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Complaining will only chase people away, waste your time, and it will never solve your problems ~ Charles Fuchs.

Whats up Steemians, today I wanted to address some of the things that I've been seeing a lot recently on blogs and comment sections.

There are so many people currently complaining on the lack of high upvotes they receive on their posts. 🙇🏼

I totally know where they are coming from, I know how it feels when people spent hours creating an awesome posts and only made $10. 👨🏼‍💻

However, let's start looking at it in a different way (out of the box thinking).

With the volatility of the Cryptocurrency markets throughout the last couple of months, we have seen the price of Steem trending between $1-1.60. 📊

This has caused our Steemit "Voting Power" to be lower than what we were use to experience just a few months ago. As Steem price rises, so will everyone's voting power. 

"So Charles, what does that have to do with anything? I'm just making $5-$10 a post and that sucks!"

Making $5-$10 for a blog post as a Minnow or Dolphin is pretty damn good right now... Let me explain! 💰

For example, what if the price of Steem was to reach $3-$5 at the end of the year? 

If that happens, all the hard work you put into all of your blogs, you will actually have made $15-$50 per posts if you just kept your Steem power! 😳

We are all expecting Steemit to make a huge run in 2018 and we can see a price target of $10+. 

What if that did happened?  ...all of your $3-$5 posts will actually of been $30-$100 if you kept it in Steem Power! 😲

So if you guys are all complaining about just making a few bucks with your posts, you are not seeing the big picture. 👨🏼‍🏫

Each one of your posts are actually "Huge Payouts" later down the road. Don't become one of those people that quit and look back years from now kicking yourself in the ass with regret. 🤣

With that being said, Never Stop and "Keep on Stackin"! 💞

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after Jerry banfield have said that after 5 years each Steem will be more than $1,000, your 10$ post today will be $10,000. Upvoted


I can't imagine that level, I hope he's right. How did prominent Steem users react to that figure, I wonder? A lot of the minnows/dolphins seem to think $10 is the limit... I'm ambivalent, but holding!


HODL for life hahaha jk :)


The saying is keep on STACKIN, everyone wants to play the short term game but it’s all about that long term. Apppresh @hiroyamagishi


Lol that's the single best comment on steem I've read :)

I'm in steemit for the long ride, @stackin. It doesn't matter if I make $5 on my post today. Like you said long-term view is better and the newly proposed smart media tokens (SMT) would be that which will propel the price of steem to the moon.


I have high hopes too on SMT pushing the price of steem to two digit figure.

Another post that really hit it out of the park @stackin.

That is the outlook I have. So far, most of my posts arent making $5-$10 but I am not discouraged. Even $.30 is going to be worth a lot more in the future. This is what keeps me posting and commenting. I view Steemit as a platform where it all compounds.

I buy some steem and turn it into SP which increased my voting power which brings in more steem since I can vote others who then follow me. At the same time, the ecosystem grows bigger thus becoming more valuable which means my steem gains even more value. I will have to go through the white paper again, but I believe it has a built in compounding effect from three different areas.

Once again, thanks for your insights and willingness to share it with us.

Right. I'm off personal FB now (besides my music page)...I
I'm just tired of the mentality there. Here we have a higher purpose together. Find your tribe here & support each other.


I agree with you. I didn't get rid off my personal FB but since I started Steemit, I barely have the time or any interest going to my FB and checking what is going on. And I think within time, I'll probably get rid of it too. I like how you said, find your Tribe, it sounds cool and I totally agree. I'm building my tribe slowly because it takes time, but I really like here even if I don't see big money yet.


You got this, let’s start building the community the right way 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


I'm may get back on and check in once in a while, family, old friends...


For sure. That is why I go to my FB once a week to connect with family and close friends that live far away.


That’s the right mindset to have, glad we connected on steemit! 😎


For sure, very grateful for you on steemit, you're my biggest inspiration and help since my first days on here.

Well put. I'm stackin' SP and have no reason to stop. The payouts to my posts honestly don't matter much to me at the moment. As long as I'm engaging people and building my network with quality people, I'm a happy fellow!


Great job @finnian! Were all going to happy steemians in 2018!

A penny saved is a penny earned ;) I am happy about any votes I get and will never ask or beg for them and your thinking is the exact reason. What might be worth $0.10 today could be worth $1 in a years time or higher. Keep producing quality, comment on others and you will see your followers and votes increase over time. None of this is over night success there is a ton of work that needs to be put into it just like any business or job.


I agree. Its not always about the money anyway. Isn't it just nice to see people read what you write. I picked up nearly 800 views on a post I made recently but it didn't make anything. I was just happy that it was read by so many lol


The value of steemit is also its downfall - unlike other social media we have to put in the the time and effort to create real value adding content!
Looks like we're all in it for the long haul ^^


You hit the nail right on the head, play the long term game 😀

Exactly @stacking. Just keep on posting and thinking your net 1$ profit is actually worth 10$ next year (hopefully)

It is really hard and I get it. Even myself with almost 4000 steempower has big problems getting upvotes. I actually lose money on many posts because I use booster and bellyrub etc to get attention. Sometimes it works and I make a few bucks, other times I lose money.

I get that a lot of my stuff is controversial and not as "positive" and yaaaay happy as most steemians want it. Even with almost 1000 followers I sometimes get only 1 or 2 upvotes on a post. :D

But keep it real and keep posting, and with some luck you might 10x it. I agree!


I totally know where you are coming from. Some times its a hit or miss when posting however it still worth it to be very active, you will start building a good base of followers. :)

Some or more like most of my upvotes on my posts have 0 weight on it but that is okay they are the one that follows me all the time and their votes does make my post stands out (I hope)

They get $5 per post and they still complain? Wtf, my posts before only get cents not even make it to a dollar mark and they complain for $5? GREED that's what it is.

Never Stop and "Keep on Stackin"! 💞 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯


I wish he was throwing up the money instead haha


upvotes are money....haha 💯 💯 💯

Charles, I agree with the second part of this post. Just think about the current rewards x $10 - $50, be cause it will get there for sure (i'm just not selling before that moment comes)!

The first part I don't agree with. The Steem price does ofcourse influence the post reward but:

  • 3 months ago I calculated a 100% (self)upvote with 100% vote power to have a ROI of about 1/2500
  • with the same calculation now the ROI is just 1/9728...

This means that there is a lot more rewardpool draining taking place, thus lower postrewards to collect for all of us!

when steem gets powered up its gonna be dancing in the streets. Have no fear it will rise


That’s what I’m talkin about 💯

Good article, I for one am definitely keeping what steem power I get. Cheers mike


I'm going to keep stackin steem @mikenevitt :)


Definitely. Cheers for your reply mate

Steem is the long game. Don't get short sighted people.


Bustin out the truth right here, Quitters never win lol

Yes, that is def. true. Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme. Constant writing will pay out after time, just do not give up!

10$ a post!!! I make like 10 cents.....if I'm lucky!


Try this, everyday keep growing... it would bbe .20 then .30 then $1... then the skys the limit. :)


And I'm having fun for sure so money is a bonus!

You totally hit the nail, Charles! Thanks for the message, I hope a lot will read and follow your advice. Patience and persistence are key here. I needed to resteem this one though :-) Have a great day!!!
PS: It's awesome to see how far you've come in such a short time. Really amazing!!! Big congrats, you're an example to many!


You’re awesome @surfermarley, the funny thing is I think I’m still doing awful haha... I thought I would do better 😂💯💖


Haha, you need to open your eyes! Whenever you need someone to tell you how awesome you are, just call me :-))) Happy weekend!

IDK who you are talking too. I'm lucky to get 0.50 cents bro. I have 1200 followers as well and a rep of 58.
So maybe we are not on the same wave length here.


I like to do big numbers, is there a way you can increase your posts to $1? :)


it all depends on followers. I used to have a couple of solid followers but they are leaving the platform. That's not a good sign.

When I hear how people cashing out steem now, reminds me of pizza guy with bitcoin.


I've thought the same thing! At the same time, I do understand that some people are in a situation where they actually need that money right now and can't afford to hold it for a year or more.


True. But I read people buying phones, laptops, etc. When steem was 7 cents I didn't even change oil and slick tires on my car. I was buying at that time. The car can wait.


You're a person with vision. People spending their Steem on consumer items at this early stage in the game are the kind of people who live paycheque to paycheque their entire lives. By the way, I noticed you're a fellow Canadian! I'm following you now. Clearly you're here for the long term, like me. Cheers!


Is true we don't know everyone's financial situation. I my self have invested just a little on steemit because I like the concept and the idea of this community. I am not in the best financial state right now but if the price of Steem was to skyrocket by tomorrow I would surely power down a bit to help myself a bit. But that's not a realistic scenario, and I always thought about holding long since the moment I bought my first Steem. So let's keep going! Upvoted and followed!


Lets not become the pizza dude hahaha

Great one Charles

A lot of steemians need to come to the understanding of "how nothing is a waste on steemit, even a 0.01 worth of upvote".

The problem with many minnows like myself is focusing on how much they could earn on a post than how quality of a connection they could land on a post.

On steemit, connection speak louder than anything else and when i say connection; i mean your network with other great steemians like yourself whether a minnow, a dolphin or a whale, everything counts.

And lastly on the appreciation of steem price, we all anticipate for this day when the true value of steem will be discovered by big crypto investors and they will move money in large quantity and that will increase the price of steem and then make we (early adopters) with few steem coin wealthy.


That GIF in-between almost got my rib cracked

Your words are powerful enough to consider Steemit to my life.


That is powerful lol

For many of us the problem is not how much money, it's how much attention.
I personally would prefer seeing a comment under my post than up-vote.


You just just nailed it.
I love to reply to comments under my posts at least i know someone read what took me time to compose.


I just read your comment :) lol


I agree, although even thought I only post a few times a week (if that) I actually find it quite hard to keep track of comments so I can respond to them... that's only gonna get more difficult over time.


It's true, but soo many posts and soo little time.


Agreed, I try to at least respond to 80% of my messages. These days I get so many comments, its almost impossible :)

Let us never quit however much the results are not appealing at the moment.

Don't become one of those people that quit and look back years from now kicking yourself in the ass with regret. 🤣

The good news is we have recovered from the Jamie Dimon news and we are getting back on track.

Bitcoin All The Way Up!

I hope you are right, but currently the infighting and circle jerk voting at the top is daunting for the rest of us. Add the high barriers to entry here and this gives concern that the platform will succeed long term. 30K in active members is very tiny when you consider that 25% (?) of the action is by bots, spammers and scammers.


I hate bots and spammers. I think there should be some kind of java/flash based check system to complete before posting ie where you to compile a phrase or put a mark on specific pictures. This (i think) would get rid of the majority of the bots.


I'm not technical enough to comment on that idea, but we do have steemcleaners here. If you look at some of those posts found to be bad - you will see them being upvoted by bots and the people who follow them. Very discouraging considering steemcleaners puts out 2-3 posts a day!

I also feel the same. But trying to learn from whales like you how to grow my channel.


People need to have patience, with hardwork, they can win :)

@charlesfuchs yeah true..
i believe in penny saved today is a penny earned tomorrow so i am just trying to earn reputation and followers 😊😊

Great advice. It is rough for me too but i just keep steeming on. Plus having something to post about regularly is a struggle for me, Do you have any idea on how to deal with this?

You know what? I'm gonna keep on stackin.

I like it - precisely while I'm in Steem for the long term! My goal is just to power up, power up, power up.... And as to $10 a post, I'd be damn happy with that!

It's tough to keep that in mind. I want my rewards now! I was just thinking the same thing about waiting 7 days for your payout being too long HAHA.

The knowledge of steem increasing in value is what keeps me posting for less than a dollar.

This is indeed a true statement of truth.


Thanks @neoxian, mad respect bro :)

OK I do not want to pretend I do not complain sometimes, but this is not one of the things I complained about. That said, I don't think I have had any post earn me $10 yet, not even sure I hit $5. I am not sure because that is not really why I am doing this. THAT said... you just made me feel better about something I did not even feel badly about - thanks!

Is better to accumulate upvotes now that steemit is still in sleeping phase, trust me!
10$/day now means 100+$/day later, not bad.

This makes me feel much better @stackin. Although, I am usually fairly patient for the long game, I can't help but feel impatient as well. Motivation is key.

But one thing I would like add is that the value of the post (both now and in the future) is not the only way to measure it's success. I think many people use this platform to create something that will bring additional value as well.

Many focus on only what each post is going to do for them. You have to treat it like a business. What can you do on steemit to possibly bring in income or value other than the post's proceeds?

For me, I like to write sci-fi and fantasy. Currently, I'm working on my novel and posting a chapter at a time on my blog. Its a rough draft but I am able to network with editors and fellow writers on MSP and Discord to polish my writing. I hope to self-publish eventually.

I have been working on this idea for years, but it is only due to steemit that I have had enough motivation to put my idea's to paper. Because of this, my writing has gotten me the attention of Curie several times and won several competitions. I'm not saying this to brag, but only to illustrate how effective it is to choose a larger project and then use steemit to motivate yourself and market it.

Writing a single post here and there just doesn't cut it. Having a long term goal or project is key. It could be anything. People who are frustrated with their posts getting little attention need to ask themselves just what they are passionate about and then how do I put that on Steemit?

Anyway, thank you for letting me rant @stackin. Have a good one. Cheers!


@nexusfyre I agree wholeheartedly. The way to really capitalize on the Steemit platform is to use it to make connections, build a network and to promote your projects.


Indeed. I look at it this way. Even if I make no money on my posts. At least the motivation steemit provides is helping me to work on a novel that I may never have done otherwise.

Great motivational post! I am usually not one to get upset about post payouts because of this very reason! We are in this for the long haul! Besides..I feel grateful for receiving even a penny for the same thing I have been doing on other social media websites for years. Keep steemin' and keep' STACKIN'

Great post my friend! I have been on Steemit for only a few months and many articles I have written and spent many hours researching have only brought me a few cents. I don't let this worry me or get me down. I do it because I love to do it. For me it isn't about the money. I like to think that my articles bring something of interest to the community. I look at it this way: If I am successful writing interesting articles then the money can and will come later, not the other way around. I like the comments that people leave me and I always upvote them. Nothing worse than when someone leaves just a link about their post.
Thanks for this article!
....upvoted and resteemed.

It's so important to keep inspiration up! thanks for sharimg,,,,upvoted

@stackin Well said. Hopefully the patience and perseverance will be paid off in coming months and years. People should keep posting and continue doing good work then one day they will reap the benefits.

Thanks this inspires me. I think Steem hitting 10 bucks is more likely than bitcoin increasing 10X in value so I keep investing when I can.

Well put my friend. I recently had a discussion with someone based of seeing a post claiming that (his words, not mine) Steemit is just like the conventional money system where the rich get richer and I simply couldn't not disagree more. My main argument was the price of Steem going up and the ability to invest fiat or any other crypto currency funds into Steem. If there wasn't the ability to invest I could see it being a hard road but I've notice immediate improvement, especially in curation rewards since investing only $100 a week for the past few weeks. Overall, I just love the optimizism and promise this platform shows am I'm willing to bet on Steem and our community :)

Exactly right Charles. Being here at the beginning, we have to think long term.

That is stacking our relatively small amount of Steem Power now as an investment, as well as continuing to build our personal blog's network and following so when the price of Steem does explode, we're able to really capitalise.

Keep up the great work mate!

Very interesting @stackin ...gonna keep on stackin

Just keep staying active in the platform. Upvote resteem reply engage. Rewards ain't free gotta put in work. I see very minimal rewards I mean very minimal. But I'm ok with that, because I don't have a lot of time to create big extensive posts along with all the research that goes with it. One day I will.
Well written piece. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Exactly my thoughts! I work hard every day for each SBD I am making here and I apreciate even the samllest upvotes because I know that a) it accumulates and b) like you said it will be worth more retrospective. It is so amazing to be here right now and earn Steem!

And the more you can buy or earn now the bigger the compounding effect over the next couple of years.
I am powering up more - bought a bit more today, more still to come - it feels like a no-brainer

Bossman putting it out there!

Banegif (1).gif

This is all good advice. It can be frustrating but complaining won't help one bit. I'd be happy woth $5-10 dollar posts tho Charles haha Keep hitting us with the daily. Love your posts bud 😎

from your mouth to gods ear!

sun divider.png
I agree 100% @stackin. Its an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this new technology. Almost like being an employee of Apple at the very beginning and having your own office in the basement but being totally free to create whatever you want and being rewarded with shares of the company every step of the way. Funny, I was just looking at some old videos @trevonjb posted when he first started on Steemit. He was always complaining about not getting whale votes. Also, that his videos were not being rewarded commensurate with the amount of work he put in. As you may know he rose to be one of the biggest earners on Steemit.

Very interesting !!!
With this information i think i will do more posting

Steemit, as well as crypto in general, is all about the long-game.


True words right there, most won't be here in a few years but some of them will be the next amazon, netflix and facebook. HODL :)

That's awesome and I'm getting ready for 2018. I'll keep working hard like always even though I don't make lots on my posts right now, I know I will one day. Plus I love it here and I'm making great friends.
Thanks for making me understand better what is going on because I've seen a drop in my posts and didn't really know why.


You will do just fine @joalverez! We have 3 months before its 2018! we have lots of time and when the masses start arriving to steemit, we will be way ahead of them :)


Sounds good to me. Now you really motivated me to work hard for those 3 months. We can do this.



This deserves an upvote lol

Increasing you number of followers is more important than increasing the payout of your next post, anyway.


You are totally right on that :)


yes but not just with the follow for follow way, you have to get the followers because they are genuinely interested in what you write and those are the ones that will upvote you anyway

Yes, thank you for making me see the bigger picture!
It's so important to keep inspiration up!


Thank you @ashleykalila and you're welcome :)

I just bought a nice juicy bunch of steem which got me into the top 1000 on steemwhales. Boom. Bring on $10 steem!

Still waiting for 10k bitcoin and that holiday with you and @kubbyelizabeth too. 😁🍹


SHESSSHHHH @choogirl, you know what, you just motivated me, give me a few more days, buying more!... I'm going to get 10k total steem too haha :)

Thanks for this motivational post @stackin. I am Minnow now but i have talk to many whales. They say in the beginning there will be low upvotes. But once you build your followers upvotes will come. Content is the king at the end.


Thats totally correct, people expect to make thousands in there first few weeks lol :)

Great explanation that hopefully motivates new users to continue blogging and most important power up their steem. Keep up your great work.


YES, people need to power up! Many people complain that they don't get upvotes, well people love people who are committed and invested into steem. Fine, Im' buying some more tomorrow haha

You are so right man!


I see you bro, doing well! :)

Complainers Never Win :)



Complain and nagging is negative energy and a trademark of the people who were pampered a lot during their childhood. Contrarily, a problem-solving person will think of the solution.

Some simple rules for getting more upvotes are:

  • Never write for money.
  • Write about the things that define you, or which you're made for.
  • Write consistently.

Good luck!

Good post @stackin. You're rocking man.

Steem On!


Totally true, I have no time for that negative energy. I like to keep it moving forward with action instead :)

This is the best way to look into it. Right now I am not making much, but I am more into getting started to write than the money per se. This could be awesome in the future though. Could be a full time job even Thanks stackin!

I am making a few cents with my posts but I like Steemit more than facebook, after all a few cents is still better than nothing right. The vibe on this platform feels better so I am not going anywhere

No guts, no story!!!
I will be here

That's great, the problem is most people here wish they were making 1 dollar a post, forget it, you only get up votes if you are on up vote bot lists or are in some guild or you are a whale and they are sucking up to you. I have made a lot of good posts and the most I get are 5 up votes, and the money I make is about 10 cents that includes my self up vote which is worth 5 cents. Actually I was making more because I was using minnowsupport which made my posts get up to 25 cents, but seems I am no longer getting votes from them, and now the saddest part is let's say I make 25 cents by the time I get paid it has somehow been whittled down to 18 cents.
Guilds and bots are killing this platform.

Excellent post for me @stackin, I don't know about others. The message I'm picking up here is, just hold on Steemit @veejay, rewards are coming your way.

Even if they don't have much vote-power, tiny votes from lots of real people mean someone is reading what you write. I find it more frustrating to get only bot votes, even if they pay you more.

Thanks for this info sir @stackin, this would be an inspiration for us newbies here, actually my post only receives only 0.50 to $1 but still I keep steeming and practicing on how to make a good post to have a higher upvote. Followed Upvoted and Resteemed this post. Thanks ^_^

Honestly STEEM is a lot safer investment now then it was a year ago. The community is so much stronger and the vision of the success of this platform is so much clearer now.


We have double the people here now, going to be at least a million accounts in 2018.... this makes me think, $10 Steem in a year... if i'm wrong, it still will at least be $2-$3, ill take that lol

Great post, thank you for expanding my thinking. Upvoted 100% and Re-Steemed

100% true.. hard work will eventually pay off in some day.

Thanks for the encouragement @stackin

That's right @stackin! Let's keep on writing and commenting and going 100% Steem Power on blogs. We will see our day. I have noticed some of my favorite bloggers from the beginning of my journey here not blogging for months. It is hard to get back to writing when so much time has gone by. We got to keep on writing and there is no time for complaining.

Patient is the key....keep stacking

Building serious wealth is all about the long game. Over the years, all the small payouts will add up to something a lot more significant. Great post, as always!


YES, Success doesn't happen overnight :)

I agree. Just have to push through, network, and keep on Steemin' and keep on Stackin'

"Much wow" post sir, looking forward to the future. I've thought that way too... If everything increased 5 to 10 fold, I think I'd be fully compensated for the majority of my posts.



It makes tons of sense huh lol ... When the price is low, its sometimes good as there are less posts and we get more upvotes :)

at this point as You say if I was doing $5 to $10 a post I would be super happy lol. Eheheeh getting some inspiration again for another of our conversations? Need to start charging you comissions 😂😂 but yeah I am here to stay and I will keep working hard on bringing the most I can to the world in general. Not just here but in general to everything I do.

G'day. Great way of putting it. It's the old Tortoise and the Hare thing!
Mind you, if I was making 10 bucks a post at this point, I would definitely not be complaining. Just keep stackin them all into SP.

A true Steemian asks not what Steemit can do for me but what I can do for the Steemit community.

First of all thanks for this post because it serves as a great encouragement to us minnows!!

You mentioned " if you kept it in Steem Power!" in the post. I had a question regarding this. Do you mean to convert all the SBDs into steem power as well? Because half of the payout is in SBDs.I convert most of my SBDs into steem, and whatever part of the payout is paid in steem power stays as steem power (i.e. I don't power down). So is it alright if I convert some SBDs into STEEM and hold them or should i stop converting to steem and just put everything inti steem power?

When the Steem finally grows in the near future, a lot of us here will blame ourselves for not investing much on the steem, those that had been withdrawing their SBD will wish they had save up for the future, people who didn't join steemit will be full of regrets. Me personally use to feel happy that I'm getting tokens from steemit for just posting. A lot of people have been posting on Facebook without getting a dime.

oh that's pretty cool seems like i need to keep going on thanks for this post :)

As a minnow, $5 a post is actually great. The one that demoralises is $0 :)

I enjoyed reading your post and the comments section. I agree that we should all be thinking about holding our Steem and keep building our community for the day that the true value of Steem comes to light. Upvoted and followed!

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ahh! so that's how it is.. newbie here..

Believe and HODL.

I would rather vote on being a good article.

This post has received a 11.49 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @stackin.

I couldn't agree more. People just have fun here and meet some new friends. Long term is key and being here now one should feel extremely lucky. Great post. All great things in due time................

Indded that's why I keep my steem power

i only just found Steemit and am happy stay for the long run, it seems a lot smarter way to share posts than other social media.

Congratulations @stackin!
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Its true, you just have to keep pluggin away.

I need me some of that 'internet monies' !!!


My posts don't do well at all but It's fun and I'm in the steam it more for the investing opportunity as I'm not particularly creative I guess.

Thanks for the encouragement man. Long term sounds like an adventure worth living. Cheers!

QUESTION ~ What happens to steem power in your account after 2 years? Please explain! Thanks