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Chibera is a very undervalued project at the moment. Just like Steem Monsters came out of the blue, Chibera has a real chance to shake up this whole eco-system and put the Steem blockchain in the spotlight. MMORPG , is excellent use-case for Steem! With the line up of people we have supporting this I'd suggest you get involved in it somehow. It can be simply leaving comments, to coming over into the discord to say hi to everyone. Great chance to become part of something huge!

I've worked with @thedegensloth as community manager of Zappl and I can say he nothing but full interest in making Steem and dApps successful on this chain and for the entire crypto universe. He's a great guy! Let's support him/the team and the project!


Keep us updated on how the project is coming along. Is there a game that you can compare this too? Just for a reference.

Hello, am new to steemit. what is that you called "MMORPG" does it have any support to a beginner like me? thanks

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

Hey, @abrish welcome to SteemIt I hope you are enjoying your time. MMORPG is just a fancy name for an online game. It can help you once it comes out to earn some Steem so make sure to hit "follow" on the Chibera account. Thanks for commenting!

Its a type of game where massive players get into role playing mechanism and features of the game. Which, perfectly fit for this Chibera. I hope this will be developed well without rushing into completion. This is definitely the greatest steem app/game in the ecosystem and I am so excited to try this one. Wishing you the best for this project.

i did it. i expect also from you to hit that "follow" . good time

So you're building multiplayer game rather than MMORPG? How many players will be able to play on same server?

We cannot give you an exact number at the moment because at this time we are building the game and not our servers for the game.

But we are definitely going for an MMORPG, not a multiplayer game

Wow,the steemblockchain is growing rapiding,having known that chibera is gave you can earn steem tokens, is so Amazing.

Chibera would need incredible amount of resources to be good, even steem monsters, with a lot of money, is quite lacking in many areas. Chibera will only be worse in this case. We're literally seeing an asset running around and jumping and that's shown as progress. That would be joke in any other place but Steem.

Let's be honest, there's no way this "MMORPG" will finish.

But thedegensloth is eager for funding, that's always been clear, the way he handled zap and its funding showed us that. I wonder what will come after Chibera after publics interest dries up on this one.

Well, a game can outlast short-term interest by building a strong community that allows for mods and interactive social features!

We do not hide that we will need a large amount of resources and work poured into this project.
And the comparison between us and SteemMonsters is quite frankly a bad idea. The two projects have only two things in common - they are both games and both are connected to Steem.

The running and jumping asset is not being really presented as progress. This is just our way of showing the community that this is a project that is really being made and that we do have developers working on the actual game - precisely to avoid accusations that we are just asking for money without having the intention to deliver a product.

I can understand your skepticism with the project as it is huge - no doubt about that. Especially with the number of projects that are announced here on Steem and that never come to be. But we truly want to deliver an amazing game that will allow people to - for the first time ever - truly combine the virtual and the real world.

This is where backend funding is being secure we have a clear picture of the cost to get to beta. After beta is the part were securing on the backend. Also, this project was prefunded with $65,000 as well, so chibera is looking for half commitment from the community to get us to beta and rewarding them for helping us get there.

While we're trying to fund Chibera using liquid assets reward contributions for perks. were trying to secure delegation for our perk ranks as well. To be able to provide users with accounts free.

Everything we have designed is to give users value day one of launch.

Would recommend watching this:

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