Creating a Livelihood to Empowerment and Independence for our Indigenous Tribe in Tan-awan, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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Just a recap first on what this workshop was all about, this came to being from the collaborations of the Kabankalan's Creatives and @walkofhope as a solution to prevent our 60 students losing their scholarships as funding became insufficient. With @walkofhope's advocacy of creating livelihood workshops, our students will have the means of an income to supplement what they need.

We have a market in the Philippines for these products where manpower is needed for the supply and demand. @flabbergast-art will do private sales upon request plus postage or if one can manage walk-ins in Negros where he is based.

As @flabbergast-art is back to civilization, we can share to you guys on what it was like during our 2 days workshop. Attended by a total of 54 scholar students and 6 teachers, we can say that this event was a success from the moment we had the orientation last sunday.

In pictures:






For the first day, @flabbergast-art put into play the introduction of the musical instruments that they will be making, to let them play with them as an introduction also to the indigenous instruments from the Northern Philippines' culture, as well as the world's.

Our students at work





The works




Usually after each workshop, a program is held and each participant present his/her works. And prior to the program, @flabbergast-art usually train them with their chosen instruments and let them perform. As he will be living with our Indigenous Tribe to give further training of other income-source workshops to the community ie. bamboo crafts and innovations, this is being planned already. There will be another training for the parents but this will be arranged by the Creatives of Kabankalan City.

To empowerment and independence

Again, our Walk of Hope Family is very grateful to all who have supported, donated, upvoted and those who have helped make this event possible. An income for these kids will help realise their goals to finish their schooling. In the long-term, it will help them stand independently, be empowered to be the person they wish to become. This hopefully will end the cycle of poverty.

This is our aim, made possible by the platform, the blockchain, STEEM and other cryptocurrencies. @walkofhope also promotes the platform as a source of income to the people, most specially to any artist/creative looking for a platform for their Arts or Advocacies.

Thank you!

Special mention goes to our donors @donkeypong, @englishtchrivy, @bennydelacruz and @pennsif and his team in @adollaraday Project. This includes the Creatives of Kabankalan and the community of Tan-awan. Kudos guys!


Disclaimer: all images from @flabbergast-art. Footer and button by @bearone

Correction please today Nov. 1st

This group are high school students of an Indigenous Tribe from Tan-awan, located in the mountains, one hour away from Kabankalan City. Their schooling will just be high school and not go to college anymore. This workshop will give them extra income from working in a sugarcane plantation, earning $3 a day. The workshop for our scholars is still on-hold as the main person in Kabankalan is off the island. Our apologies.


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oh wow thanks a lot you guys! Cheers!

Great effort. Helping others to succeed. God bless!

Thank you manong! Join ka? From Vigan yon artist @flabbergast-art

Maganda rin sana kung gagawa sila ng ibang musical instruments.

Made of bamboo? Give me a list and if there's none yet..i will suggest them.

Oh, Kawayan nga lng pala

Oo forgot. Bamboo is a lot in there, that's why it's our medium.

beautiful post and full of love, so encouraging and positive. thank you for spreading joy.

Joy, love, happiness and laughter but most of all Hope to keep on achieving their dreams. Or better yet skills to play those instruments...perhaps when i visit i get to witness their tribal celebrations and they will use them. Cool.

WOW! This is incredible to have read. I am elated to see positive community actions like this being pursued. Great work in all that you have done thus far in being able to support the students and all! I wish you all the best of luck and most success in all of your future endeavors!

Thank you. Most credit goes to @flabbergast-art, he is there hands-on 101%.

Happy to hear that @WalkofHope has gone across the other side of the Negros Island to spread not only livelihood skills but more importantly, Hope.

More Power to You!

Thanks!! Power ke Marlon!

Hi Sir...will your students be interested to learn football?

Check @afgacademy

Ang galing.. mastering those skills will not only help them become more creative but will be a start for them to earn a living

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The main purpose is to earn an income to supplement their studies...otherwise they will lose their scholarships.

ayos lah..
good luck ulit
madami nmn ung sumali
two thumbs up

There were 6 teachers who joined😂🤣
Lookin good lola. Thanks ulet.

can't wait to go home and be a part of this!

Power ate Peng!! You're ok where you are..this will take years.

That's magnificent and fresh

Thank you!

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Very good luck to the whole team on our side to cooperate in this important good work.

Thank you! Cheers.