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This is by no means exhaustive, but it should be eye-opening.

This video is an evaluation of the purpose of scripture based on 2 Timothy 3:16-17. What is revealed is simple, yet most seem to miss it these days. Hopefully this will help some people as they continue to learn and grow. Be blessed.


Until next time…

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Excellent video, very nutritious


Glad you thought it was tasty!

Thanks a lot @papa-pepper. I appreciate this.


You are welcome @tobah!

That passage in 2Timothy was one that set me on a journey to question all that I had been taught in the church for 30 years. I was always taught that the Nwe Testament is what we “christians” need to study. The Old Testimate was just for back then. The New Testimate is for today. It wasn’t until I read 2 Timothy two years ago that I came to the conclusion you just shared. That Paul wasn’t talking about the New Testimate in those verses he was saying the old Testimate was useful for those four things. That started my journey on figuring out the Whole Bible for myself and not just what others had taught.

Great video. Looking forward to more to come


There are a lot of really deep issues and implications that certain passages like this can raise. Hopefully I'll have time to cover many of them. Just starting to gently scratch the surface here so far. Glad to hear about your journey of faith.


We should read and know the Old Testament. Often though there isn't much to apply to our Christian lives except that God is a holy God who hates sin. That God keeps his word even if it takes centuries for God to carry out what he promised. But the 611 laws for the Jews don't apply to us. We're free to eat shrimp, to make garments with two different kinds of cloth. We don't have to follow the Jewish sacrificial system or the Sabbath. Some people like to follow the Sabbath today but if they did they wouldn't be able to go anywhere from Friday night to Saturday night.


That is what I used to believe as well. But after further study I could not find one place in scripture where Jesus said we are to no longer follow His Father instructions. In Fact He says the opposite. “I have not come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets but to do them” Mathew 5:17. Keeping Sabbath and following Gods instructions are a blessing.

Devoured... Digesting... Ready for another helping! Thank you!
@bitsy :)


Thanks @bitsy! Glad to hear it, I love your attitude!

It really doesn't have to be exhaustive. It just has to be true.

I like your reference to Paul's "all scripture" being Old Testament. That was what they had wasn't it. As we consider the four items of purpose for scripture. And the fact, scripturally that we are wrong. I like to go all the way back to Genesis. Even though we aren't sinners originally, that's where it was recorded.

Doctrine - obedience, covenant, sacrifice, promise

Reproof - obedience, covenant, sacrifice, promise

Correction - obedience, covenant, sacrifice, promise

Instructions - obedience, covenant, sacrifice, promise

Jesus - 100% obedient, sacrificed as a covenant, according to a Promise

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. All things scripture is The Lamb. An unblemished blood offering. Creator, and Savior.

I am really looking forward to the next lesson. I will set at your feet repeatedly. My eyes are open and my heart is receiving blessing. Teach the Word brother.

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Wow, thanks again for the support and encouragement. Don't believe it just because I said it though, make sure it is His truth!


Done and done. Rightly divided. Obedience, Covenant, Sacrifice, Promise. Been studying.

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Excellent points about that verse in 2 Timothy. When I started to get away from man made doctrine I came across this verse. I looked up when approximately the book was written and realized for sure that there was no New Testament at that time. And verse 15 was the nail in the coffin moment where right there in the Bible we are told which scriptures he was talking about!

I also forgot to mention Matthew 4:4, when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness what was His response?

But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ ”

What word is He talking about...the so called "Old Testament", but obviously if Jesus said that we should live by every word from God then it should not be considered "old"


Good point there too!

I have been on a journey to understand the Creator better. What organized religions teach is all wrong. I can no longer blindly follow the teachings that were drilled into my head when I was but a younster.