The bible is silly #5

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Why aren't there smartphones in the bible?

I've always wondered about this. Why doesn't god or one of his incarnations predict the rise of modern technology, smartphones or the internet in the bible? It would make the claims made by the religious a lot more convincing. An all-knowing and -powerful god could've easily achieved this. There are no predictions of modern technology in the bible because the men that wrote it simply couldn't conceive of these things.

Just like the people that wrote the bible couldn't imagine a time when slavery would be considered abhorrent. The bible could've easily been better. It could've condemned slavery from the start. It doesn't. Instead it tells us slaves should listen to their masters and their masters should do with their slaves as they wish, as long es they don't beat them to death. Or at least don't beat them until they die that very same day. Should they die a few days later, that's just fine (Exodus 21:20-21).

The bible say in Revelation 6:13 and Mark 13:25 that the stars will fall from the sky when judgement day arrives. How is this even possible when we know stars are just other suns unfathomable distances removed from earth?

The bible is silly. There is no shame in acknowledging this. There is no shame in recognizing you were mistaken about your beliefs. A lack of belief does not make one immoral. Its time to grow up and rid us of the childish fantasies on which religions thrive. I recommend everyone to read the bible. You'll find it to be a fiction written by men in order to control other people.

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Your post is ridiculous. You think the Bible is "silly" because it didn't predict cell phones?? LOL.

Yes, among a plethora of other reasons.

I don't understand where you are going. There are no smartphones in the Bible. So what? Design one, or write a novel about smartphones, if you want a book about them. Don't just complain that there are no smartphones in some book.

My point is that god could've easily put smartphones in the Bible to prove his existence. He makes other predictions, no? Like the end of times. If there is a god, he is an idiot.

Ok, I got that, sorry for the negative comment, bro.

Sure, no prob and don't worry! Thank you for this pleasant exchange. You might be interested in my last post too. It features a short video (~30 minutes) that really nails it when it comes to the God of the bible and the countless logical fallacies within the myth.

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