6 surest ways to spoil the child!

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                                             6 surest ways to spoil the child!

Children are not born with an instruction manual, and perfect parents do not exist. You can read a lot of books, talk to all the mothers in the playground and take special courses, but you will still feel that you do not know what to do.

Anyway, would you like to know what to do and what not to?

Take a look at 6 proven ways to raise a spoiled child.

1. Always Fall

It does not matter what the child wants, he gets it. Whether it's a toy, which he saw standing in line at the supermarket, or game console, which is a quarter of your salary. Giving him everything he requires, you will grow egoist.

Many parents think that by denying children their requests, they will look like enemies of their kids. But children need a real idea of ​​how to get what they want, they need to learn the value of money and labor. Grasping for the wallet due to any whining, you will create the impression that money and wealth is more important emotional and spiritual experience, and that there is no need to work and earn in order to get what you want.

What should I do: Limit one gift per month, allocating it a certain amount of money. If the baby wants more, or something a little more expensive, it should make it (for example, doing housework) or save out of pocket expenses.

2. Do not react to bad behavior

Your child is naughty, hysterics or hurting other children, and you do nothing. Many do not want to look severe because mummies and does not react to bad behavior of children. Often parents do not know how to punish children.

Such education can lead the child to serious problems in the future, such as violation of the law, for example. Children live in accordance with the rules and boundaries of interaction with other people, which they set by parents. If you do not set the rules, the distinction between good and bad deeds becomes blurred or may be absent altogether.

What should I do: Develop clear and consistent list of sanctions for misconduct for his children. If they misbehave in school or in the community, deprive them of certain privileges, such as a computer or a dessert. Apply the house arrest for a truly bad behavior. Always easy to explain why a particular behavior is unacceptable. Do not change the basic formulation: if you over and over again to repeat the same thing, the baby sooner or later learns.

3. Always take the side of the child

When a teacher or someone else tells you that your child is misbehaving, you do not believe, and always get up to the side of your child. We all want to believe that our children - mere angels, but turn a blind eye to their misdeeds or to deny them - not an option. Some parents think that their children can not do wrong, that the whole is always to blame any hooligans. It is vital to emphasize the important role of teachers, police officers and other adults. Explain to the children that they are not above the law and that the errors involve consequences.

What should I do: If a teacher or tutor your child advises to take certain measures to follow this advice, as long as it is safe and reasonable. Explain to your child why it happened. And you still love him, but you need to do what it takes to grow a responsible person.

4. quarrel in front of the child

Family scenes - the last thing you need to see the child. It can affect even the baby's health, psychological problems "Auca" rest of his life with various diseases.

Children who witness family scandals may make rash acts, to escape from the house, to look for ways to get away from the dangerous reality, such as drugs or alcohol. In addition, they will learn that to resolve conflicts through screams or even manhandling perfectly normal.

What should I do: Behave with restraint in the face of children. If we began to quarrel, try to move to another chat room or on the street. If your child has already seen conflicts, trips with him to a psychologist - find a specialist. The therapist will help your child overcome the period of divorce and family problems. - Your task is to teach children to solve problems of quiet conversation.

5. Bring a bad example

Climbed out of turn, cheating, swearing in front of the kids, you have to give them a bad example. Parents - the main teacher for the children, and your actions have a huge impact on them. You are mistaken if you think that children do not pay attention. They are very impressionable and will mimic any behavior that they see.

What should I do: We need to set a good example for their children. Of course, we all make mistakes. It is necessary to explain to the children why what you did was wrong, and now you need to do to fix it.

6. Do not pay attention

Work late, spend time in the series, girlfriends or simply ignore their children. Children need to feel loved and needed and know that they are worthy of attention and care. If this be neglected, the child will seek consolation in the wrong companies or suffer from depression.

What should I do: Even if you have a busy schedule or do you occasionally need a break from parenting, children necessarily devote one day a week.

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