Help A Friend In Need

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A Friend In Need

Recently, a valued member of the Minnow Support Project, Steemit.Chat, and all around great Steemian, has suddenly begun needing support.

Due to issues with his employer suffering financial issues, @venuspcs was left with little choice but to quit his job. He had been driving truck for them for some time and didn't really have an actual home to recover to.

Instead, he has decided to travel to Colorado (from Texas) and find a new path through this world. He is currently living out of his van.


image courtesy of @venuspcs

He has made his way to Colorado and has enjoyed some excellent views and the local plant life already.


image courtesy of @venuspcs

I am going to be doing what I can, but I can't do this alone.

He has several posts up with information on how he is doing, what he has managed thus far, and how to help support him.

Click here and head to the bottom of the page.

I would recommend you follow him to see how this journey goes for him.

Also, any of the SBD this post gains will be sent to @venuspcs as well.

Help if you can.


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Upvote and Resteem, thank you for your support!


Resteemed as well.


I can't do a lot, but I did do this post in honor of your situation. First of me and then a dedication to you.

I didn't know what else to do to help. Maybe this might get some extra eyes on your situation.

I appreciate you helping spread the word about venus, I have been trying as hard as possible to bring his posts votes. Resteemed.

Upvoted--though my vote isn't worth a lot. I hope things turn around for @venuspcs soon!

That's awesome of you, helping spread the word on @venuspcs situation.
Hail Eris, may she guide him through the muck.

This community is amazing real proof humanity is coming together and grow. It's just so good to see, I've been trying to wake people for years (I know I not the only one) and in the last few people are wake left, right an center cracking. WE ARE AWAKING :)

I don't normally resteem but have done here as I can't contribute other than a resteem and send some reiki to ya @venuspcs :)

Good job @Discordiant
Upvoted and resteemed

Upvoted resteemed and following him, what an amazing adventure.

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Threw what little my vote was worth his way. I hope things get better for you @venuspcs - I'm rooting for you

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This is so kind of you @discordiant!

I upvoted and will re-steem this post now too. I hope your friend finds the right path suited for his journey.

Lots of love to you and your friend xoxo

Congratulations @discordiant!
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Going to read all his posts - I cannot donate, but if i resteem and more people upvote, who knows he can become a jobless whale :)
He sounds very interesting and the few posts I read so far I enjoyed

upvoted and resteemed, I have spoken with @venuspcs many times in Discord. its hard not to support...