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RE: New slots available in help.venezuela program

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Greetings. I want to congratulate this initiative and thank the support of the Venezuelan members of the Steem network.

In truth in Venezuela the economic situation has placed us for more than four consecutive years as the most miserable economy in the world, added to that we have the lowest monthly minimum wage in the world for a long time, the worst productivity of oil of all members of the group of Petroleum Exporting Countries, we suffer the highest inflation in the region (although I have read that it is one of the worst in the world) and, as if all this were not enough, political sutuation is volatile.




This has motivated not only the "Venezuelan Diaspora" but has also led to the urgent need to generate new sources of income on its own. Unfortunately some compatriots have taken bad roads for this, which is reflected in that we are considered one of the countries with the greatest corruption in the world and worse transparency in the administrative procedures of government, also speculation and resale of basic necessities ( what is called "Bachaqueo") and other unpleasant or simply illegal things.



In this discouraging panorama, the encouragement to create valuable content and economic support for those who seek to solve their problems without harming other people is something worthy of being recognized and congratulated. For all this: Thanks!


PS: I think I will use my comment as a basis for a new post :)


Thanks a lot for this great comment and very precise analysis. I think that you are right to point out that we should help as much as possible all the people from Venezuela who try to get an income in an honest way.

Best regards

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