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Hey everyone so one of the things I wanted to push for as a witness was to support more charitable causes on Steemit and promote these efforts. Today I donated over 30 Steem and delegated about 50-100 SP to various projects and I'll share some of them!

A great place to start is with @fundition. They have a great decentralized crowdfunding platform for Steemit and on there you can see the charities I support here:!/@scottcbusiness

They update the projects with their latest posts so you can just give them your vote and or donate funds and earn backer rewards potentially and be listed as a backer for your donation. So be sure to go check out the website here:

Because all of those projects I support are listed on my account (mainly charities) I won't be listing those below. I will just list the other projects I've found while traversing Steemit and explain the projects and reasoning behind my delegations.

Reforestation Projects by @Treeplanter

You can check out their fundition project here:!/@treeplanter/rosw39cox/comments

Also outside of Fundition they run a bid bot that uses profits to help charities that plant trees and use delegations to do the same. They do some of the best reforestation on the blockchain that I've seen and I highly recommend them!

Have A Heart @haveaheart

This is run by a friend of mine who is doing something similar to this (highlighting and supporting charitable causes) as well as supporting his wife's condition and donating some profits to Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital.

The last post they made was this one:

There are many other projects out there that I'd love to highlight and support! Feel free to upvote this which I will use all the profits from to support these many projects.

@YouAreHope run by @SirCork

They run and support many different charities! You can help streamline charity support through them!

This is one of their latest post updates you can donate to:

Crowdfunding With A Large Charity Support Section - @Fundition


If you don't already know about Fundition they host many many projects and charitable causes being crowdfunded on their platform. This makes it much easier to find all the latest charitable projects. I also work with Fundition and strongly support what they do!

@schoolforsdg4 - Awesome Charity Project Focused On Educating Underprivileged Children

They do so much, in this post here they are crowdfunding to bring weekly fruits for the children to keep them fed and help them then be able to learn without struggling with basic needs during their education time:

@WomenEmpowerment - Running Different Women Empowerment Projects

This is their latest post:

It covers their sewing setup and how they are going to acquire some more machines to help teach sewing and empower these women to better provide for themselves and their families.

@adollaraday - A Dollar A Day charitable giving project : What can you buy for 1 SBD?

This is a great project that tries to collect 1 SBD a day and see how they creatively use that to make the most impact in people's lives. This was their latest post:

@steemhelpinghand -

This was their latest post:

They are a charity that promotes Steemit while reaching out to the needy, less privileged, slums, sick ones, and eradicating poverty to the bearest minimum according to their profile.

@ark-orphanage -

This was their first post:

This is an orphanage run independently of the government via charity funding. It's a great project that recently migrated to Steem and is supported also by @wafrica whom I also delegate to. Be sure to check them out!

@dreamsoftheocean - Watersports For Kids In Need

This was their latest share:

This is the first Steem-backed charity that organizes free watersports activities for kids in need! It's an amazing project run by @surfermarly

@oneopportunity - Charity Project For Children In Venezuela

Their latest project is helping a population of 57 children with disabilities of low resources, who receive education at the school "T. E. L. Bicentennial Year."

It's an awesome project and you can see the latest post here:

@upfundme - Free support for #upfundme crowdfunding.

They do not always crowdfund charity projects, but they often do at the very least support them with reposts etc. Nonetheless, it's a great account and project to help support!

Their latest crowdfund was for someone's education crowdfunding project:

@cleanplanet - Steem ecologic movement to save the planet

Their vision is to reward you for helping clean the planet!

You can see their latest english post about launching the first eco-token at SMT:

All of these are so amazing! Let me know in the comments what you think of them and if there's any other awesome projects you'd like to share so that I can include next time and delegate or offer my support to them as well :)


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Those are some great projects and Fundition looks like it'd be a great help for various charities. You are doing a great job for the community. As an appreciation I'm voting you for witness.

Good Luck!


Thanks so much! As a witness my focus has gone from witness communications more so to charity and onboarding influencers via social media. I really think that altruistic projects can excel here and the community here is very supportive :) I really appreciate your support

Thanks a lot for mentioning @dreamsoftheocean here, Scott! :-)


No problem! It's a great project and I always see you doing a ton of a charitable work on the blockchain :) You rock!

Thank you for supporting YouAreHope!


Just doing what I can to help

Thank you for supporting my fundition campaigns. I’ve been inactive for some weeks now but I’m ready to get things moving now.


Yeah get on it! I'll always pop in and give my upvote and such :)

You got a 100.00% upvote from @botcoin courtesy of @scottcbusiness!

Thank you very much for sharing about @SchoolForSDG4 and @WomenEmpowerment along with many great projects you care.


Just doing what I can! :) Feel free to vote for me as a witness btw. Pushing for more charitable projects

this is good news, life to help each other, thank you guys.


Exactly, let's do whatever we can!

You are a great example of how blockchain and especially steem/sbd (STEEMIT) could really solve one of the worse issues. Centralization of the capital. Crowdfunding and other types of fundraising are good but is still too small to start a change just by normal people who like the idea. I love steemit for this a lot, I really appreciate your big support of our conservation program in Cameroon.
co-founder/coordinator of @kedjom-keku association and @treeplanter


Thank you so much! As a witness I promised to improve charitable causes and their efforts. I've always been a big supporter of tree planter and will continue to do so :) Thank you for all your hard work

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Hello @scottbusiness thank you for acknowledging steemit helping hands and other charity courses like us, we appreciate your delegation and support.


And I appreciate everything you do!

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We have planted already 3312.97 trees
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Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
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Thanks a lot!
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Wow awesome! Thanks :)

This is truly amazing
God bless you
I remember your support to my project and my community aimed at helping out vulnerable children @steemminna
Upvoted and resteemed


Just doing what I can :) Also delegated to @steemminna and @actifit


Thank you so much


And thank you for being awesome

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!


Thank you so much!

you have a good heart @scottcbusiness and handsome too


haha thanks! Cheers