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Always take full responsibility for every decision you make in life, learn from it and move on ~ Charles Fuchs.

What up Steeemians, It's been a while... I've just been busy with the craziness that is happening in the cryptocurrency markets and the family holidays. 

As you guys my have seen on Steemit the last several days, there was lots of drama going on with @zeartul (the owner of @bellyrub) for taking off with everyone Steem investment that promised a 45% APR return on investment to be used to fund the bot voter. 👨🏼‍💻

You guys know me, I'm a very well drivin' Steemit community kinda guy so when @zeartul asked privately to invest, I didn't think twice. 💁🏼‍♂️

So 3 months ago, I invested over 650+ Steem (+250 extra) and as being a nice guy... I even voted him for Witness 😳 

Before I jumped to any conclusions and said my 2 cents about the subject, I wanted to wait and see what the community had to say first on what just happened with this so called "Scandal". 

I'm the kinda guy who takes full responsibility for every action and decision I make in life... I just don't have that "Victim" mentality. 

However, I can afford the loss as the crypto market gave me huge gainzzz this year but for all those people who fell for this "scam" that can't afford to lose, I feel for you. ♥️

It sucks to be "Scammed" and "Lied" too in life but let this be a learning experience for all of us and move on to greater things.

Also, I want to give a big shoutout to my boy @neoxian as he stepped up in the Steemit community to help give back 30% to all the victims who got hosed.

MAD RESPECT for you Boss for doing this!

You can visit @neoxian article here explaining it more on what he is doing to help (while you're there, vote for him as witness)!


So guys with that being said, be careful out there. There are lots of wolves in sheeps clothing... always looking for their next victim.

.... but guess what, the people of Steemit and the community will always have your back!


P.S. For those who are interested in following my daily activities that I do in very "short form" called "Micro Blogging" on Steemit.

Follow me there: @charles-fuchs


650 are peanuts but it is a really shame!
Don't trust ANYONE!

650 steem could of got me more STACKIN shirts lol

I heard that neoxian is giving some refunds, and also many other people..
if it is true, then you can make shirts with " zeartul scammer" on it lol

That sucks man, to be honest i was intrigued by his investment proposal but after chatting with him i got cold feet. Just didn't feel right.

I ended up delegating power to some up and coming steemians instead.

You just reminded me that I voted for his witness, gotta remove that.

I respect that you can admit when you make mistakes, we all do.

I know you'll make that 600 back quickly.



Yeah, never wanted to do it but between several personal chat... I was like fine. Lesson learned, I could afford the lost but it’s all the other steemians I feel for. Appreshhh Man 😎

So sorry that you are one of the victims. Hope the scammer is found and no one else get scammed.
Stay positive and God Bless

Damn. What a shame if you even can not trust a high reputation anymore.
Sorry to hear that dear @stackin.

Yeah, he still has 12k of steem power... hope he does right to all the other people but I doubt it.

Powering down and labeled as " hacked account ". Really sad this guy.

@stackin You are the BEST......

Naaa bro, you the best lol

You win some, you lose some, but you always learn from some too. Keep stackin!

It’s like a battle field out there haha 🤣

kind of a bummer

a big one even

I will propably only delegate from now on.

Yeah, it’s a shame. We all can learn from this 😀

It's sucks to see you get taken like this @stackin . You've been one of my favorite Steemians to read because you are always so damn positive. Zeartul tried to project that same positive presence but it always came off a little fake to me. Sorry my gut was proven right. Gonna give you a 100% upvote via steemfollower!

Apppreciate you man 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Hiii @stackin ,very sad to know that you are also in those victims, bellyrub not do good and a fraud and big scammer. I realy condemn this. and my best wishes with you, dont take tention and go ahead. good luck.

So right, moving on to brighter things 😎

hope not. these scammers make me sick fyi

Sorry to hear about this. Good for you neoxian!

It’s ok, it’s the others that need the steem that I feel for 😀

Sorry to read this Fuchster, It doesn't matter if you can or can't afford the loss,It's NOT THEIR MONEY!!! When it comes to money people can become pretty nasty and unfortunatelly gives the online industry a bad name. Which I think it's a shame because I love it

Yeah, your right. I took it on the chin like man haha

You'll recoup this back because you're awesome. I feel bad for the lil fish that got ripped. If it's too good to be true it definately is

You are right, the little people got hurt. Let’s all move to the future 😄

That hurts, I lost about $20 of Bitcoin on the Nexcoin ICO that turned out to be an exit scam. Be careful.

So sorry to hear this. You have been so helpful to the community and hate to hear someone took advantage of you. I have read other's blogs on this subject too.

Sorry to hear that happened. I hate scammers

Luckily he only got me for 20. There is someone here on steemit that's offering 30% back or something close for everyone who lost money from bellyrubbank.

that's unfortunate, good job with standing taller than the situation !

I was looking at the bellyrub bank offer too and intrigued by the idea. Somehow you think whales that are asking for witness votes are good people and completely on the up and up. The stuff he did at the end revealed he was a pure scoundrel - a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'll have to check to see if I voted for him.

destroy all bots

I still use them at times but I kinda agree with you.

Most bots are annoying and designed to milk the rewards.

Is there anywhere I can read more about this scam? Man @zeartul cleaned out his/her whole page....

that's the reason why I don't like bots.. it is a business and at the later part the victims are always the user.

Sorry to hear you got scammed @stackin. It happens to the best of us. It's admirable to see your attitude about it, using it as a learning experience rather than playing the victim. I think we can all learn something from that.

Nice job. Taking it on the chin and showing some class. I like it.

Another scammer, it's crypto...just live and learn I guess. Ya man, thanks for being honest about the situation. Most people just report about their gains and is hush hush about their losses.

Very well said...

Sorry for you loss!!

I always steer towards caution with crypto scam as I'm still new, I check out the person and any details I can find and my intuition will guide me right when I listen.

I saw the comment you made the other day.

"I thought he was a good guy."

Interesting stuff man.

Man that sucks, you try to do something good and this happens. Shame on those people who take advantage of others.

i think you always present an exceptional article.

nice post,,,,thanks for the sharing....

How was the family holidays @stackin

Not good for you, I am sorry for this.

Serious question: Did you not recoil at the promise of 45% annual returns? No red flags or spidey sense went off?

If not, what was the math that had you think that was a doable thing?

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Hey @stackin You are the Best love your post 👌 I

that's a lot of steem :O

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I will not use bellyrub ever again... and neither should any of you. Shut that service down.

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i upvote you daily also you

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