New slots available in help.venezuela program

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New Slots available in @help.venezuela Program thanks to great delegations.png

@help.venezuela has been created in December 2018 by @achim03 to support people from Venezuela by upvoting systematically their posts on steemit. Venezuela is in a state of hyperinflation and food and other products are very difficult to come by. In Venezuela every cent counts and with this program we want to give a contribution to make the lives of some people a little bit better.

A sustainable project

We wanted to create a project that helps in the long term. So we use the collected steem to power up the account in order to give significant upvotes. We always try to make sure that voting power stays as high as possible. We also try to increase the voting power by selling upvotes that are not used at certain times to smartsteem (-> use this link if you are not on smartsteem yet to support @help.venezuela). Like that we manage to increase the SP over time and can provide the help in a sustainable way.

So far the following people have received 100% upvotes from @help.venezuela (each upvote was worth around 0.02$)

UserNumber of upvotes


New slots available thanks to delegations

We have received amazing delegations lately and this allows us now to extend the program to more people. A huge thanks to the following people for their delegations:

@jk627650 SP
@crypto.piotr40 SP
@majes.tytyty25 SP
@devann10 SP
@akdx50 SP
@danielfs800 SP

Are you from Venezuela and would you like to be taken into the program ?

If you are on Steemit and you are from Venezuela, then you can apply now to be taken into the program. All your posts would then get a systematic upvote from @help.venezuela. To apply just write a comment to this post. In order to provide meaningful upvotes, the number of people that can be taken will be limited. We will favour people that write quality posts regularly and have been on steemit for a certain time. The people who are not taken now, will stay on a waiting list. If we get further delegations, we will be able to add them to the program at a later stage.

Do you know people from Venezuela and you would like to enrol them?

Feel free to write the name of people from Venezuela that you know as a comment.


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:


Hello everyone, it is really wonderful to find people with a great heart to help Venezuelans, in steemchurch we believe in the beneficial possibility that Steem communities can have when they come together to do a great job. We are steemchurch, the first Blockchain Church.


Hi @steemchurch,
Thank you for your comment. We really share your vision of communities coming together. It is our pleasure to endorse you for the contests of @theycallmedan.

Please check our latest post:

Dude. I can tell you in particular that I am very happy to belong to this noble project. It is of great help.

Thank you very much from Venezuela.

I send you a very fraternal hug...

Hi @lanzjoseg,
Thank you for your comment and the resteem. A big hug to you too...

i wich to delegate some symbolic suport, send me the link.

Hi @duarte9sousa,
Thank you for your request: Here are links to delegate Steem Power to @help.venezuela ;-)

Delegate 1 SP
Delegate 5 SP
Delegate 10 SP
Delegate 100 SP

Any delegation is greatly appreciated!

Dear @duarte9sousa,
We just saw that you delegated much more than just a symbolic amount to @help.venezuela. This is really amazing. Thank you so much for your support!

Greetings. I want to congratulate this initiative and thank the support of the Venezuelan members of the Steem network.

In truth in Venezuela the economic situation has placed us for more than four consecutive years as the most miserable economy in the world, added to that we have the lowest monthly minimum wage in the world for a long time, the worst productivity of oil of all members of the group of Petroleum Exporting Countries, we suffer the highest inflation in the region (although I have read that it is one of the worst in the world) and, as if all this were not enough, political sutuation is volatile.




This has motivated not only the "Venezuelan Diaspora" but has also led to the urgent need to generate new sources of income on its own. Unfortunately some compatriots have taken bad roads for this, which is reflected in that we are considered one of the countries with the greatest corruption in the world and worse transparency in the administrative procedures of government, also speculation and resale of basic necessities ( what is called "Bachaqueo") and other unpleasant or simply illegal things.



In this discouraging panorama, the encouragement to create valuable content and economic support for those who seek to solve their problems without harming other people is something worthy of being recognized and congratulated. For all this: Thanks!


PS: I think I will use my comment as a basis for a new post :)

Thanks a lot for this great comment and very precise analysis. I think that you are right to point out that we should help as much as possible all the people from Venezuela who try to get an income in an honest way.

Best regards

A thank you for such an excellent and honorable project, many of those you name there to whom you gave support are very special Venezuelans, incredibly hard workers, many of them professors and as they know by the news the salary they earn is not enough for anything and inflation Salads are eaten. Really many thanks for that spectacular support to them.

@help.venezuela @lanzjoseg @renaldoverdu @juanmolina @hendersonp

@crypto.piotr Excellent support to my Venezuelans thanks to a multiplier of support and a thousand blessings

Un agradecimiento por tan excelente y honorable proyecto muchos de los que nombras alli a los cuales les brindaste apoyo son Venezolanos super especiales, increiblemente trabajadores, muchos de ellos profesores y como bien saben por las noticias el sueldo que ganan no alcanza para nada y la inflación se come los sueldos.De verdad muchisimas gracias por ese apoyo espectacular a ellos.

@crypto.piotr Excelente apoyo a mis venezolanos gracias un multiplicador de apoyo y mil bendiciones

Hi @sacra97,
Thank you very much for your comment.

Hello @sacra97,
Thank you very much for your comment. We will gladly take you into account for our project. There are additional good news. We were enrolled in a contest and were chosen among the 20 winners to recieve 1000 Steem Power delegation. This means that we will be able to support more people from Venezuela.

There is a second round in this competition and we would like to ask you to vote for our partners @steemchurch. Alone we cannot win but together we have a chance to get a 25K SP delegation!

Please vote for @steemchurch in the following poll:

the situation is serious ... we are talking about good returns so I will try to help

Hi @aple,
Yes the situation is really serious and I think any type of help is welcome. Thank you for your comment and for the resteem!

Hi @aple,
Thank you very much for your comment. There are good news for this project. We were enrolled in a contest and were chosen among the 20 winners to recieve 1000 Steem Power delegation. This means that we will be able to support more people from Venezuela.

There is a second round in this competition and we would like to ask you to vote for our partners @steemchurch. Alone we cannot win but together we have a chance to get a 25K SP delegation!

Please vote for @steemchurch in the following poll:

Saludos, @help.venezuela. Mecho éxito con esta iniciativa. Apoyaré en lo que esté a mi alcance. Si pueden colocar links de delegación eso facilitaría el proceso

Hola @hlezama,

Muchas gracias para tu commentario. Vamos a poner estos links de delegacion en nuestros posts en el futuro. Que idea muy buena ;-).

Si pudieras votar para nuestros amigos the @steemchurch en este competition, nos ayudarias mucho .

No he utilizado my espanol desde hace much tiempo. Siento mucho si hay muchas faltas ;-)

Y acqui los links :-):
Delegate 1 SP, Delegate 5 SP, Delegate 10 SP, Delegate 100 SP

Muchas gracias para tu idea!

Hola @hlezama,
Hemos visto que has dado una delegacion a @help.venezuela. Muchas gracias para to ayuda!

You are welcome. Hope your initiative gives good results

Wooo, I take my hat off to you, congratulations! The work they do is exceptional, something unprecedented.

Thank you very much for making me part of this, I am happy to participate and receive support.

Each day more empathic with this community, thanks @achim03, @crypto.piotr and all who participate.


Hi @fucho80,
Thank you very much for your kind words!

No, for nothing, the work they are developing deserves much more than praise.

Do not stop and as far as we can help we will do it.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo, hoy las criptos amanecieron en verde si continúan así proyectos como estos pasa hacer super poderosos estoy seguro que podrás ayudar a mas personas a futuro

Hola @hendersonp,
Gracias por tu commentario. Saludos

Dear @help.venezuela and @achim03

Great update buddy :) I will try to get you more delegations.

Hi @crypto.piotr,
Thanks a lot for all your help for this project!

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