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6. EXPAND YOUR CAPACITY :- In sustaining multiplication blessings, you should learn to expand your capacity to receive and preserve the harvest. Many of us can pray so much but we are planning so much, When you are planning to start a business, you should plan along how you will expand it. Where will you keep the produce for expansion, but most importantly, how you will preserve the harvest. The profit should be planned for. Are you reinvesting your profit or are you building houses? Are you buying a car or are you keeping it in the bank as fixed deposit? All these should be meticulously considered. This principle also applies to the spiritual.

When I first travelled to ogbomosho in Oyo state, Nigeria, I was surprised to see great investments of the Baptist church in the city. Over a long time, the church was able to preserve the harvest of souls by building more churches and schools over large hectares of land. These vast land had been acquired more than 80yrs ago. The church has increased her capacity to receive the harvest and to preserve it.

Most people nowadays including you and I only thinking of today alone. We are like commercial vehicle owners. They can afford to spend all they make today knowing fully well that money will come tomorrow. They have no savings. They don't plan for preservation. You can't afford to eat with all your fingers. Increase your capacity to receive and preserve the harvest. It is important. You will not fail again. The Lord will restore all that you had lost through ignorance and deception of the devil. It is not too late to adjust. Close your eyes and pray. Now plan well.

7. WHAT DO YOU CARRY?:- Moreover, in preserving or sustaining the multiplications, you should look inward into your life. Ask yourself
Look back into source of provision/blessing. It could come from gift God gave you. Stop reading and think on what had been bringing blessings into your life.
Ask yourself what you carry? What do I mean? There is a gift God had placed in you. This is not the issue of Christianity. God gave individuals gift to help fulfill their purpose in life. As unbeliever or believers alike, we are carrying something.


Now, can you see what you are carrying now? Don't worry, let's see again. Joseph can interpret Dreams. He was not a businessman like Dangote or Bill gates. What he was carrying is the gift of dreams and interpretation of it. That us what took him to the throne in Egypt, though, a slave boy. Daniel also got honours because of his wisdom from God. Elijah carried God's word (prophesy) and that got him the grace he enjoyed.

When the blessing comes from what you carry, you should sustain it by that some grace. Never you despise the day of little beginnings. Never despise one talent God gave you. You only need one miracle per time in your life. A single answered prayer is all you need. The single open door will be sources to other doors to be opened freely.

As a typical village boy, I can say authoritatively that, there is no river that flows to the ocean alone without other small streams or rivers joining till it gets to the Atlantic ocean. That is what you are. When the grace in your hand answered for you, you should be triple sure that other blessings will join it without much ado. What you need to do is, improve on the gift to sustain the blessing. You can polish it by going to pray and fast, read scriptures, listen to good messages and keep practicing what you hear.

An athlete that wants to remain relevant will keep practicing to sustain the breakthrough. Reduce your sleeping hours, buy materials of good leaders and study it. When you forget what took you to the throne, you will soon leave the throne. Close your eyes and pray now for full restoration of what you carelessly lost to the devil. Pray to re-posses the throne taken by the enemy.

8. CONSISTENCY IN SOWING/GIVING:- Your consistencies is the key. Eccl.11:6, In Gen. 18:1-8. It was the custom of Abram to give and entertain people. So his day came as he remains faithful and constant in it. A farmer who wants to sustain his harvest cannot joke with sowing another seed. You sow seed if you want to keep getting a regular harvest. Though you should sow, but good seed. Good seed guarantees good harvest. Isaac sowed in the land and he had 100% increase.

When you sow seed, you get an harvest irrespective of your faith. It doesn't matter your age or color. The scripture supports that it is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts.20:35) You can sow seed of help, mercy, money etc. God cannot forget your labour of love to him and his servants.

You can tie a seed to a particular desire in your heart as you sow to God. Give as the Lord directs your spirit. This is not the same as offering and tithes. You pay your tithes (material, money, proceed) 10% of gain. The offering too is to worship God but seed is given towards a particular thing, lifting, healings, breakthrough, deliverance etc. It is done in faith.

By the grace of God, I had down and am still sowing seed for my life and ministry. I sow seed of money,car, cloths. It is a way of sustaining the breakthroughs in my life. Many minsters of the gospel don't joke with seed sowing. It is a way of being blessed and retaining the blessing.

9. POWER IN THE WORD:- In order to sustain multiplication in your life, you need to believe God. You need to speak according to God's word. You possess mountain moving faith through the word of God. You can use your faith for the financial and spiritual prosperity, the Lord has provided for you through His word.

The word works regardless of how you feel. Don't base your faith on your feelings. Base it on the word. No matter who you are either big or small, knowledgeable or otherwise, you can't defeat the devil except by the word of God. How can you apply the word except you meditate upon it. It is the only authentic way of getting permanent continuous breakthrough.

Put emphasis on the word of God. You can get the land perpetually subdued under you by constantly overcoming the enemy. The land you occupy now belonged to someone before. You acquired victory by studying the word of God.

Application of revelational knowledge is what brings result for multiplications. The Israelites conquered the land of the Canaanites. They put their leader in charge and allocate their men to keep ruling. There is nothing good that come to you without contending for it.

The culture of Yoruba's never joke with stories of conquests. It is relayed to their generations after them to sustain their dominance on the enemies.

Kenneth Hagins in one of his books said you cannot believe beyond your actual knowledge of God's word. The word of God you have in you is what determines the level of your faith. When the enemy shall come like a flood, it is the word of God in you that the Holy Spirit will steer to lift a standard against the enemies.

Isaiah 59:19 - So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

The Holy Spirit taught me recently that as the Hen took time to spend three weeks on its eggs before hatching, so I must incubate the word of God in my heart through meditation. There and then, there shall be undeniable results.

When you feed your physical body, you will experience growth and development of the cells in the body. These cells build the immunity of the body to resist sicknesses and diseases, so it in the spiritual. When you meditate on the word of God, you grow and your strength is certainly increased and victory is sustained.

The devil cannot resist the word of God that you have revelation knowledge about. You should therefore, of necessity develop yourself and sustain the victory by the word of God. It is the word that can sustain the divine intervention. For the fact that the devil is defeated today and you have breakthrough does not mean that he will surrender. He will come again after strategies. Another challenges will definitely come after you overcome the previous problem.

Get the word. Human was a killer, a destroyer and destiny waster. You can't afford the Haman in your life to survive. Not only that, it is written word the king reads that touched the king to favour Mordechai. If the stories were not written and studied by the King, Mordechai might be killed by Haman. Esther 6:1-3.

You might only rise to the level of your confession. Your confession is a product of your mediation of the word of God. Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom but with all you get, get understanding. Prov 4:7. Application of the revealed word of God is the beginning of wisdom. A reader is a potential good leader. What you read determines where you go and the people that will be around or follow you.

The children of Issachar were not so many as other tribes but they were gifted to know what Israel ought to do per time (1 Chron. 13:32). When you study more of God and His word, you will always be ahead of situation and circumstances, situation will not catch you unawares, your mate will respect you.

By the grace of God, all I wrote in the former book (The weapons of our warfares) and this are the insights and revelation in my study of the word of God. I received them directly from the revelations inspired by the Holy Ghost. By the grace of God, I was baptized in the Holy Ghost in my room. I was reading Kenneth Hagins book "Gifts of the Holy Spirit".
I was inspired through the knowledge I caught. I prayed that the Lord can baptize me as He did to Kenneth Hagin. I closed my door and started praying. As God will have it, the Holy Ghost came upon me and I was baptized with other gifts of the Holy Spirit. Praise God! I kept studying and praying more, since then my life never remain the same. You too can do it.

Let the faith you catch now work for you, Get only ONE Bible verse, meditate on it. Don't leave your bible until there is a revelation of that word. Use the revealed truth to pray now and always. Welcome. How has it been? Have you gotten anything yet? Congratulations. Keep it up. Amen.

If you possess a revelational knowledge of the word and its rightful application, then all the world exists at the mercy of your mouth. If you can allow the word of God to control your life, you will control the world. Remain fruitful and sustain multiplication consistently.

10. CHARACTER:- Another serious sustainability nugget is our character. We had taken time to see the spiritual way of keeping our multiplication. Now let's see what God expects from us and how the devil discovered our weakness.

You can get to the throne by favor, grace, power but it is your character that will determine how long you will last on the throne. Some societal celebrities marry the who-is-who in the societal. Behold within weeks or months, the marriage hits the rock because it lack character.

When you lack good character, you cannot last with the porter. The porter moulds the lives of his clay to suit him. But when the children refuse to stay or accept correction, there will be problem. It is a bastard that will not be corrected by his father.

When you lack humbleness, you will fall and never to be respected again. When you can't control your tongue, you hurt good people that could help you. An adage says, word is like an egg, when it falls and breaks it cannot be packed back to its shell. Some people can talk and are pleased to use tongues to demoralize people around them. You will lose the blessing if you can't control your temper. It is a weakness that you should deal with before it deals and finish you.

Some leaders who lack good character forget that they started from the scratch before climbing up. When they rose to fame they don't care what happen to people they lead. When such fall, they break into pieces because they lack good characters to sustain where they are. Am not saying everyone must believe you but work on your character. With time, you will be better off.

David was not a magician. He was anointed though, he was a warrior though, but 600 men surrendered to him, They found for/with him. They left their comfort zone to sleep in the cafe/wilderness even laid their life for his sake, why? David was of good character. He had his weakness but he was of good character. He studied his followers and he attended to life, emotions, needs and was ready to apologize when among. He was a leader not a ruler. His humbleness covered his weak points.

As couples, a woman with goof character will always have problem with the husband and the in-laws. When you lack good character, the only prayer or deliverance is humbleness of mind.

Some people will be going from pastors to prophets that they have problems with their husband or wife. Series of prayers is made but it's all the same. Come so low for God to lift you up. Be patient, be humble, be ready to learn from others, be straight forward.

Kill yourself! Pastor, ha, you want me to commit suicide? No sir/ma. Sometimes you don't have a witch pursuing you nor is that person you are suspecting has a demon. The problem of your life is only you.

When you kill that ego in you, people that are running away from you will come back. Your promotion letter that was hidden by the messenger will resurface again when you deliver yourself from bad characters.

Bad character made Vashti to lose the throne as Queen. Good character helped Esther to sustain the throne. She always pleased the king before making her requests. Wise men learn from mistakes of others and consciously avoid it.

That husband that always refuse to give you what you want but can give others without them asking means something is wrong somewhere. When you get answer now, sustain it by being conscious of the solution. Stop nagging. Accept your fate as a wife, as a follower, as a student etc. After all, we cannot all be husbands, leaders, teachers, or kings. It shall be well as you adjust.

Let us pray

  • God open my eyes to see my weaknesses.
  • Lord, deliver me of this bad character.
  • Restore my home back oh Lord.
  • Grant me grace to sustain these blessing and get more victories in Jesus name.
  • Appreciate God for the answered of prayers.

11. THIRST:- To experience continuous greatness in multiplication, you must be sincerely thirsty to drink from the source of Life(Jesus). Where ever you are today or what you've achieved in life and ministry, there's still a better place/vacancy for you. When you are not thirsty, you cannot drink fresh water. The inspiration/revelations in 17th century may not be relevant in this 21th century because knowledge has increase. Not only that, God is pouring Himself in the life of His children that are ready for Him. So you cannot have more or what you have cannot keep increasing unless you are thirsty for more. Moreover, drinking will avail you the opportunities to go for what will be relevant for your own generation. You can still be better than you are now. Read more, study more, make researches, write more. Your world is waiting for you.

12. SOUL WINNING:- The greatest way out of poverty, lack, shame etc is soul winning. Fruit bearing is a necessity for every child of God. Our Heavenly Father is delighted when we are in partnership with the Holy Ghost to turn the heart of men away from their wicked ways to the way of righteousness. When you engage yourself in Soul winning, you are partnering with God. He will surely multiply you more than you think, your protection is certain. Because you are His child, He will not allow evil whatsoever to befall you. Neither will you suffer lack. Your daily provision is very sure.

He that winneth a soul is wise (Prov.11:30). He/she is wise because they are like the manager in the business of the Almighty God. God is so interested in all the areas of their life and He will do everything to make them comfortable so as to showcase them to the world that God is good.

Acts 1:8 when you witness for God, you are sure of miracles, signs and wonders to follow your life/ministry. Mark 16:16-18. God will raise people to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. What a word! As you engage in soul winning, different talents and gifts you need for your greatness will be automatically released on you by God. God will treat you with special attention, you will enjoy quick answers to prayers.

Most importantly, you will receive crowns of life in the kingdom of God. You will enjoy Grace and favour before God and men. Matt. 10:9-10.

13. PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING:- In Acts 16:25-26) Apostle Paul and Silas, upon being beaten for preaching the gospel and casting out demons, they were imprisoned. But in the middle of the night, they sang songs to God and God hear them. Not only did God heard them but He came down to deliver them.

When you praise God from the dept of your heart, you are opening a door for God to step into your situation for a miracle. You make an Insurance Cover/Policy for yourself when you praise God. Praise God in advance, even when there's no sign of a solution. When you thank God, you are standing on the faithfulness of God. Praise God on credit.


There's no such thing as "multiplication" in the Christian life. Neither is their "sustaining the multiplication". It's unbiblical nonsense.

This is just one statement that's totally untrue:

"When you praise God from the dept of your heart, you are opening a door for God to step into your situation for a miracle. "

You're deceiving people. You're giving people false hope. You shouldn't be posting when you fail to understand the Bible, God, and Christianity.

“How would one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, Unless their Rock had sold them, And יהוה had given them up?
Deḇarim (Deuteronomy) 32:30

That's called multiplication.

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