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RE: New slots available in help.venezuela program

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A thank you for such an excellent and honorable project, many of those you name there to whom you gave support are very special Venezuelans, incredibly hard workers, many of them professors and as they know by the news the salary they earn is not enough for anything and inflation Salads are eaten. Really many thanks for that spectacular support to them.

@help.venezuela @lanzjoseg @renaldoverdu @juanmolina @hendersonp

@crypto.piotr Excellent support to my Venezuelans thanks to a multiplier of support and a thousand blessings

Un agradecimiento por tan excelente y honorable proyecto muchos de los que nombras alli a los cuales les brindaste apoyo son Venezolanos super especiales, increiblemente trabajadores, muchos de ellos profesores y como bien saben por las noticias el sueldo que ganan no alcanza para nada y la inflación se come los sueldos.De verdad muchisimas gracias por ese apoyo espectacular a ellos.

@crypto.piotr Excelente apoyo a mis venezolanos gracias un multiplicador de apoyo y mil bendiciones


Hi @sacra97,
Thank you very much for your comment.

Hello @sacra97,
Thank you very much for your comment. We will gladly take you into account for our project. There are additional good news. We were enrolled in a contest and were chosen among the 20 winners to recieve 1000 Steem Power delegation. This means that we will be able to support more people from Venezuela.

There is a second round in this competition and we would like to ask you to vote for our partners @steemchurch. Alone we cannot win but together we have a chance to get a 25K SP delegation!

Please vote for @steemchurch in the following poll: