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You can't become a "Superstar" without creating other "Superstars" ~ Charles Fuchs.

Let's try something new, as I revamp my "Steemit Superstars Facebook Group" in the following weeks. 📆

I will be picking one new Steemians to be "Featured" in the group. If you did not join yet, do so here now: Facebook Superstar Group.

This will be an interesting concept... One member with good content will be featured in the group that we will vote on (only if you like the content) and they will also receive a %100 upvote from yours truly.🤑

Why are you doing this Charles? Like I said before, the only way you can get a big following and have an awesome Social Media Movement, you have to focus on the community. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I'm currently thinking doing this daily... In the meantime, Let me revamp the group and make it great place to be on so that we all can connect and share valuable content.

Don't worry guys, I'm currently working hard to revamp the Facebook group.

Also in the coming weeks, I just finished my steemit shirt website and will be doing weekly contests so that people can get some awesome swag. 👕👚

Until then, Let's keep things positive and always be Stackin! 💞


Hey Stackin, nice initiative!

I recently decided to increase the amount of 100% votes that I give out as well, as I manually curate and don't always have the time to read everything I'd like to. Throwing out more 100% votes to the authors/posters I find are consistently bringing quality.

Thanks @V4vapid! You are one of best supporters on Steemit.

That's kinda funny you said that, I've kinda went that route also to give out 100% votes on good stuff. Just like your comment, It deserves 100% upvote lol 😎

Boss! :)

As i said no no need to read it all ... the cover had it covered.

Above booster now :)

Nice Boss! You got your steemit powers back :)

hey @stackin i mentioned you. You might wanna check this out


Wow this is a great idea @stackin, A nice initiative to promote quality content in the Facebook Group. Want to see that shirt website you are building. Keep up the good work

wow, 100% upvote worth a lot!!

100% UP Vote is exactly the Reward. Thank you Charles @stackin.....

Appresh @stokjocky! I got tons of work to do :)

Always my Brother

I actually do not have Facebook , I guess I have to vote myself out ?

What, thats the best ways to get people to steemit lol

beat to it it! - me neither.

Tried to join the facebook group you mention... I'm still pending approval. My facebook handle is "meaghie champion" - I'm the founder of an alternative currency up here in Canada and a former journalist.

Fuchs yeah!

Keep it Stackin!!

Always lol

Cool, that will be a very interesting experiment. Can you check my request please? Pending like forever. :D

Florian Dellé on Facebook

Nice initiative, we'll see how it goes :)

I smell the road of success with @stackin

Great initiative Fuchster, Show us the shirts man 😊

Hi @stackin, that is a nice and cool idea. Use the power from all of us.

I'm in with my vote!

You might enjoy my Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge where I motivate people to create some valuable content while having some fun.

Count me in

Awesomeness, great to have you there!

Awesome Idea
sun divider.png
Good luck with it. I won't join Facebook but will support you 100% on Steemit!

I totally understand haha... people hate Facebook :)

aaahhh @stackin , say no to facebook... lol. But I join anyway haha

That sounds great!! I just don't understand how the post will be picked... I have requested to join the group =)

Hey I think I have applied to your facebook a week or so ago, but havent got accepted. Is there something else I need to do?

Yeah, fixing it all up as we speak and will approve people in a few days :)

Awesome thanks for letting me know.

I feel your post is simple and straight to the point. The cover explains itself and that's what has attracted me to read your entire post. :) Keep up the good work mate (y)

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just joined on facebook pending your approval :)

Excellent. . No need to read the cover had it all

can i join the group?

Everyone is welcome :)

Excellent IDEA! Thank you in advance :wink:

suena interesante

Meanwhile, while you're waiting for approval, (I applied to join the group, then my account got "disabled") If you notice quality content, COMMENT on it, UPVOTE , and RESTEEM it. This is exactly what the Whales do to each other. We Minnows have to find creative ways to get more exposure for each other's content.


that could be the ideal decision for steemit community.

You upvote awesome comments? @stackin How about this one? "Awesome Comment". IF you do then thanks! If you do not then you are still cool in my book!

Went over and joined - or rather applied. Only - I have been spending all my time here, not on FB.......

Thanks for all the support u poat up its always very helpful. @stackin

Great step to create more superstars. I think it's nice way to incentivize the minnows in particular. You're already contributing to minnows' steem life through valuable content and curation rewards. Keep it up man. Even some big names keep self-voting themselves so in such a scenario, taking the less traveled route is really great.

Stay awesome dear @stackin and keep sharing, caring and rocking.

Steem On!

Cool, sent you the request.

Sounds good to me! Let's do this!!

Nice step towards could community growth.

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100 % upvote for me please,haha. I am an old member.

It is really good idea that you thought about it. Thank you @stackin. I am going to join your Facebook group

Great idea sir,,,
I have already sent request to Facebook Superstar Group through my facebook account. Please accept and update all of competitions for participate it.
Have a nice day!!

very nice! stackin

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Sign me up. Stackin right to the top.

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I love what you are doing @stackin.

My question is how can we get a group on here to do something similar. While Facebook is a great feed for people to join here, arent we defeating the purpose of this site by taking our ideas and meeting on Facebook?

Loving your new end signature

@stackin, wonderful job you done and your idea is awsome, very creative idea, i appreciated your efforts for the development of steemians, i sooon join to follow your idea. thanks.

My facebook account just create a week ago... Thank you I join your flight!

Sounds great! Gonna join :)

Very interesting idea to participate in...

I have joined! Same name on Facebook too :)

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That's a great idea.

Bundle of thanks @stackin what an great idea. You are very right your efforts for community are awsome !
Hatsoff to you and your team. I have visited your facebook page and joined.

Hi @stackin
I am proud to say that I have joined on facebook.
Although not the first to join, but I really hope to get the same attention from you. thanks.

That is going to add a great value to steemit. I really love the way you always show your support here. I am already in the facebook group but I rarely use facebook after I have joined steemit.

That's a good concept, you win by helping others win c: I'll check out this group! Thanks you for this interesting and amazing offer.

Hi i ma a new member in steemit,so Let me go to the right place by voting,please.

I love me the swag! look forward to seeing the changes over at the facebook group and heres a 100% upvote from yours truly lol

Upvote and resteemed.

Maybe (just maybe) you would like to read this :
and upvote if the content is good enough from your own opinion.

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Hi @stackin nice initiative, i need upvote

You are the boss of Steemit!!! Good job

i hope to get a good response from you :)

ı think you are right . we have to think about it.

That is a very interesting way to earn with other people....
" From the people for the people " fits right here

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Great way to revamp a community, looking forward to it!

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