Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 10 ||

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It is 10th week we are using steemit to raise fund for our weekly fruits program. The journey was started alone but I found hands of thousands from steemit . Our first Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 1 || was just example of start.

We arranged weekly fruits program for 50 kids at @SchoolForSDG4 . I can't share all the updates happen at school and every day we need have many things to share. May be it will take time to start regular articles from us. Last week, we organized weekly fruits program. However we are raising funds for weekly fruits program but we organized Ice-cream last week (5th October, 2017).

We are late to make the crowdfunding post though @lindahas made the post on behalf of us to raise fund for kids fruits program and donate excess fund for school Laptop.

The day was so hot ! Hi 36°/Lo 27° in Sylhet Bangladesh. We had arranged ice-cream couple of months ago. So the kids were exciting to eat ice-cream that day.

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We also have several updates from school and will try to write to share with you. We have been fundraising for our school laptop. Our crowdfunding campaign for school laptop already have earned around 11 dollars and @tecnosgirl donated 5 dollars. @lindahas will able to manage 15 dollars extra for school laptop along with fruits program.



Some pictures GIF of fruits program

we already have received an amount of 10000 BDT for school laptop and it means any how we will able to buy old laptop with limited functions. So you can support us for new laptop and help us to buy better laptop for kids.

To support the school laptop, please visit the Crowdfunding Campaign for School Laptop

Read more For our @SchoolForSDG4 from @Lindahas

Last week, we unconsciously powered up all post rewards though I @Azizbd used my personal income to add as school fund. Please keep me informed if you have any questions in future.

Keep Supporting us by Resteem and Upvotes

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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