God will blow your enemies away

in #christianity3 years ago


The enemy said,I will pursue,I will overtake,I will divide the spoil;my lust shall be satisfied upon them;I will draw my sword,my hand shall destroy them. Thou didst blow with thy wind,the sea covered them: they sank as lead in the mighty waters.
Exodus 15: 9-10


In our text we see the Egyptians were boasting about what they will do to the Israelites. As we read the text, we can imagine the tone of arrogance by which they spoke being that they had been in captivity. God in response did not speak. All HE did was to blow a wind over the sea and they sank as lead in the mighty water. Do you feel threatened by somebody who has promised to destroy you or deal with you? God will blow a wind over them. Has anybody threatened to kill you with their evil powers? Or has your boss unjustly threatened you because you refused to do something that compromises your faith? God will blow a wind their way today in Jesus Name.


Father, I ask that the same way the wind caused the sea to drown the Egyptians, YOU will cause the Sea of life to drown my enemies in Jesus Name. Father I ask that
YOU drown all those who have gathered against my family and have boasted that they will see our downfall in Jesus Name. I declare as the wind blows over them, they shall sink in the troubles of life in Jesus Name


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