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Hey everyone so one of the things I wanted to push for as a witness was to support more charitable causes on Steemit and promote these efforts. Today I donated over 30 Steem and delegated about 50-100 SP to various projects and I'll share some of them!

A great place to start is with @fundition. They have a great decentralized crowdfunding platform for Steemit and on there you can see the charities I support here:!/@scottcbusiness

They update the projects with their latest posts so you can just give them your vote and or donate funds and earn backer rewards potentially and be listed as a backer for your donation. So be sure to go check out the website here:

Because all of those projects I support are listed on my account (mainly charities) I won't be listing those below. I will just list the other projects I've found while traversing Steemit and explain the projects and reasoning behind my delegations.

Reforestation Projects by @Treeplanter

You can check out their fundition project here:!/@treeplanter/rosw39cox/comments

Also outside of Fundition they run a bid bot that uses profits to help charities that plant trees and use delegations to do the same. They do some of the best reforestation on the blockchain that I've seen and I highly recommend them!

Have A Heart @haveaheart

This is run by a friend of mine who is doing something similar to this (highlighting and supporting charitable causes) as well as supporting his wife's condition and donating some profits to Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital.

The last post they made was this one:

There are many other projects out there that I'd love to highlight and support! Feel free to upvote this which I will use all the profits from to support these many projects.

@YouAreHope run by @SirCork

They run and support many different charities! You can help streamline charity support through them!

This is one of their latest post updates you can donate to:

Crowdfunding With A Large Charity Support Section - @Fundition


If you don't already know about Fundition they host many many projects and charitable causes being crowdfunded on their platform. This makes it much easier to find all the latest charitable projects. I also work with Fundition and strongly support what they do!

@schoolforsdg4 - Awesome Charity Project Focused On Educating Underprivileged Children

They do so much, in this post here they are crowdfunding to bring weekly fruits for the children to keep them fed and help them then be able to learn without struggling with basic needs during their education time:

@WomenEmpowerment - Running Different Women Empowerment Projects

This is their latest post:

It covers their sewing setup and how they are going to acquire some more machines to help teach sewing and empower these women to better provide for themselves and their families.

@adollaraday - A Dollar A Day charitable giving project : What can you buy for 1 SBD?

This is a great project that tries to collect 1 SBD a day and see how they creatively use that to make the most impact in people's lives. This was their latest post:

@steemhelpinghand -

This was their latest post:

They are a charity that promotes Steemit while reaching out to the needy, less privileged, slums, sick ones, and eradicating poverty to the bearest minimum according to their profile.

@ark-orphanage -

This was their first post:

This is an orphanage run independently of the government via charity funding. It's a great project that recently migrated to Steem and is supported also by @wafrica whom I also delegate to. Be sure to check them out!

@dreamsoftheocean - Watersports For Kids In Need

This was their latest share:

This is the first Steem-backed charity that organizes free watersports activities for kids in need! It's an amazing project run by @surfermarly

@oneopportunity - Charity Project For Children In Venezuela

Their latest project is helping a population of 57 children with disabilities of low resources, who receive education at the school "T. E. L. Bicentennial Year."

It's an awesome project and you can see the latest post here:

@upfundme - Free support for #upfundme crowdfunding.

They do not always crowdfund charity projects, but they often do at the very least support them with reposts etc. Nonetheless, it's a great account and project to help support!

Their latest crowdfund was for someone's education crowdfunding project:

@cleanplanet - Steem ecologic movement to save the planet

Their vision is to reward you for helping clean the planet!

You can see their latest english post about launching the first eco-token at SMT:

All of these are so amazing! Let me know in the comments what you think of them and if there's any other awesome projects you'd like to share so that I can include next time and delegate or offer my support to them as well :)


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Gave you my witness vote mainly because of the charities you support. I discovered several projects to support because of you. So thank you very much for that.

Please check out @bigdude He had done many great stuff in Venezuela. his work deserves to be featured. There are no ongoing projects of his. But you can take a look at his past history.


You are most welcome and thank you for your vote I will put it to good use to help delegate more power to charities and make more of an impact! I will definitely check out @bigdude and watch for any new projects :)

Charity is a good thing.


For sure :D

Good initiative @scottcbusiness . In this era of greediness and materialism ,Giveaway is a great thing.God bless you! I wish you raise at least $1000 dollars from this post


That would be amazing, it could help alot of the fundition projects make their goals :)

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thank you for supporting my project and supporting the children.will bless you


You would do the same :) Feel free to vote for me as a witness as I promise to help use my power to empower more charitable causes


Yes, you deserve to be voted as witness


The world will be better if there are more thoughts like you


Thanks so much for your support, however for some reason I still don't see your vote :/ Maybe it didn't register or something?


Actually I voted for you, probably a system error


Oh I see it now! You rock :D


haha.thank you my friend. happy you become a good witness to steemit

  ·  last year (edited)

hi! thanks a lot for visit my @unknownheroes fundation profile :) its an honor that you can read about us, we try to do our best effort to fight against the crisis here in Venezuela, and resist this chaos, you have my vote for witness, from my 2 accounts: unknown and my oficial nahupuku too, blessings and be safe, cheers from Caracas


I will keep helping charitable causes and giving them more awareness with my power as a witness. I haven't seen your vote yet btw, let me know :) Thanks for your support


yep, just right now i vote for witness with my 2 acounts, :) @nahupuku and this one. your welcome thanks you for give others the opportunity to help more! blessings


Oh I see them now! Thank you so much for the support :D


your welcome ;) thanks you too

Wow! can see my project listed
God bless you
Thank you for the good work you doing


Thank you! As a witness one of my promises is to highlight and support more charitable causes with my influence. Feel free to witness vote for me to help make that reality :D


Voted you for witness
Wish you the very best


Thank you so much, will put your vote to good use!



Спасибо за Вашу поддержку :)

Thanks for your support @scottcbusiness!


Thank YOU for your hard work :) I know you would have done the same if you were me


Ya got me there ;)

nice for sharing the information


For sure :)

Great choices, Scott!


Thanks so much, if you know of more, share :D

A very useful activities @scottcbusiness.
May they helped by our activities


I know they will :D

Wow it's wonderful that you're helping so many good causes. That's amazing. I hadn't heard of some of these. I will check them out. ♥️


Thanks! Yeah I find that @fundition is a really great way to track and help out too! I think charities on Steem make so much sense because if anything we can give our vote


@scottcbusiness That's true. Although I hope that fundition is also used for a wide array of implementations. Charity is certainly a good use for it as well. 😍


Yeah it is, I support some other stuff on there too :)

sharing is caring
great job
thank you for sharing this informative post.


Thanks for giving some feedback 😊

This project seems meaningful to the people.


Thanks I'd definitely like to think so

Thank you very much for your kind delegation to support humanity. I am so happy for your contribution. It is very nice to see a lot of causes here. I really loved them


You are most welcome! Yeah these causes are really great! Hey btw if you have an open witness vote, I would really appreciate a vote! Part of my platform is to use my witness influence to help highlight, fund, delegate to, and support charitable projects :)

I was just talking with @shortsegments today about my failed attempt to raise money for a good cause on the GoFundMe crowdfunding site. However, my project seems pale in comparison to the needy projects you outlined in your post. I'm not so sure that construction of an outdoor sporting activity for kids would be worthwhile next to some of your charities. It would make some positive contributions to a poor community in helping to provide a healthy alternative to the youth turning to smoking, drinking and gambling at such an early age. I am still looking for a way to finish what I started though. Maybe I can find a way on Steemit. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!


Yeah I found most of the ones I did through @Fundition so I'd say you should start there! I'd be willing to share it in my next roundup and send some funds :)


Thanks a bunch! I'll get busy putting something together. And you got my Witness vote!