Steemit Charity to help people with health problems.

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I propose that we set up a Steemit charity system.

I started thinking about this a few minutes ago, after i donated $2 to the #DillonFordProject after reading about it through @binkley. A lot of people on Steemit, are in it to create a better world, and i know that this idea would need refinement to prevent abuses, lets open it up for discussion.

My idea is to help people, who can prove that they have a recently occurring health problem, and they should prove that they are currently unable to do their normal work. Perhaps we could take 1-2% from the Daily payouts total amount, before it is split up and use that for a fund. We could perhaps split up the money raised, to help around 50- 100 people a week in a meaningful way. Set up a administration to run it and pay them a nominal amount too.

I am open to your ideas, and your welcome to rubbish mine if you want too, lets just get the discussion happening and talk about what the community here on Steem could do, and if a lot of people want it to get started.

The image below is of me - i am David Emanuel and i have the right to use it 100%.
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RESTEEM lets get this idea around the Steemit platform.

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Thankyou very much for helping me out! You are an awesome and very very giving person:) Honestly this is a really good idea, there should be a charity tag for cancer patients or maybe a group that is there to help and push sick steemians profiles at the least, sort of like minnowsupport but more in depth...just an idea

yes that is the way to go

That is an awesome how?

have them send in doctors certificate and photographs to validate - have to be able to prove with bank statement or pay slips that they usually work and have a few people to admin.

Requiring doctor's certs may open the door for legal (privacy) issues since we're on a public blockchain. It'd need an off-chain verification service that is HIPAA compliant.

This is an interesting idea. And, would offer a potential way for screening scammers.

all good i want to open it up to the community for ideas and am keen to see the suggestions

Its great Idea. I ll support it.

thanks for your comment - i followed you to keep the friendship growing - coming to look at your posts now

I'd rather see a 'charity' helping those with serious illness get set up on steemit. I've been told it's a community here, so rather than cashing out 1% each month to help some people not on here, keep that power invested here and help those here that have no alternatives for work.

If there was a group of say 100 people, each with enough that your proposal would work, willing to use 1 full power vote a day (or a week...) to help other steemit members that have proven inability to work, I think that would be far more effective and encouraging to those in the community.

As someone on a DSP, I know that if my upvote gave someone $10, and I got 10 of them a day, I'd donate one of them to help those trying to set themselves up here because they lack other options. In the 5 weeks I've been here, the times that it's felt the best have been waking up to see a post got picked up by curie and someone with heaps of power dumped a vote on me that was massive. Made me feel like this might be a way to help my partner provide for us.

Now I have no issue with helping those out in the community as well, but I don't think draining some off the top of big accounts in here to go out there is the best use of the resources, and they could be put to far better use in here to help.

my idea is only to help people inside of the steemit community - your ideas are good

Sounds interesting. How would this work? Who would govern? Validate?

all has to be set up

I think it would be a cool idea. I'm sure there's a model out there you could borrow from.

we need some whales to get involved

I know the idea has been brought up in the past (I had even made some posts about my dad's medical situation) but I haven't seen it take a good root as of yet. Perhaps it's simply a situation where Steemit is too new for people to really band together for something like this, but I absolutely see how in time something like this could be set up. It's nice to come back from some time away and see something like this in my feed!

thanks Rob- i know it would take a lot to get some action, we will have to bring it up from time to time and see if we can find witness support

I can't stand a chance to compete with your posts :) amazing, but you can check mine also ;)

no competition - your are well written and technically interesting - mine are suffering poor grammar and self interest. Your audience will grow over time.

Sounds like a good idea. Let's provide em with an excellent,free & printable service that helps them get better pricing for their medications.

If we can find some way to make it work, it sounds like a great idea.

thanks for your support

This is an amazing idea! I love Steemit so far, it seems like it will only get better!

thanks for dropping in Ms Love ; )