CHRONIC and COFFEE on #GHRO {10/4/18}

I had a great conversation with well known steemer and host of multiple radio shows on MSP Waves Radio:

@pennsif Capture.PNG

I was honored to be invited to Pennsif's show yesterday. He held an open forum of dj's and hosts from various shows and community radio stations. We discussed the state and being of the thing we call radio on the blockchain.

Visit his post to hear the entirety as recorded by Pennsif.

What Makes A Good Radio Show

I would also like thank @pennsif again for what he does for so many communities and projects here on our platform. I am grateful to him for including me and #GreenHouseRadioOnline in the conversation.


Join us in Canna Curate discord for the LIVE shows, incredible content and ORGANIC community.



Thank you for coming along to my show, and thank you for having me as a guest on your show.

That was an awesome show. Some next level stuff for sure

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