A Sad Story of a Woman with Unknown Skin Disease... With a Chance for US to make a Сhange!!

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Hello SteemCharity supporters!

Today is Sunday and it’s a great day to do at least ONE good thing!

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We are giving you such opportunity with this touching and very sad story that was brought to us by @juvyjabian – a story of a woman, fighting the unknown skin disease for many years...

All the proceeds from this post will go to help this woman get the supplies she needs, and help her fight the disease!

All photos, videos and the story by @juvyjabian.

We felt so pity for this woman, her name is Rosalie Lakawlakaw and she's suffering an unknown skin disease for 20 years. She looks old but she's still 28, she looks old due to her disease. According to her, when she was 8 years old she started to have the lump in her body and after few years it already consumed her whole body as we can see in the video below.

We asked her where she lives and found out that she and her husband are homeless. During night time, the couple slept at the terminal and during day time, they're just on the street asking for alms hoping to gain a piece of money to buy food.

It didn't happen to enter in her mind to have her disease be consulted for a physician due to poverty. She understood that even in thinking it's impossible for her because she could not afford it. She cant hardly buy a piece of bread.

After a few minutes of conversation, we found out that she had a home but it's 8 hours away from the city but they don't have plans to go home because they have nothing to do there. Beside their family and relatives are in a doubt accepting them due to her sickness.

We felt so helpless, we wanted to help the woman but we don't have the capacity to do it. We gave donation but that would not be enough.

I'm calling those kind-hearted Steemers, let us help this woman and free her from this kind of suffering!

The rewards that will be earn on this post will be given to the woman and if we have enough, we will bring her personally to the hospital for diagnosis to know if such disease is still curable and if the fund is more than enough, we will have the woman undergo surgery.

To avoid doubts whether the money will be given to the woman, we will document all the happenings through video and post the update on Steemit.

If you would like to feature your charity in our next post, please, leave us a comment here and we will reach out to you!

We will post a monthly report with every dollar that was earned and spent by this account. Because we care.

As this post is supporting an individual rather than an official charity, we will make an extra effort to give you full transparency on the way the money will be spent:

We will write a separate post with the screenshots of money transfers and withdrawals
@juvyjabian will document all the donations to this woman on video and it will be featured in our monthly report!

We believe that Steemit is here to empower individuals, so let’s stand together to help this woman!


Poor girl! But she is strong enough not to hope only on social services. My first reaction was a little bit negative to your post, because Steemit paper in her hands doesn't look naturally. But then I understood, that you explain her what is Steemit and waht we are. I think this information is helpful for her. Thank you.

Yes! And we can ask @juvyjabian to give us more details of the story - how did woman react to the Steemit idea and that we will be crowdfunding for her? Feel free to ask any question!

Good idea. Hope this story will have a continuation.

Any and all events we do will have follow up and proofs.

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