General Chemistry: Steemit Edition Table of Contents 4/23/2017

This post serves as a table of contents for easy reference for the General Chemistry course material I have been assembling here on Steemit. This course is not yet complete, but I would still like to assemble an up-to-date table of contents for what exists thus far.

The Steemit platform offers us the unique opportunity to craft educational material that is: 1: easily accessible to anyone who wishes to view it. 2: Free and open for all to read and learn from. There is no subscription fee, and no expensive text book purchase necessary. So long as someone has the initiative, creativity, and knowledge to put together an educational series, it is possible to increase the general knowledge of a large number of people at no cost to the reader.

Here I will take advantage of the STEEM block chain and work through the material covered in a university level, freshman General Chemistry course.

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1: Introduction to the Study of Chemistry
  2. Part 2: Factor Labeling, Conversions and Introduction to Atomic Theory
  3. Part 3: The Periodic Table and Nomenclature for Molecular and Ionic Compounds
  4. Part 4: Calculating Atomic Mass and Writing Chemical Reactions 1
  5. Part 5: Calculating Atomic Mass and Writing Chemical Reactions 2
  6. Part 6: Aqueous Chemical Reactions 1
  7. Part 7: Aqueous Chemical Reactions 2
  8. Part 8: Gasses and Reactions in the Gas Phase 1
  9. Part 9: Gasses and Reactions in the Gas Phase 2
  10. Part 10: Atomic Structure Part 1
  11. Part 11: Atomic Structure Part 2
  12. [Part 12: TBD]

Great post. Check mine :)

Awesome initiative you got there! Resteemed for future reference!


I have let it slide for a while and want to keep working on it. Now that we can edit posts for a long time, I can update this table of contents as I continue to make progress. I am hoping that the steemit devs will eventually institute a "best of" sort of page, where I could put a post like this which makes accessing all of the related material easy and puts it all in one spot.

I hope people will find it useful, and if not, at least I enjoy creating the sections!

im sure it'll be useful in its own rights. afterall, all post are forever locked in the blockchain.

Thank you, I will try to continue to improve it from here :)