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If you have tested poverty before and you've enjoyed a bit of wealth, you wouldn't want to go poor again but you will want to sustain multiplication. You have to stop any evil that can attract calamity. Any wise man will want to sustain his blessing jealously in God.

It is not enough to get a breakthrough, it should be sustained and maximized. It is a legacy that should be preserved for the next generation. Many of us know how to struggle to achieve but because we lack maintenance culture, we lose out quickly. After we exhaust the blessing, we love to struggle again another one wandering in evil circle.

Where are the rich of old? Where are the great Evangelists of old? Where are the great footballers of old? Their glory end with their age. When they leave the stage, they sink down and nothing is heard of them again. As a child of God, this is not good enough. What should be done?

Listed below are the some of the ways to sustain multiplication
2.Consistency in Tithing
3.Consistency in Thanksgiving
4.Constant Travel in Prayers
5.Borrow from Others
6.Expand your Capacity
7.What do you Carry?
8.Consistency in Sowing/Giving
9.Power in the Word
12.Soul Winning
13.Praise and Thanksgiving

1.OBEDIENCE: Gen 12:1-4
When God called Abraham, God never take permission from his relations before calling him. Abraham obeyed God. Your obedience is not complete until people call you a fool.


Heb. 11:8 says Abraham never know where God was taking him or where he was going out he followed the voice of God for his life. God located Abraham so as to relocate him when God is calling you to give to His work, it's an opportunity that God want to relocate you to a better position in life and ministry. I advice you don't stay when God God wants you to move. Disobedience is satanic. It's what make Lucifer lose his eternal blessing.

It's very dangerous to doctor a divine call of God upon your life. You cannot be wiser than God. The blessing and greatness in your life depends on what God show you. God told Abraham... Gen. 13:15. For all the Land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever. Obey God to keep soaring in multiplication.

Moreover obey God's instructions for your life even when you don't know all the details as Abraham did. You don't need to tell God to give you 200 proofs, obey God because He knows your future. God has a better place for you before He asks you to leave where you are. When God gives you an instruction to obey, He has a better placement for you. Favour will help you, grace to obey, receive in Jesus Name, Jer. 29:11.

Job 36:11- If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures.

God has been before the beginning, so He knows what is good for you. He wants you to live your life in prosperity and pleasurable pleasure, obey God.

Isaiah 1:19 - If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.

Obedience of God's word is holiness. You make God happy and when God smiles at you, your multiplication can never be gratified.

Psalm 112:1... That delighteth greatly in His commandment. When you obey God's word, you are blessed and your blessings is without measure.

Revelation in the word doesn't make any difference but applied revelation brings results in multiplication. Rom. 8:19 says the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the Manifestation of the sons of God. They are waiting for you to show up the revelation that will liberate them around you, not your jamboree or noisemaking.

Disobedience is the devil that bedsits the church of today. Satan makes us feel God's words are for old times. God's people perish for lack of knowledge not because of poverty. Obey God then you'll be swimming in eternal multiplication. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob obeyed God till date, their names opens doors for us.

2.CONSISTENCY IN TITHING (Mal 3:10-22):- Your consistency in what you are doing opens your Heaven. Consistently is what makes continuous needs met. When you pay tithes once in a while, then you are rationing your blessings, stop cutting yourself off. Let the blessing keep flowing. As the sea is always rolling day and night, so will your multiplications be.

Acts 10:34- God is not a respecter of persons. Meaning anyone that is ready to obey God, He will move close to them and opens a door which shall never be closed forever. Deut. 8:18....for it is he.... power to get wealth in..... your consistency in your tithing qualifies you for perpetual multiplication. Abraham gave tithes to Melchizedek. Gen.14:20; prov. 8:18 riches and honour are with me.... durable riches and righteousness.

All these are yours when you are consistently paying your tithes. You pay your tithes to where you get spiritual nourishments.

If you have tasted poverty before and you now have financial freedom, you will not want to go back to that poor states again. Unbelievers go into diabolical means of sustain the blessing, they can kill, loot treasury, bribery and corruption. But as a believer, pay your tithes constantly then, you are in for eternal multiplication for you and your generations unborn e.g Abraham, Exodus 3:6. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Your consistencies makes God to be committed to your cause (Gen.22:16-18). God will enter into covenant with you and your generation can be part of it.

Matt.24:13 says he that shall endure to the end shall be saved. So, if you stop halfway, you may be short changing yourself.

3.CONSISTENCY IN THANKSGIVING:- When you thank God, you are preparing yourself for further act of favour. The only thing God can't do is to thank Himself. It makes you enjoy His presence. Psalm 22:3
But thou art Holy, O thou that inhabiteth the praises of Israel. God dwells literally in the life of any praises of God. Meaning He delights with them. Whenever God dwells, you must be sure of abundance in all areas. True multiplication should be everlasting one Deut.4:34...... whose dominion is an everlasting dominion.

Praises open ways to dominance through persistent praises to God. Your heart of gratitude qualifies you to sustain multiplication. People who rose to fame but falls back are people who refuses to praise the God that helped them to fame. a when gratitude wanes, sin will creep in and evil come in taking one to square one. God forbid, Amen.

Grateful people find it difficult to sin because they always give glory to their source of life.

A very important point to note in praise worship to God is that, God is your Greater Ally.

Rom. 8:31. What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
Isaiah 43:13. Yea, before the day was I am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall let it?

Because grateful people worship God, they will have permanent victories over disease, sickness and demons. Rev.4:11 - the 24 olders appreciated God because God made them to worship Him and they said it as a privilege. That's why they remove their crowns and worship God. They are never tired but are refreshed before God.

Lastly, nobody stays where his/her energy is praised. Satan can not afflict you when you are an addict worshippers.

4. CONSTANT TRAVAIL IN PRAYERS :- The first step is that you should travail in the closet. When you travail in the closet, you're glorified in the open. You should not relax when there is an answered prayer. You are to keep the fire burning. Get yourself on the right side of life. Be on the winning side. Whenever you scale through an huddle, you should be sure of ticks of the enemy to either make you too occupied to forget God or want to steal the joy or cut it short. Pastor Adeboye said the enemy cone whenever there is a big success. So you must pray more after a success is recorded in your life or ministry. Satan is waiting for you to relax or sleep.

Matt.13:25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

God did not expect us to sit or take rest whenever there is a divine visitation from Him. He expects us to keep on possessing more lands. He want us to travail more. The enemy is always strategic. Believers too should restrategize. When you travail, not only will you sustain the blessing, other good things will manifest. Solomon was blessed by God but wisdom,riches, favour, rest etc. joined him.

When you travail, energy/heat is involved. You discharge power. Power of God is released. You can't be a victim of the enemy when you travail in prayers always. You can sustain the breakthrough only when you constantly travail in prayers.

5. BORROW FROM OTHERS:- You should borrow ideas of other people. The way other people who have succeeded ahead of you maintained their success can be borrowed. Borrow from the media (Radio, Television, Newspapers) the ideas of other people. Use their cooked ideas that worked for them in the time past. When you make use of them in the time past. When you make use of these ideas, you will remain victorious always.

Some people ahead of you could tell story of their challenges and problems on steemit. It is an avenue for you to escape the problems if you are not proud to learn. The mistakes of other people is an opportunity for you not to fall into the same.

In 2 king 4:1-7, A woman came to meet Elisha for prayers. She was told to go and borrow vessels she never had. For her not to borrow again, the prophet told to go and borrow empty vessels. The empty vessels were to be the sources for her not to borrow in her life. After obeying the man of God, there was a blessings. The vessels served as the containers that carry the blessings.

In your life too, you need to borrow ideas you don't have. The money you have may be wasted if you don't manage it well. Both physical and spiritual laws should be respected if you are to remain victorious in life and ministry. When you make use of other people's ideas, you'll become an expert and doing better than those who went ahead of you.

David borrowed from the six hundred men (Soldiers) that supported him. During training, they exchange skills. As David applied the skills, they gave him the honour of leadership. He was able to maintain the leading role till date.

David learned all the highest points of his followers. He learnt 600 other ways of fighting the enemy. He learnt how to shoot an arrow to cut only one hair on the head. 1chron. 11:15-25. He learnt how someone using left hand to fight, can kill his opponent. He also discovered the lapses in it without telling the user. When they were training, he was able to show the weak points of the followers to them. That earned him respect. You must be ready to borrow or learn from other people.

It is the beginning of pride not to respect other people's opinion either young or old. There is wisdom in other people's view. When you learn from others, you are invariably borrowing from their own wealth of wisdom. No man is an island.

When i take my car to the mechanic, I try to learn something from the guy. The knowledge I learnt one day from mechanic, saved me from being stranded in the jungle when the car suddenly developed a fault. I applied the little knowledge and the car zoomed back to life.

You can expand your business by applying some business strategies from your friends. When one business succeeds, it is an opportunity to launch into another. The ideas borrowed can also work for you both in life and ministry.

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