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"HODL is a slang term and Internet meme that is used in the Bitcoin community when referring to holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it."

What's Up Late Night Crypto Lovers! 

For the last few months, I've been having a pretty tuff time sleeping due the excitement of the Cryptocurrency markets. There were many times that I was checking coinmarketcap.com every hour on my iPhone to see where my favorite "Cryptos" were priced at. 🤣

I thought it was only me but soon realized it was almost everyone... All my "Social Media" friends where posting and talking about cryptocurrencies about how much "Gainz" they were getting 24/7. 

Things kinda shifted last week, it seems to me that almost everyone got completely silent when the markets to start turning red. 😂

This tends to happen all the time in the markets, when people see things going straight up... everyone gets excited but when it turns negative, they get quite. I guess thats how it goes.

I seen it happen in 2006 with the real estate market, everyone was panic buying at all time highs and everyone said its the "best time to buy" until the crash happened in 2007 and it got quite again. I was looking at all of them cross eyed 🤨🤣

The same things happen to Silver in 2011, Silver was mooning from $18 all the way to $49 in several months and I couldn't even scroll through my facebook newsfeed without seeing a "Silver" post. Then a year later, Silver dipped all the way back to $20 and no one said anything again lol

I'm no way implying that this is going to happen to cryptocurrency markets, it's a totally different game here. However, I want everyone to realize anything can happen these days.

When things get quite, it's time to pick up positions if you believe in the company or technology. We may even see Bitcoin test $3000-$7000... who knows, no one has a crystal ball... just an opinion. 🤷🏼‍♂️

The next few weeks will be a very rocky one in the markets and I think we can test the Bitcoin price of $8,000, taking the whole alts coin with it. 📉

I hope I'm wrong, but the charts and sediment is telling me so... and if that is the case, awesome! I can buy some more on the dips. If not, I will still have all my positions. 💰

So do you guys think the"Bloodbath" will continue or are we about to "bounce" to all time highs? For those who does not know that lingo, it means everything turns red and start dipping to"lows" that people thought they will never see for a while. 😎

One other note, just remember you are not losing anything until you sell. Once you sell your positions for a loss, that's when you really do lose. 🙇🏼‍♂️

"Keep On STACKIN" 💞


I sure as hell hope so. I thought it was over two days ago, but not we slipped down again. Painful, although I know we'll be going up in time, but I had already gotten in some really good trades a few days ago when we went to $480B, so I hope we won't fall past that again. $8000 you say. Dang... Well, it's going to be painful, it seems. I will take the pain.

Please be over😧 when will i see my crypto going up??

The point where I see panic REALLY setting in, is IF Bitcoin goes under $8,000, since it is such a talked about level. If it goes below there even I may become a little nervous long-term lol.

We will see new highs but not for a while yet. I think the bloodbath will continue this week and maybe into next before settling down.
Mid Feb will hopefully see the start of the next bull run, I've told freinds who still aren't invested in the space to get in now as I believe this is the best last chance to get in at prices that will never be seen again once it kicks off.
Of course I could be way off but I think we'll all be smiling in a months time.
Stack on bro.

So Was Cliff High's Data right? lol... Let's see what happens in a few weeks. You know me, I will always have my positions for a very long time :)

He's been pretty close to the mark with Cryptos so far.
Same buddy, I'm HODLing for the long term in most cases. There are one of two tokens I may be offloading on the next spike.
It's going to be a wild ride the early part of this year but what fun eh!?

The most fun I had in a very long time 🤣

You can't say with full surety whether market will go down any further or not but if we see the pattern and previous behavior of couple of weeks, it looks good time to buy altcoins. I am going long on xrp.

I'll wait for the next low, before I buy me some more cryptos! Last weeks the the panic low I tried to buy me some. But the exchanges wouldnt sell me some at that very moment... Seems the best prices are just for the insiders...

A great opportunity if you haven’t got in yet. Im ganna hodl my 15 alts. No intention of selling at these prices.

You got that “Strong Hand”! 🤝🙌🏼

This part of year always sucks for crypto.

Yeah, everyone spent all there money in December for the holidays lol

But we saw a corrrction late december

as i did , for my begining in crypto ... im now 4k in lost ... just hope it goes up again ,... at least in 2019 loll

Yup its will be ok i think but....

Ya bro i hope market will boom soon !

Charles, check out this event on Friday if you can:-) https://www.facebook.com/events/570838066604219/

I’ll check it out Bossman 🙌🏼

I agree - it is pretty much in line what my thoughts are on the market. It seem we have some bearish weeks ahead of us.

Totally agree, I think that people will have one more shot to pick up these cryptos on the low until we hit the moon :)

I feel crypto is still fairly new territory for 99% of people. Getting into it now is still probably considered an early adopter. Of course the market will have pull backs as people cash out their profits but I feel the overall market is still in an upwards trend and come February, we'll be seeing all time highs again! (Hopefully)

If everyone had the same mindset like us, they gonna be rich in few years 🤑

hahaha hopefully!! however, i'm not invincible to panic, especially when my family and friends always tell me how it's a bubble and it's only short term etcetc.

hopefully i'll show them in a year or two!!

Well I sure hope you are right

hahaha yeah, hopefully!

Major Pull back......oooooman that would be delightful

Charles @stackin this is Childs play for an Old Time Stock Trader like me. If you buy what you like in CRYPTO's on the DIPS you will get all excited come February when we swing to the UPside again.........

Gotta hold on to those "Blue Chips" haha ... Bitcoin, EOS, ICX for me :)

That is what I am talkin about !

ETH lows of 700 - 900 should be tested! After that we can re-enter rally mode in cryptos!

We do not know the future, but are just trading probabilities. This is our base scenario and the most probable one. Let's check how it will play and then reassess probabilities after accomplishing this step.


I, too, for bitcoin;)I think this correction will soon end!Good post!


Charles, stop scaring the the newbie traders with this bloodbath selling at loss talk! Everyone stay clam and watch the storm. I’m curious to see the market play out this year too. Will we hit an all time low, will we hit another all time high? Will a new coin lead the market? How will China, how will taxes come into play, will stackin finally buy @choogirl and me those drinks?

Only time will tell.. 😉

@stackin, come to Florida 17 March. Kubby and I will be there. We are thirsty!

Whats happening there lol

Delray Beach meet-up plus bonus St Paddy's Day shenanigans. Kubster, me, Scaredy Cat Guide, Crimsonclad, Morodiene and Negativer, and Swelker101 and Isaria. You should come too. It's gonna be rad.

And you sound confused. You owe US +100 drinks, not the other way around. 😁

I'm making the peeps aware, people like to sugar coat stuff HAHA... All I know is that you and @chogirl owe me 100+ drinks already lol

ha don't get it twisted my friend, choogirl has the proof!

After the Chinese New Year everything will go up, up! until then buy the dips or hodl! <3 cheers Charles, how cool is that Jeff is talking about you in the latest videos? so awesome
#altcoin army

That’s was awesome, I get tons of people always droppin my name haha... he said my last name wrong though lol

Maybe u will join their team
would you like that?

"This tends to happen all the time in the markets, when people see things going straight up... everyone gets excited but when it turns negative, they get quite. I guess thats how it goes."

LOL This is the TRUTH! A couple of weeks ago I'm getting emails, DM's, messages left right and center about all 'the crypto opportunities' And now you can hear the pin drops.

Great post man, I think the dips will continue for a bit...But the opportunities are always in front of us....I hope lol

So true, my facebook inbox was filled with people saying do this and buy that, it’s been quite for several days 🤣

We literally had a correction last week, this isn’t a correction but oversold crypto.

I believe we will see a strong bull market before June, just STUCK and HODL people. i don’t see any reason to sell right now

Agreed! Its crazy to sell, just keep STACKIN tokens for years to come 🙌🏼

New coin worth checking out listed on binance yesterday IOST IOS Token https://iost.io you should write a review on it

don't say too much before 26th Jan, then cme futures will opens, and then maybe we will see a nice spike up!

You are right, I have that date written down lol

Can someone explain how futures work? Why do futures spike up the price?

let's suppose i'm a whale, with so much money..
tomorrow open the future, for example, so now i'm buying a lot of btc in the market, pushing up the price.. and tomorrow i will open a short position while selling my btc and pushing down the price. double profit.
obviously also vice versa, that is what could happen at the moment..

Great question, I’ll venture guess that if you’re not shorting and you whale, well enough Whales they’ll find a way to increase price, just a guess

Something to pay attention to for sure

Your forecasts have good reason and I even saw a forecast that Bitcoin's bottom would be at $ 7500. I think that this game of bears should have been and the bulls will take matters into their own hands! Thank you @stackin

Totally agree, time to set my buy orders in if that happens 🤑

Great Post - Heard a quote today "If my grandma is talking about Crypto its time to get out" - The hysteria has been huge, but still only 5% or less of the world are in the crypto space. It will rise again and the Grandma's will increase. I find this space very addictive and I'm sure i'm not alone.

I heard it under 1% still. Tons came into the markets during thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, they got slaughtered but if they HODL, they will get some major gainzzz down the road lol

The Media are to blame for the drop as well, they have no idea what they are talking about, they call it FUD - lol - I covered this in my latest rant.

The correction is good for the health of the coin.
In my oppinion, the correction will end in february!

Totally agree, I want Bitcoin to test the $6000-$8000 mark briefly in the coming weeks. That will cause a huge bull run if that happens. :)

Seems to be the going answer, watch out for bull trap, article mentioned in one of my posts

"One other note, just remember you are not losing anything until you sell. Once you sell your positions for a loss, that's when you really do lose. "



When you sell, to be correct, you have to know for certain the price is going to go down, you must have strong evidence, or I suppose some do it by feel

I think its perfectly fine to have some corrections in the market and to see a phase of markets going straight or slightly down.. It's a good time to go outside and make some "real world experiences" and to consider buying more... The time of crypo excitement is coming back soon enought!😁

We haven’t seen anything yet, we will all looks back in couple of years and say to ourselves... man Bitcoin was cheap at $10,000 lol

This is a good thing imo. The markets were reaching all time hights for soo long, lets crypro take a break for a month or so. I think that when a new innovation hits interest in crypto will be reignited and crypto will go back to green!
not an expert, this is not financial advice

Slow and steady growth is the way to go 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Yeah it is funny how everyone gets quiet. You should have seen it in 2015. No one was posting videos of their mining rigs. Everyone was just sitting in their closets eating a tub of ice cream to make themselves feel better.

I like it when its quite haha

I took a market snapshoot. Every crypto price dropped too much.


That's what you call a "Bloodbath" 😎

will bounce back for sure!

Excellent post and for bitcoin i think we might see more dips in price towards 7k mark but my favorite coin is steem and i am sure steem will gain more heights in very near future, so buying and holding steem now is still a wise decision, thanks for sharing your nice thoughts with us, Stay blessed

Yes, anything can happen... HODL!! 😂

We will have to go through the test. We will have to go through the valley, but at the edge of the valley is the mountain that we will climb again.

Well said @david777111 🙌🏼

a few more coins try to up and forward but btc pull back all coins, this is not ideal time to prediction, bloodbath may running!

best thing for new investors can only be a dramtic decrease in price; this as well will allow the players in the market to buy cheap again - at least if they are in longterm...

so in my personal opinion we hsould not worry too much about shortterm changes - rather we should take chances to rebuy and increase our future potential( obv. only if we do believe in the coins/ tokens we are willing to invest).


Thinking like a true investor! 😎

Cryptocurrency to the moon?

It will soon be... mooooooon time! 🌝

It's May 2018. Bitcoin's price has just crashed from USD $42,000 down to $29,000.

It's September 2018. Bitcoin crashes from $87,000 to $48,000.

It's January 2019. Bitcoin crashes from $105,000 to $63,000.

You think this dip is hard? Just wait and hold

It's 2030 and bitcoin has crashed from 0.02 BCH to 0.011 BCH!!
Honestly don't think bch will replace btc but surely someday there'll be a new "gold standard".

I like that kinda thinkin’ 🙌🏼

Analysts have predicted a crash for a few days now, as all the major coins have posted huge gains since the last correction took place, in early-November. That was not, however, as broad as the one that followed its mid-June peak of $3,000, which lasted well into August.

Speaking the truth right here 💯

No reason for it to stay down its just winding up to go to the next level!

Just like the rubberband effect! 📉📈

don't panic, hodlers are the smartest here ehhe

All the newbs are panic selling after buying high smh smh 😂

Best time to buy is when it's red and boring hahha

Keeping it simple, I like that! 😎

You have said it all, you don't loss anything until you sell, for me I think the period of bloodbath is over. This is the time to stack because any moment from now cypto currencies is about to bounce to all time high.

We might have a slight bounce back but its going to be very rocky in the next few weeks. 😀

We've had the bloodbath for quite a while now, although we've not and can't certainly predict if it will continue but I think we will have a few green here and there in the crypto table and not totally a bath

Hmmm what if we goes down another 30%, never known lol... time to stack every week 🤑

Seeing all this red definitely stirs up some emotions, but there are people out there with some SERIOUS money to spend who can gobble up all these "lows" for future profits.

And, when that happens, wouldn't all of their heavy purchases make the market rise back up again?

In that case, like you said, just HODL.

You just had to put in Chris Tucker! Classic!

Lol. "And you know this, man!"

The way I see it, I´m not losing money but only time - the recent dip just threw me back 2 weeks. It´s better to think that than in raw numbers (like I "lost" 50k the past week). Mainly psychology to not panic and worry too much. What I also did over the past week is to reduce my portfolio to just 2 coins (EOS & STEEM) as I see them as the most stable coins with biggest potential in the coming weeks - EOS because it´s a game changer and STEEM because most of it is bound longterm anyway and all the other obvious reasons why we use it here (and the fact, that it´s the only crypto I can really USE daily! - which brings me to a neat idea for a blog post for today ;))

EOS has been steady... I’m stackin EOS! 🙌🏼

Learn from successful people:
"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful" - Warren Buffet

Patiently waiting for the market to turn around again....

that's great to share.

like this cryptocurrency news.

thank you..

"Stackin is the game to win" , this is what I perceived of this post...Great advice then I think I will follow. Thanks @stackin...

Charles @stackin this is Childs play for an Old Time Stock Trader like me. If you buy what you like in CRYPTO's on the DIPS you will get all excited come February when we swing to the UPside again.........

The market will fluctuate for now, but the best thing is ro Hold and keep stackin. This is always a win win strategy.

Are U in for the long term or short term....
Are U a beginner or a professional!Only you know the answear for that.
Really.....Are U been doing this crypto thing for a time. U know is the part of the game.
What a positive crypto future we are in. What amazing things is happen in front our eyes!! So great times to be living in!
Much peace and love to all of you!

New graphic cards drop February. I am excited to see that will effect the ETH market, since gddr6 will be replacing the old gddr5 cards. Hopefully this will drop demand on some of the older models so I can build my rig.

Always wonderful thanks. If it was possible to help vote for my publications because my account is new

It's time to hold or to invest! we'll get the bounce again and in few months will be smiling like never before! HODOR!

Nice post thank you for update keep it up.

What kind of arsehole brags about their gains on social media?

I do feel like we're in for another dip. I've seen similar pattern from weeks ago happening again. Hopefully it won't go as low as you said.

I quite agree with you that STEEM is revolutionary because it is decentralized and open. Thank you for your article about cryptocurrency. I'm waiting for your next post.

usefull post on bitcoin

in your post you pick off a great things... i like it very much... i am excited to see your next post....

hahaha! I think the price of bitcoin high in feb...

Very good article!! One funny thing is that the media is only talking shit about the Cryptos right now, saying how % they've have lost in the last week...but never, they say the gain in the last year.

No one can really say cryptos are unpredictable

Maybe BTC is over, but definitely not the case for everything else :).

Time to buy

Awwwwww yea FIRESALE!!!! Buy all the coins!!!

Did you notice that it was red again :(
Come on, I wonder when it will be a big rise.

Half of me is happy for these lows to continue so I can continue my alt coin shopping but the other half is getting real tired of this latest dip that never seems to end. I don't know what to root for in the short term. I think we all need to see some movement north now or I will start to worry the China & Sth Korea FUD is having a permanent affect on the market.

nice post, thank you for informations :) i think they make speculation , The Digital Asset Exchange can rise soon :)

i would keep saying that crypto have a future .. this is just becouse of some problem i know it will go up soon

Oooo eeee. My hands are sure getting a work out, I am titaniummmm!

Major pullback i repeat hold on to your hearts folks :D

I think we are in for a drought, I think but coin is gonna fall under 10,000 crypto is having a hard time competing against the stock market

I really hope we all bounce back. Seems like as soom as I made an account on steemit, its just been plummeting!

Remember, for every hour spent staring at prices on coinmarketcap.com is an hour wasted that could have been spent improving the crypto-asset ecosystem.

Also, it seems likely that we will see an 80%+ decline in BTC resulting in a retrace to <$4,000. Which, in all honesty, would be a healthy move for this market.

I don't think it will go that low, but like you said it will definitely be a healthy move and will stabilize the market from that point.

thank you for infermation

far I am just adding valuable comments to posts I'm interested and know something about. That keeps me pretty busy (Day One), but I'll definitely follow you to learn as much as possible about the Steem Community.resteem upvote

Another anything can happen post with no real new information. Yah! bitcoin can go back to 1$ or boost 500,000$ dollars, 50/50 chance.

Stackedy stack stack! Using only Steem to invest in other alts makes it easier for me to HODL than if I'd invested with cash (mind trick, I know)... none of the in-out hokey pokey dance for me. Build slow, let it grow.

It's going to go from quiet to crying to claiming the sky is falling. I'm still waiting for it. I said during the last dip there was still too much optimism for that to be the correction the market needed.

This is the best time to get in for those who havent invested.February we will be on high speed investors.

All past years the cryptos began low and get high during the next months. Check the charts and you will see it. I think the Future Market was a try to break the Bitcoin price. But cryptos are strong and I think they will rise in the next months.

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As we approach the January 26th deadline for the futures contracts expiration I think we will see another wave of sell orders to push the prices down. After the 26th we should see a very serious bull run start up again.

Im hodling for the mid term. Hope the market rebounds to an ATH by July this year!

I think we have seen the worst of it. Now we will see a market recovery. After all the pilfering gits get out of the futures (26th Jan) I think we will see an upward movement, one that will be a bit steadier than previously see in the last 12 months.

Hope it is for now as it seems but who knows a bigger bomb might drop while we wake up and have a look at the market !

I have been in the Cryptocurrency for quite some time now and especially Bitcoin. A lot is going on like Lightning Network being rolled out. Transaction fees are still too high now. When LN has been rolled out and all the FUD spread has been gone the market will be bullish again. Every year there are pullbacks. Everybody was writing 2018 to the moon and when it does not happen at once you tend to get a bear market for a while. Just buy the dip and HODL don't be a fool! In a few months everything will be moon again!

I'm hoping there is strong resistance at $10,000 BTC. I think a big dip below 10k will cause another wave of panic selling. I'll be hodling like mad either way so I'm really hoping we stay North of 10k.

I hope its the end of "Bloodbath" and soon the crypto market bounce back and cross the all previous records.
Thanks for sharing

Great post and perspective. I tend to agree with you in in that technical charts still look bearish for the next week or so. Currently holding 1/2 positions waiting to buy on a pullback.

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stop telling everyone haha or everything is just gonna trade sideways forever. Just playing bruh, keep up the good work.

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We are looking at the seperation of the wheat from the chaff. Media excitement brought a lot of people into the crypto market who didn't understand it. They threw money at anything and everything related to Bitcoin with little knowledge of the topic. Junk ICOs and shitcoins mooned for no reason. Now Bitcoin transactions are slowing down and fees are increasing. Regulatory agencies are getting involved. Cryptocurrency is here to stay but this correction was overdue and there is no telling when it