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The highly anticipated launch of Voice (a new blockchain social media website) created by Dan Larimer announced earlier today that the beta version will arrive on FEB 14th. 📆

Are you going to join?

There's been lots of negativity toward the project as of late... mostly pointing that people who will use the product will have to do a KYC. 📰

In my opinion, I personally don't have any problems with that.

It's a way for Voice to be compliant with laws, reach mass adoption, and apply "responsibility" to the individual content using the account (such as gamification of the token, one vote... one account ideology, etc... etc... 🙋‍♂️

The people who are complaining, I have one answer for you. Just don't use it if you're so concerned... it's that simple. 🤷‍♂️ 😅

Currently Steem will always be my #1 Blockchain Social Media website for content creating... however, using other platforms will just expand my reach to more people.

I'm looking forward to the new Voice Project and will be using it to build my online Social Media Blockchain presence. 🦸‍♂️️

Are you planning to sign up?

If you are, be sure to lookout for your boy STACKIN'... he's going to be posting tons of "lifestyle" content like he does on Steem.

P.S. I love referring myself in the third person, it's pretty funny. 😂


~ Charles Fuchs

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I'm personally always super excited to see the advances in the future of blockchain technology as things progress. I'll be taking a look at Voice because it seems to provide a few solutions presently with respect to social/exposure.


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I have EOS, how do i get more info on this? Time to googlee wooglee 🤑 #stackin

Voice.com ... it will be build on the EOS blockchain but Voice will have its own token :)

I might poke around if there's crypto to be made :D

You have the right mindset! They will havre different kind of users there, you'll me 100x more famous there than me haha :)

LOL, Idk about famous, but there doesn't seem to be much hype around voice though. Hopefully 100x more crypto for us :D

They spent 30 million just for the domain name voice.com... sheshhhh! haha. i heard block.one will spend tens of millions just on marketing alone when launched.

Seems like we are about to be ricccchhh!

Sounds pretty interesting and the first I am hearing about it actually, been so busy with life, this platform, Appics and Splinterlands pretty much 24/7 unless im sleeping as little as possible lol, That I cant see myself finding time for yet another social media site even though I love Dan Larimer ! Maybe once its up and running and all is going good I will check it out. Curious what does "Do A KYC Mean!? Thanks for all the info @stackin ! Upped 💯 and resteemed!👍👍👍

HAHA, yeahhh.... its so hard to keep up with everything these days.. even for me lol. KYC is "know you customer" meaning that you have to verify your name. It can be an ID or some sort :)

I got to Steem after the 'split' so I wasn't around for the Ned vs Dan stuff.

I'm always for seeing blockchain based social media get a bigger market share. My heart is in Steem, but I'm never against any other platform creating some buzz.

That being said I have 0.00 EOS lol

Same here, came to steem after the split. With voice, you don't need EOS... it will be built on it but voice will have its own token. :)

I will have a look and decide when the time has come?

I thought you dont like KYC ?

I don't like KYC but things changed this year. Everything we do now in the usa, we need to do kyc with all these new project, even exchanges :(

I am most definitely in!
I also received the email, but did not visit the link to check it out. Thanks for the updates my friend!

Anytime, I hope voice become huge... it will benefit all social media blockchain... even steem :)

I just got back here in Steemit and this is the first post I read in two years.

I am going to join the Voice social media blockchain platform so that I would know how it's going to work and if I would feel comfortable voicing out my thoughts there. There's no harm in trying.

Welcome back haha... I totally agree, people need to try it out and if they are not interested, they can just stop using it :)


Sheshhh lol

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Interesting. I'm reading references to an email, is there some pre-signup, sign up?

You only can get on the mailing list so far, I can’t wait for it to launch 😀

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well i hope it will be as complicated as eos is

It’s easy Peasy lol

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i had forgotten all about it lol