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Can Bitcoin retrace back to $2000 in 12-18 months? Anything is possible when you're talking about cryptocurrencies. 😳

This is my most bearish chart I've ever created... 📈 📉

I've been staring at this "Macro" Bitcoin chart for a while and all I can say what a bull run we had since 2015.

If Bitcoin can go from $150 in 2015 to the highs of $20,000 in 2017 (2 shorts years)... a huge retracement and washout can happen at anytime. 🙇

When zooming out on the charts, it really sure does seem that Bitcoin is still way over-valued at it's current price of $7,000 from where it was in the past.

I'm not saying that we are heading to the lows of $2,000 in 12-18 months but "something" is saying that Bitcoin and the whole Cryptocurrency markets can easily go back to these levels. 📊

In the meantime, Bitcoin and Cryptos can still be bullish before the halvening and still reach over $10,000+ and another huge correction right after but who knows. 🤷‍♂️

The "Moon Boys" are going to be really pissed after reading this post but in reality, what if it does come true.... Only Time Will Tell.

Yes, I'm still bullish on Bitcoin... in the long term 2-5 years.

Maybe I just wrote this post to scare the shit out of people so that I can buy Bitcoin much cheaper later down the road. 😂😅😂😅

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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I agree. I think that crypto in general has made a lot of hopeful people, but when you look at adoption, scalability and other metrics it just hasn't met expectations. I think crypto is a big deal and blockchain in general is seriously important. But I think buyers of crypto are smarter and wiser now and they'll demand dev incentives to be long-term in design and not lump sum, and for projects to prove themselves.

Crypto is not over, but I believe much of the hopium is over. New money is not interested in giving it over to bag holders that want out after a bear market unless projects can show that there is real value there.

This makes tons of sense to me 😎

99% of the crypto community were moon boys 5 months ago.

Sobering truth, lol.

No worries, they will be back 🤑

I am so hoping for that "cheap" btc down the road!! What's your fave hardware wallet?

True! It would have to be the ledger :-(

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Charles are you trying to give me PTSD???

I'm trying to scare the livin' day lights out of all the moon boys. HAHA I'm only the messenger 😂😅😂😅

Sounds like you've been chillin' with KRYPTO-KIRBY lolz

I don't like the dude haha

Pfffft... Bring it mannnnn... 1/4 cent steem would be a great buy!!

We all can be whales then hahaha

I have no problem buying my ETH at a discount (since I turn around and spend it on gas price so much anyhow)... and same with BTC bargains.

Yeah, we could go down, but I just don't see anything below 5,500 for BTC.

Steem though, that's an interesting one... I have felt for a while that massive amounts of bad mojo build up every time Steem gets even lower, lol... there is no hopium left below a certain threshold because we keep bleeding off content makers and content consumers?

.... or we can blast up from here haha. I like fear in the markets, more time to stack dem' coins :)

Completely in the realm of possibility. It could even go lower, but that’s the risk we take as early adopters.

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All I know is that I want more cryptos lol

Hi dear friend Charles !!!
Doesn't matter if BTC going down or up...The future of Blockchain technology is Cryptos which doing mining inside your wallet, without cost energy...!!!
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Do they have a referral program? 😅

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so those who were shouting that time 2K bottom will come might be happening soon

It’s a possibility, or we can just moon lol

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