindicator!!

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