Steemit Charity - How to do Good Stuff together, and What We’ve Done so far!

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Sunday today, our favorite day for doing good things!

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It’s better to be kind more often than once a week… But let’s focus on Sunday :)

First of all, we want to remind you about our mission:

Steemit Charity page is here to promote content that supports ANY charitable or social cause!

The only criteria for us is to be able to verify the destination the money goes to, be it a charity fund, social initiative or even and individual in need.

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We don’t select the causes based on our own views or values - we let you decide with your votes which causes to support!

And we are here to make sure the money goes where it’s supposed to - you will see our distributions in our monthly reports and, of course, in our wallet.

In today’s post we would like to remind you about our current charity events still running on Steemit, and also to get your inputs on the future of the @steemitcharity!

So if you feel like making a change today, here the the stories that are still open for your upvotes:

  1. A welcoming post about Handmade Charity project - a New York based charity, that focuses on organizing creative and cooking master classes for kids with disabilities

  2. A touching story about the family, who adopted three kids with special needs and created their own fund MYMIO to help fight the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy disease.

  3. An initiative of a family from Philippines to help a homeless woman fight the unknown skin disease that keeps her from living a happy life.

  4. A real horror story from China, that is aimed at bringing our attention to the issue of abandoned babies and support the foundation International China Concern

We hope to get your support for the causes that are most important to you!

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And we are looking forward to get the inputs from the community on the @steemitcharity project!

What causes would you like to see in our next posts?

Do you want to share your story with us?

Is there any other way we can make Steemit a better place?

We are open for your ideas!

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As always with this account, all the money from this post will go to charity purposes

For any questions, ideas or for featuring your charity in our next post, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us in the chat at @steemitcharity, @cryptovpn or @katyakov


I donate my birthday every year to charity and want to do the same for xmas, if anyone else is in the same boat and interested in collaborating for a campaign to raise money for an effective charity, reply here.

That good idea to make a reblogging botton. I haven't noticed this post before. Thank you! )

Thanks again for the promo and to all the posters who are promoting their worthy causes as well.

Great initiative. It helps us share our passions while providing a hub to find others in need. Thanks for doing this!

thank you for your feedback!