Parents Pay The Price Of Putting Their Children On Social Media

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Teens from Austria, Italy, Canada, and other regions, have taken to suing their parents in the past over photos that they shared across their social media accounts.

Those children who have gone after their parents for posting the photos have said that they weren't given any say in whether or not the images were posted, arguing that it deteriorated their reputation and caused tremendous embarrassment.

One 18-year old Austrian woman who sued her parents says that they had taken hundreds of pictures of her from all stages of her life, even sharing moments when she was going to the bathroom or naked in bed.

The trend of sharing intimate moments has now grown to include many videos of internet child shaming which involves parents recording and sharing videos of them disciplining and embarrassing their children who misbehave. You can find thousands of these videos online, children being yelled at and punished in a myriad of ways for various reasons; failing to attend school, bullying other kids, and so on.

The average parent today will post roughly 1k images of their child online before they turn 5.

In France, parents there have been warned that they too could face jail time over their content that they post to social media if their children turn around and sue them for violating their privacy.

This might include tens of thousands of dollars in fines and potential prison time of several years.

Do parents have a right to post the content without respecting the consent of their child? Critics argue that it puts the safety and privacy of the child in jeopardy.

At what point (if any) is a child able to give their consent, for whether or not a private photo of them can be shared by their parents for the world to see? Should it ever be required? Should the child have a right to expect some level of privacy when they are at home, in a private residence? Or expect no privacy whatsoever in this regard?

Police have suggested that one potential risk for all of that sharing is that the content could eventually make its way into the hands of pedophiles or others who might use the content for identity theft purposes.

The U.N. also recently warned that parents who put content online of their children might be putting their human rights at risk. Other experts also urge caution and warn that whenever you post content online of your child that you are contributing to a potentially problematic online profile for them. Worrisome information that if shared might potentially cause a problem, this includes information such as the place of birth, date of birth, or child's full name.


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Hmm..just what was missing in this world..
Children suing their parents now...

1000 before the age of 5??? That is absolutely insane!! I knew it was a thing, but I didn't know it was that widespread. Crazy

I am not against sharing pictures online but as you will notice from my blog that I do not personally share my pictures (let alone of my family). My reasons pretty simple - I am a private person.

On the other hand, the members of my family share pictures online and do so quite frequently and I fond it a bit worrisome. There is a certain naivete in this world that makes people do some weird things but there is also the fact that this world is not as safe as we might think. Truthfully speaking our privacies are encroached far more easily by out own governments than anybody else.

Although I find the idea of children suing their parents for pictures shared online a bit too much.

I've been waiting to read news like this. Everyone is quick to share EVERY little detail about family and personal lives online. While I do feel bad for the parents, they should've thought about the consequences... or just delete the photos like the daughter asked.

That’s a new, blockchain aware generation, @doitvoluntarily ;)))

This is a story that hits me closely. Many of my works focus on the life stories of my children and grandchildren, although one does not do things with bad intentions, I can understand the positions adopted in this case by children .
Thank you very much dear friend @doitvoluntarily for spreading this news
I wish you a great day

OMG...what an amazing issue. Never even thought about thus one before. The issue is a complex one, for sure. I am going to assume that we are going to need to develop guidelines for sure that FB will have to enforce, nation by nation.

Such an unfortunate byproduct of our technological age!

I am a big supporter of parental rights, in general, but as kids get older and older they should gain more and more rights over their own personal data... and of course, that would include intimate photos. I am going to hope we "get it right" on this, on an age-by-age basis, and on a nation-by-nation basis, so that we get laws that meet with the approval of the majority of parents in those various jurisdictions.

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No doubt, the internet will play a major role in the personality of most individuals in the nearest future. This is a note of warning for parents.
Thanks for sharing @doitvoluntarily.

Nowadays, nothing surprises me anymore @doitvoluntarily, I am an 18 year old girl and that story really terrifies me that this is happening with children and teenagers and more of their parents is sad and shameful

wuao what a sad story there are so many shitty parents that still do with those things that embarrass their children, that's mean there is no other word, I live day by day and I fight so that my daughter has a good culture and is a good woman , excellent friendly article

The intent of parents or grandparents sharing the photos of their children is to share their joy and happiness with family members and relatives. I am sure there was no ill intention but they need to tighten their online security to only closed group. Thanks for this post as i never thought there will be a day parents get sued by their children for these innocent posting or sharing.

I get what you're saying that parents/grandparents often just want to share their family happiness with others, but the parents (not the corporations) need to draw a line somewhere and show some respect to their own child. Sharing pictures of happy moments is one thing, sharing pictures to a wider audience to embarrass or shame a child is something completely different.

"One 18-year old Austrian woman who sued her parents says that they had taken hundreds of pictures of her from all stages of her life, even sharing moments when she was going to the bathroom or naked in bed."

Tell me how sharing pictures online for all to see of your own child going to the bathroom or naked in bed is a parent innocently posting or sharing their joy and happiness?