Chibera Looking For Founding Members And Investors World Wide.

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Chibera is currently looking for backend investors and founding members. We're opening up this offer to anyone who might be interested. Due to investor laws, the founders of our company can be foreign investors even though it is US based. We will not be able to Series fund with outside US investors until we switch from an s corp to c corp.


Offer Information

What we're currently offering is a 30% stake in Chibera for early private investors. We'll be offering 150,000 shares of 500,000 founding shares in the company. You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement which will give you access to all required details of plans to release the game.

Evaluation of company and project:

  • We have evaluated the project at 500,000.
  • We have issued stake based off a 1:1 ratio.
  • 1 share is equal to 1 dollar USD.

Investment Information:

  • 2.5% or more Stake buys allowed only.
  • You must provide us with a valid form of photo identification
  • You must be able to produce an address for either a home you own/rent or business you own/run.
  • You must provide proof of address in the form of a utility bill and/or lease agreement if you're renting.

Because of the anti-money laundering laws, we must have certain personal details. This will prevent us from losing our company registered status with SEC and any other important agencies.

All personal details will be kept confidential and only used for internal company purposes and legal filings.

Stake already bought:

7.5% out of the 30% Stake offered.

Investment does not buy you perk ranks, these are two different things. You will only be given early access and nothing else. Your perks for being an investor is quarterly earnings. If you want more perks, you must donate as well, as items in those packages have a cost. This applies to all investors and shareholders so it will be fair to everyone.

Half of all stakes contributed must be poweredup sp to chibera account and the other half in liquid form. This will then be slowly powered down till the completion of the beta and/or till the funds have been completely powered down.

Contact us on our social media accounts or discord!


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sounds nice, min buy is 2.5% of shares out of 150,000 right? which equal to $3,750?


No its 150,000 shares of 500,000 shares.
2.5% would be equal to $12,500

So 30% would be $150,000 in investment that we're looking for in total.

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  1. Is this open for person outside of USA ?
  2. What's the minimum USD buy in?
  3. What is the roadmap , does it take SMT into account somehow?
  4. Is there any ongoing payout planned for investors or is it only stock based ownership?
  5. Is the Chibera team roster listed somewhere ? I am interested in learning about the past project experiences of team members.



I made this comment and was promptly kicked out of steemspeak discord there a link between these 2 events ?