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RE: Can You Build A Dream If No One Shares It?

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I am located in Richmond, VA and know that your rescue center is going through difficulties. I would love to visit & do anything to help your cause. I'm a college student with a love for animals and understand that it starts with a few individuals that care about the cause and want to make a difference. please let me know because I want to help in any way I can


I just noticed that you have only joined Steemit this month. I'm a moderator with the minnow support project on the PALnet Discord. I won't really be able to drop you a link until late tomorrow but I will do that for sure. My laptop crashed and I'm having to use my phone until a different one gets here. UPS tracking has it sitting in Roanoke so it should come tomorrow. I've had a very difficult time trying to do anything on this phone. But once I get you a link, I encourage you to visit MSP. It's one of the best programs at Steemit for new users. Once I have the laptop, you will be able to find me in the fiction workshop. Anyone in general chat there can tell you how to find me. We would also be able to discuss the rescue issues I'm having much easier there than here as well.

If you are in Richmond, we probably know many of the same people. Do you know Dr. Anna Russau? She has the traveling equine vet clinic and is with Virginians for Change to Animal Legislation. You probably know Kimberly Hawke, with HOWS. VCAL has been very supportive of my efforts here but because there is no group of people on the ground local to me willing to get involved, it's hard to make much difference from 5 1/2 hours away. I would love to talk with you more. Is there a good way to contact you?

still getting used to steemit, apologies for the late response. unfortunately I'm not familiar with Dr. russau or kim hawke. A good way to contact me is through email ([email protected]) or through steemit- although Im not aware of the best way of contacting directly via steemit. Im definitely interested in discussing rescue issues you're currently facing. please send me an email or a link to the minnow support page so we can talk more. thanks again

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