Vote for The Children of Syria this Christmas on Steemit

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You can ease their suffering and it won't cost you a cent. Every vote will help make a difference to these children's lives.

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How to Participate

  • Upvote this post.

I will transfer every penny earned from this post to UNICEF Ireland's Christmas appeal fund for the children of Syria (100% of the reward).

The Appeal

Details of how the funds donated will be used by UNICEF Ireland are available on their website.

Other ways to donate

Voting is the easiest way to help today and it won't cost a penny but if you wish to donate your own funds you can also:

  • Send funds to my Steemit account tagged with the memo "Syria Winter Appeal"
    I will make sure they get to UNICEF
  • Donate directly via the UNICEF Ireland website
    Please consider setting up a regular donation

Transparency about the process

I will post full details of how much was raised via Steemit, how it was transferred and a verification of the transfer in a follow up post. If anyone makes direct donations to UNICEF as a result of this Steemit Campagin and wishes to comment they can add comment on this post.

How I will get the donations to UNICEF?

Funds earned from this post will appear in my Steemit wallet which I will power up as Steem Power. I will transfer an equivalent amount of Euros, to the Steam Power earned from this post, from my bank account to UNICEF Ireland directly. I will also top up the donations raised personally with a extra donation of 5% of funds raised (5% capped at 200 Euro).

How I will prove donations?

After the donations have been made I will provide proof that I have transferred an equivalent Euro amount to UNICEF Ireland as raised by this post, similar to what I provided last year.

When will I transfer funds to UNICEF?

After 7 day there will be a payout from this post to my Steemit account. I will transfer an equivalent amount of funds to UNICEF from my bank account along with a personal donation after Christmas. I will also transfer any additional funds donated as I receive them.

Motivations and about me

I currently live in Ireland and have been posting on Steemit for the last 15 moons. This is my second such appeal. You can read about last years appeal here where I raised 60 Euro.

Raising money at Christmas time for local charities is a tradition in Ireland but I wanted to take this tradition to a global audience and get Steemit involved.

I am interested in helping out the Children of Syria for several reasons:

  • At human level it's hard not to be affected by the suffering of these innocent people and the horrendous stories and photos
  • I have fond memories of Syria and its people, where I spent time working as a teacher in the past
  • This Campaign/Steemit Event is my way of giving something small back to an amazing people who welcomed me into their homes, their lives and who have been ravaged by war for many years

In the interests of full disclosure I would like to call out that I am not an employee or affiliated in any way with UNICEF. This campaign is affiliated to UNICEF only in the sense that they have a winter appeal fund which I will be donating to on behalf of monies raised from this post through Steemit.

No Limits

I hope this campaign will inspire similar campaigns to crowdsource funds for charities on Steemit in a responsible way.

Lets not limit the potential for Steemit to being all about money. This is a fantastic platform not only to raise money but to increase awareness and engagement for charities and provide opportunities for the people these charities are helping via the most amazing social network on the web. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this area and how we can leverage Steemit to help the less fortunate.

I don't normally ask but please upvote, promote and resteem this post and get your friends to do the same!

Thank you for reading and for your Vote. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Nollaig Shona Daoibh.

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Good job! I follow @deanliu 's resteem, and I have upvoted this post. You are a so kind.



Oh thank you so much and a big thank you to @deanliu too. Happy Christmas from Ireland.


No, thank you for doing this. I am just clicking.... :)

I really don't have neough words to thank you dear brother. Its first time I read something meaningful like this. I m pretty sure that syrian peopel welcomed you and looked after you there and am sure that you enjoyed being in shame.

we arabs like to welcome others but which made me happy is that you didn't forget your memories there and how they treated you very well. in this world we are all brothers and we should help one another and be unit regardless our race our relhion or color.
Its heart breaking whats hapening in syria and middle but we should help them and give them a hope. we do look after syrian people who comes to Algeria. but I think thats not enough.

I upvoted and will resteem this post and share it with my arab group to upvote it. and will send you. God bless you dear brother and reward you for your good intention.


Thank you so much for your encouragement.

we are all brothers and we should help one another and be unit regardless our race our relhion or color.

I run a challenge on Steemit with the hashtag #culturevulture and one of the motivations is to breakdown cultural barriers and learn about this global community. This may also interest you also.


I do seen it suddenlly and I used it on some of my posts. thanks for refering brother. lets draw smilies on people faces in each corner in this world.

Upvoted my firend @eroche , I wish I can help with more money , Hope this little bit helps! , You are so kind. .. Goodluck


Oh @djoud I am so glad you stopped by. Your vote is a big help. Tell your friends on Steemit about it too. Every vote counts.

good job!


Thank you.

Really enjoy this time..Merry


Many happy returns. Thanks for supporting this cause.

Really great that you are doing this. These kids should have a fair chance and safe environment like the rest of us.


I can't believe a year has passed and I am making this same appeal again.

Looks amazing bro thank you for sharing

What a wonderful giving man you are this is a great thing you are doing I hope you raise alot of money for this charity they need it, of course I will resteem 🎄🎄❤️


Thank you so much for your support as always. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas.


Thank you eroche you are very kind merry merry Christmas to you and yours family food fun and giving!❤️

Really enjoy this time..Merry christmas..

Voting you at 100% immediately for a great cause. Hope this little bit helps!


Thank you so much. Have a great Christmas.


btw, have sent you 15 sbd for this.


That is very generous @deanliu. Thank you and I hope you have a very Happy Christmas.

Upvoted , Goodluck !


Thanks for your vote.

voted & re-steemed sir, Hopefully the donation will help our brothes in syria, This is very postive done in extraordinary platform ! very love it


There are a lot of charitable initiatives on Steemit.

Just think what the social media revolution did for freedom. Steemit takes it further. Helping people economically is one of the millions of uses that this awesome technology is capable of but where charitable initiatives get really exciting (for me) is the world of possibilities that now open up for people. The world has suddenly become a very small place and the connections and opportunities available to people to help lift themselves out of poverty are without limits.


Positive things like this very rarely we find in social media which we have the funds to be able to directly charity at once here, I think this is an excess of this platform, and we some time ago also do the same in Indonesia when the Flood hit most districts In Aceh. Charity activities are conducted through this platform by opening donations in the form of Steem and SBD from the steemian who want to charity on this platform for the victims, and has been channeled directly to the victims, This is a miracle and a miracle of an incredible social media "Steemit "

Is not this a wonderful thing? and I have never encountered before any social media platform in the world, Thank you Steemit !


Well said.

I hadn't seen this post to help the people of Aceh. My thoughts are with them. I hope the people can rebuild their lives after this disaster.


Yup bother !

I believe, many friends on the platform Steemit will donate to their relatives who are experiencing disaster everywhere, from tribes & races, even diverse religions, because we are in one place,unity to bringing positive things into this world, I believe it @eroche, This is incredibel platform. We are in Indonesia have made it happen few weeks ago :)

it's really a very noble job this buddy thanks friends have shared this information.

i will upvote and resteem this information.


That is so great. Thank you so much.


you are welcome.

Nice job


Thank you and thanks for your vote. Happy Christmas.

Upvote and resteem, @eroche.


Thank you.

Glad to hear about your initiative!
@khaled-dz informed us about your work, and we just upvoted you at 50% through our curation trail with several members of the @arabsteem community
Thanks again for thinking about Syrian children, and happy holidays to you too !

Upvoted my firend @eroche

Upvoted and resteemed \m/


Thank you so much and Happy Christmas.

Hopefully, suriah is always in the protection of God