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Huge opportunities can happen just by asking others ~ Charles Fuchs.

Yooo What's Up Steemians! It looks as if it's going to be a "RED" day in the cryptocurrency markets but no biggie. 📉

When the markets turns down like this, it's always a good time to buy and accumulate some coins that you always wanted to get on the low. 🤑

What better place to go ask and ask people's opinion about Cryptocurrencies? Steemit is hands down the best social media platform to ask. 😬

So here it is, What is your best and favorite cryptocurrency for 2018? Better yet, what crypto's do you have majority of your stacks in right now? 💰

The reason why I'm asking for people's opinion is because I would love to gather some "Data" from the Community on their investment activities in the Crypto markets. 

By gathering some opinions from the community, we can see what most people are buying and holding... it may open our eyes to new investments. 👨🏼‍💻

Can't wait to hear what most of my "Steemians" friends are investing in these days! 🙋🏼‍♂️

Have an Awesome Monday "Red Day"and Start Stackin! 📊


I am going with an underdog that I happen to be on the team. Flashcoin


I know about FLASHcoin and it is because of you @hilarski that I have 2000 of those Bad Boys that were Airdropped to me. Thank You again for the kindness......

Going to take a look! :)

I don't know anything about Flashcoin. Going to check that out. 👍🏾

Just another flash(crash) coin.

I gotta say Steem because it is the most useful crypto for us! If you hold it as steem power you increase your voting power which helps you grow on the platform. Also, if you delegate Steem Power you can make a great rate of return. So Steem can be put to work for you like no other crypto. The synergy is the key because you can benefit from your holdings while you are waiting for the price to take off. Nothing else like it out there especially for a power user like @stackin!!

My Steem target is $14 as shwon by my Technical Analysis. I call it the Chalice of Wealth:

Hey @otage, what's your outlook for steemi price wise say by the end of 2018? I love steem and I like buying it. Tht said I don't think Steem is ever gonna be a $100 coin, however like you mentioned we can use it to power up which in turn helps us earn more than just sitting around waiting for a coin to hopefully go up. Anytime I can get Steem under $1.15 I typically pick up a bit. Some I power up with and the rest I wait for it to go up to like $1.55 which it always does, take my profits and sit back and wait til it drops back down agani.

Sounds like a great plan. I think it could be between 5 and 10 just with Steemit growth and SMT tokens. There's a built-in demand for Steem so there will be a natural growth. We are one of the few coins with this much participation already in place so it is not just a trade it is useful to earn income.

I'm with you. We put a ton into Steem. Thanks for the info cuz I am learning the ropes.

I’m lovin that steem... it’s a good part of anyone portfolio 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

When you delegate your SP does that mean it doesn't count in your upvote value?

Yes when you delegate steem power (SP) that shows up as a negative value in your steem power delegation and so that amount of steem power is not part of your voting power as long as it is delegated. However I believe minnow booster is currently paying about 45% yearly interest and you receive SBD payments on a daily basis. There's also about 1 week waiting period to get the SP back when your delegation contract ends. Similar to a real world CD (Certificate of Deposit) Account.

Thx for the info, I 've got some SP delegated at minnowbooster.

How can I delegate steem power.

You can delegate steem power to minnowbooster here:
You can lease steem power from minnowbooster here:

good to know, thnk you

Thanks allot

Totally agree, its already available for mass adoption :)

Steem, Dash, EOS, bitshares, and Litecoin are my focus at the moment. The established user base and use cases for those coins make them attractive.

I'm loving litecoin, do you know why it's not recovering with Ethereum and Bitcoin? I know many people are probably going into Bitcoin wanting to get free money in November but Ethere came back so I would have expected LItecoin to gain some ground back.

Not certain what the story is with LTC. Lots of good news surrounding it, so it shouldn’t be too long.

I believe as a Technical Analyst, Litecoin has a target of $325 but first must correct towards $25 as shown in below chart. Very bullish, but might want to wait to buy until around mid $20s....

BITCOIN will correct severely soon as shown in this chart to $2,000 but then after that, $9,000 target.

Yikes, yeah I'm almost tempted to take some profits and hopefully buy back in cheap like last time we dropped however you never know when it could just shoot straight up and then I'm buying back in for a grand more than I was in for. What to do what to do???? lol

2000 seems low, there is strength now

Don't worry, Litcoin will make a run soon enough :)

I think DASH has a target of $713 using my Technical Analysis. But, first a trip down to $200...this would be greate buying opportunity. The broadening pattern is very bullish, after the correction to around $200.

I like that analysis.

I think EOS bought today can have it so that our future generations will bless your name for such massive wealth inheritances.

EOS is awesome but they still have to release 600k more tokens and people are arbitraging it daily. I can see it go lower but down the road, a great play!

Yes! solid companies, there so much new and upcomers never proved themselves yet :)

Indeed, so much opportunity out there. :)

There's many i like. To name 2 that are not very common: iota, omg

I’m lovin that OMG price right now, accumulation time 🤑

My Technical Analysis shows that OMG could go down to $2 first before going up. There is a large Head & Shoulder Bearis Top pattern:

Litecoin! Look forward to its atomic swap and smart contract, and I have faith in Charlie Lee's leadership.

Totally like litecoin @htliao ... yeah, they are setting it up with lightcoin, decred and vertcoin. Litcoin can make a run to $100 at the end of the year :)

In no particular order here is what I like:
PIVX, Steem, and Ethereum.
The reasons are varied, but what is common about all of them is that they all have a working product now, are fairly user friendly, mining can be done with any personal computer, and they all have a great community.

ETH Target per my analysis is $783 using Elliott Waves. The current a,b,c,d,e ascending right triangle pattern is very bullish! All time new highs...dead ahead!

I call STEEM the Chalice of Wealth. Expect $4 before end of year and then Target $14 like this:

PIVX is very interesting from a Technical Analysis perspective. Elliott Waves shows that five waves have completed and that is thus followed by a requisite three wave correction (a,b,c,). However, if you wait until the correction is complete....PIVX is expected to surge towards $7 or higher! So, if it corrects to $0.15 per coin, buying 10,000 coins at that price and sell at $7...that's how wealth is made.

YES, solid working products! Not like most of these shitcoins out there lol

I like Steem and Bitcoin as a tandem, while also keeping an eye out for any breakout new coins. Upvoted, for reminding me to look into other cryptocurrency, thanks.


So many to choose from 😂

I'm a Technical Analyst and the following would make a solid portfolio:

Bitcoin, Neo, DASH, STEEM, ZEN, ZEC, XMR...but wait first until Bitcoin corrects to $2,000 and then buy as then it'll rise to $9,000. Here is my Bitcoin chart:

so buy most of these on the next big dip? or should be buying all the way down ?

also, what do you use for altcoin charts?

My buy ooont would be post correction.
I use TradingView

Here is my analysis of Bitcoin: Target $9,000; but first a correctionto $2,000;

It takes a wise person to see those dips as a buying opportunity, and take action. You both seem like wise people... :)

I think EOS will EXPLODE next year! It is a candy right now nearly at its lowest, but the fundamentals and the roadmap tells me that buying at these prices will be one of the best investments that you're going to find in your life!

After that, STEEM, IOTA and of course BTC.

33% BTC
33% ETH
33% LTC

Sometimes simple is the best strategy :)

Check it @stackin

You can now divide into additional thirds!

11% BTC (cold storage/moon traveling)
11% BTC (investments/accumulating )
11% BTC (trading/sell higher/buy back lower)


Same strategy with your other THIRDS if you comprehend?

thirds rule strategy


verg steem ltc btc eth firstcoin putincoin bcc

Can you explain FirstCoin for us?

It's the token for the game platform. These tokens can be used to "gas" the game system either for competitions or challenges, etc. It's pretty cool!

That's pretty interesting... So how would you compare it to GameCredits or MobileGo? And also, is it already in use? Or just being speculated on?

I love Verge and own tons of it. Can you say XVG at $5.50? I'm not crazy. So, buy a few hundred thousand coins now and your future generations shall bless your name for such massive wealth inheritances. Here is my Elliott Wave analysis:

STEEM Target at $14:

BTC to $9,000 but first, a sizable correction to $2,000. So wait to buy at that level:

BCC (Bitcoin Cash) is very attractive as it could explode out of this triangle pattern:

I will invest in JerryBanfield or... EOS

Yes. Better EOS.

That is To FUNNY Man.....Latest TOY for Christmas the New @jerrybanfield lifelike doll. For KIDS of all ages........@stackin you should also pick up a little SALT so you can use it to borrow against your Bitcoin........

Iim liking salt, took a 50% hit... under $2.80 now. Should I pick some more up at $2? Yes!

It is one that I am into the HODL on right now. I cannot believe that people will not use this TOKEN to borrow against their equity instead of selling their wealth........@stackin

ahaha. good idea.

Jerry's a one coin man....STEEM!


Steem is selling at very low, even Redcoin can be a good buy

I'm also very bullish on Litecoin

Is reddcoin ever going to do anything? I feel like if SMTs actually integrate to other sites first, Reddcoin is going to be pretty late to the party lol

My Target for Steem is $4 by end of year and $14 thereafter. I call it the Chalice of Wealth given the cup/handle bullish pattern and Elliott Waves:

Steem hit under a $1 again.... got some more haha

i personally own steem, Pay, xrp, waves, wings and many others, but this one i have a quite big bag.

Hey guys! How come no talks about onecoin? it will be going public in 2018...steem on my mind

I yet to talk about my secrets coin, I shake talk about it soon lol

I strongly believe Steem is my 2018 favourite

Steem is a great crypto, what’s your second 😀

Steem is something I love now
My second is dash

Target $14 for STEEM:

Quite a bit of a rise
Shooting for the moon as we see the Steem Now

Upvtoed Comment!
I think that's how Wealth is built. I've used Technical Analysis for 15+ years and have had tonnages of failure experiences but learned from each. That's my asset...failures! So, I see STEEM to $4 not too long from now. Then $14.

Just Steem and bitcoin at the moment. Going to take a serious look at Dash.

My MANNN, Lovin that steem! :)

I bought Bitcoin and boosted my Steem. I think it can make me happy for the future.

That's some power moves!

I have the strongest emotional attachment to STEEM for sure lol. I dig LTC as well. Looking forward to seeing how the Brave browser project unfolds so I hold some BAT. Of course some BTC. Some NEO. To be honest investing in the top ten market cap coins is usually solid, but I think we're all looking for that "next superstar coin" that will go parabolic, 5x or 10x or more haha.

Step right up; Whoooooo's it gonna beeee?! * announcer voice *

I will talk about a speculative play we did 6 months ago... 2000% return and its staked coin. Hmmm can you guess, its in the top 50 on coinmarketcap. Keep it on the down low lol

Hahah... awesome. I happened to buy some ETH between $13-$17... unfortunately not that much but still saw 2000% there... 🙂

I think about this topic a lot actually and beside STEEM my favourites are EOS and IOTA.

I really like EOS, just the arbitrage is not helping the price. I'm still stackin EOS though :)

A good basket of currencies has to include these four: BTC, ETH, NEO, and OMG

I like everything on your list except I just dumped my NEO

I just had to upvote ya because you said OMG haha

PIVX is pretty cool

It looks very interesting at $3 :)

So many great Altcoins out there.. And so many sh*t ones too.. I think NEO and OmiseGO will be among ones to watch in 2018. The main coins/tokens I'm currently holding are: NEO, Stratis, Nem, ARK, OMG, PivX, Iota, Lisk, TenX, of course Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as a few newies picked up thru the forums/community and ICO's like eBTC, Howl, PoSToken, REAL, PowerLedger, Vibe etc etc.. Things I need to pick up while this blood-bath of a sale is on: Qtum, Litecoin and Steem..

You are totally right. 99% are shit coins lol ... I love all your picks, I have most of them. OMG is one of my long term plays :)

I'm happy with all those so far, even though I am down on a couple. Gotta do some $ cost-averaging over the next couple weeks while prices are low.. I topped up my Stratis when it was at around $5 so have currently f*cked my averages on that one haha.. This time round, I wont be getting itchy trigger fingers, I'll wait till it hits the bottom :) Happy shopping


Hope it reaches under $20 again so I can buy more :)

Me I buy lot of flashcoin, mining a lot of sumokoin, buy pocket and power up all steem I get.

Yeah, I'm looking into it just because @hilarski told me so :)

LISK is the next Ethereum, which is going to explore in 2018 !!! big team , big project and big vision !

Who knows, let's see how the rebranding goes :)

nice post i like it

Many projects will get more value but for me it will be the year for OMG, PAY, BAT and NEO.
Besides ETH and BTC for sure.
Keep up the good work

I posted charts of NEO, OMG, ETH and BTC above that might interest you. For TenX, it'll explode up:

I hope so, im gonna check up.
Thanks for sharing

I'm waiting for Steem to dip, and then I'm going to powerup my account

Steem will not drop below $1.

I have to agree with you. Slight chance everyone's gonna be running to BTC before the fork driving alts down so I do think it's possible steem could go lower but I'm happy buying Steem anytime it's under $1.15

$4 by end of year and then $14 is my call:

I'm a programmer and don't know much about investing, but it seems logical that steem will be worth than the $1.07 it's worth now.

It's not a bad time to buy, I don't think we'll see it under a buck. If you can get it for under $1.10 I think its a steal

For me steem is most important 😁

That is a question a steemian should never ask. It is of course Steem because of all its unique features that make it so special. Steemit and Steem has achieved all the dreams any other social media has searched for. It even has a reward system giving more Steem to the ones that support and create original and unique content to this awesome platform improving its SEO and Alexia ranking. Steem has kind of a symbiotic relationship with its users. Steem would be worth nothing if it was not for the users but without such wonderul blockchain social media platform that gives writers what they deserve, such a different concept from the onelast of Facebook in which you basically work for free for thema and getting nothing in return.
Long live to Steem, Steemit, the developer team and the users behind it.

thats what makes steem unique, very well written lrd

I call STEEM the Chalice of Wealth because of it's Technical Analysis Chart Pattern called Cup & Handle. Target $14.

Steemit is my currency number one.


Keeping it simple, I like that!

My top 3


I was really bullish on TenX but seems to have lost some steem pardon the pun lol. What's goign on with that project?

Lisk is for sure going to explode and probably Bitshares too eventually. But if you wanna get in on a dope privacy coin I would get in on Bytecoin which I think is the OG privacy coin and monero forked off. But by far my #1 HODL is STEEM which you are doing a great job STACKIN LOL

LSK to $20 in short order, then correction:

I say you get some nlc2 coin while they are cheap! I am about to drive down to Vegas to get some bitcoins at an ATM and adventure around a bit for the day..

I would stay away from NoLimiCoin. It is very bearish with a H&S Top pattern with a target of $0.023 per coin.

Its been 10 days, How is NLC2 coin looking now @haejin? Charts don't always tell the whole truth..

You are right. TA is not perfect. Here is my EW updated count:

NEO, IOTA and STEEM (without forgiving ETH)

This coins are my main!

Neo needs to finish current correction but then, Target $85 as shown using Elliott Waves and Chart patterns:

At this point I'm most confident in BTC and ETH. Outisde of those I think PAY and OMG can have big years. I really feel like OMG is going to spike at some point in 2018, until then just gotta wait and be patient.

My Technical Analysis shows BTC correcting to $2,000 then $9,000:

I only invest blindly from my heart.

as of right now probably Steem since it's free ( well, mostly free) !

Got work for them!

Favourite: Monero - loving the potential of this coin
Best: Nav Coin - when it went from $0.25 to $2
Biggest: Bitcoin - which I'm not complaining about at the moment!

@stackin, interesting topic you shared. the answer of your question is that there is no compromise on Bitcoins, so my choice is Bitcoin. thanks for that.

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steem surely looking at the prices in future in nearly jan to feb

As for me it is Steem. Do I have Steem? Yes. Is it the only cryptocurrency that I have? Yes. Disclosure, I don't know how to buy any cryptos right now, but I am trying to learn more about it. In the mean time I will write to accumulate it.

You can swap your Steem for Bitcoin. I'd actually encourage you to diversify a bit, don't get me wrong I love steem but right now is a great time to get into Altcoins.

my choice steem and bitcoin .
I hope ,it change in my life.

Good Choice! Steem to $4 by end of year and then $14.

Bitcoin to correcto first to $2,000 or so; then rise to $9,000 on Wave (V) Elliott Wave analysis:

Regal Coin has made me a nice profit this year. Don't get me wrong, I love Steem, but Regal Coin has made me a lot of money.

REC is finishing a rounding bottom consolidation chart pattern. It could become a Cup and Handle pattern, but very bullish:

Neo is my best bet

NEO is looking like a great opportunity, you're not wrong there @dim753!

I like Steem as a stable currency and think it will grow, however I don't think it's going to be the crypto that has the best returns. That said I do love buying it because there's something behind it. Something like Vert for example could go away because we already have Bitcoin and LItecoin but Steem has this social network with all of us engaged users behind it so IMHO it will never go to 0.

That said my top 3 cryptos for 2018 have to be Litecoin, OMG, and XEM

I will bet on Steem and Litecoin.

Good Choice. Please see my STEEM chart target posted above for $14

30% vertcoin, 30% litecoin, 30% OMG, 5% Steem and 5%Neo. I am also looking into Qtum right now. I think there will be growth there as well.

I'm looking into decred and vertcoin just because of Chris Lee from litecoin doing something hmmm :)

Yes! Lee is the man. He is a doing a lot with the atomic swap and vertcoin was his first choice with litecoin. I hope it keeps getting attention from him.

It should be NEO because it has been falling for half of the year and as a proud owner of Neo I think it will go up in 2018, provided everyone except me doesn't sell their holdings.

I would like to get NEO under $20, i think it can get there :)

It has already been at $15, i don't think it will go back down at 15. Lets see

If you're interested in Privacy Coin you should go check out deeponion ($Onion).
its a great project with potential great,with being added to a lot of major Exchanges like Cryptopia/Kucoin/Binance it did proved its Community powers.
Not just that,it has a great potential growth!
all i have never seen a coin so young and successful!
(by success i mean it gained a price of 24$ even before its 6month of its launch)
but at crypto crush,its currently bouncing to 5-6$!
which is a very good time to invest in such progressive and guaranteed Success.
The sole reason i love this coin because of its Community.
Their Dev team is super friendly, i never felt 'on my own' thing in this project.
This Currency is Tor Based!
So you have to do a lot of this and that!
WITH EVERY STEP,They Guided me.
This Kind of stuff you dont see in regular things.
i recommend you to go and check it out.
web: https://deeponion.org
Com: https://deeponion.org/community