For those Who Would Like to Help La Gonâve, Haiti, in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

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As many are aware, Hurricane Matthew (category 4) just barreled across the western half of Haiti and is hitting eastern shores of Cuba. Devastation is high in an area already under constant pressure from poverty and many houses that cannot stand the forces of such a storm. It's been a good year for the Caribbean this year, until Matthew decided to show up here at the end of hurricane season.

I heard from Jean Rony this afternoon, but indirectly. He is fine, but some homes are destroyed, at least one person has been killed and food is difficult to obtain. Here's what he said:

Haiti is facing now with a difficult moment with the Hurricane Matthew, where any body can go out to buy nothing to eat. Its raining Wendy all day. A lot areas, departments are completely blocked and devastated by the Hurricane Matthew in Haiti for example: Nippe Department, Grand-Ance, Jacmel and so one. And a lot people die also too.
For La Gonave, where I'm living, some houses are damaged, break and I know for now 1 person is die. And a lot homeless people are in Provisional habit also.
The main problem that we are facing for now with those people at the Provisional habit its to feed them.
Praying please my friends, so that God will open the doors for the Haitian People.

You can watch more about it on The Weather Channel.

I'm not really looking for upvotes for this, but I am offering to help get funds to La Gonâve. So, here are the options and what I plan on doing.

  • As you may be aware, I posted an article asking for help to get Jean Rony to the mainland for the biodigester workshop. I don't know if he'll make the trip or not, or if the workshop will be canceled, but I still plan on sending him the funds from that article to either get him to the workshop or for him to use to help feed hungry people on La Gonâve as a result of the hurricane. Upvotes there can still help.
  • I'll contribute all Steem and SBD from my land regeneration article to help.
  • You can donate Steem directly to my account. Please include a memo stating what the funds are for (ie Haiti relief)
  • I have about 18 SBD in my account right now. When this article pays out, I'll convert all SBD and Steem in my wallet, including payouts mentioned above and whatever comes from this article.
  • All funds from the Crowdrise site go to Jean Rony, but not until the end of the month. If you prefer, that route will work and you can designate them accordingly.
  • You can donate directly to Jean Rony Toussaint in Anse a Galets, La Gonâve, Haiti, via MoneyGram or Western Union. If you do, please let me know so I can give you his email address, if you'd like to contact him directly with the claim number or verify that he received the funds. I can verify if you'd prefer.
  • If you prefer to donate via PayPal, the best option is probably to go to the La Gonâve Community & Child Association to donate. Make sure to designate what you want the funds to be used for and they'll make sure they get to Haiti quickly.

I will contribute what I have in Steem and SBD as of right now, as well as all that comes in between now and when this article pays out, regardless of the source. With this in mind, I expect to go to send the MoneyGram to Haiti Thursday morning. I will post evidence for accountability.

I will ask Jean Rony to use the funds for food, and inform him that this is a gift from the Steemit community. There's no guarantee that the funds will be used for food, however. In the event that food supplies arrive and he sees greater need elsewhere, I'll leave it at Jean Rony's discretion as to what would be the most helpful for the people of La Gonâve.

Thank you for your prayers and concern for the people of La Gonâve, Haiti.

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Alleluia! Thanks to God we are safe in our team here , we have a lot problems on the island now as before because the problems increase . we can`t yet confirm until now many people die but we know there is lots of roof have been detached with their house and schools and churches damages here, animals, homeless, garden gone all the island ect. now the whether is calming but its still raining.
thanks to everyone and specially people who keep us in our prayer. love will be always from our heart for you all.
Jean Rony Toussaint, ASHOG

Earlier update I missed:

Its raining until this morning my friends but keep praying for God to open a door for Haiti specially the people of La Gonave Island, where they have 4 days inside of their house cannot go out and travel . Remember La Gonave people's belly is laying up totally on the main land ( PAP), Haiti. No travel, no life for La Gonave. In this we need your support please by the way you can. Thanks. God bless you and God bless Haiti.

thoughts and my heart goes out to you Haiti, resteemed and upvoted

Our thoughts are with you, your friends, and families! We respect your generosity and assistance.

You came to mind when I typed this up, thinking "too bad we can't just ship the Knights over to feed them!"

Latest update from Jean Rony:

Hoo! I'm be back to you, my friends! After 4 days of stress inside of in House, yesterday, I went to visit my parents and the people at Happy Dog, its the one of place or area in LA Gonave Island the most terrible victim in all levels but thanks to God, no one die. They lost everything ( animals, houses, garden, trees). For real, my friends, I don't have enough words in English to describe you this situation.
Listen and see are 2 different things!
Personally, all my parents are victims with Matthew but thanks to God, they are alive.
Good to know: Your protection depends of the protection you give to your brothers and sisters? What do you think about that?
My friends, yesterday was a very bad time for me, I spent all day to get Happy Dod and I I was arrived at night because all the roads are damaged and blocked with the trees everywhere even motorcycle cannot get there. Terrible! And my camera also breaks and cannot work. I will try to get some pictures on my phone to share with you soon.
Thanks for your reading and thank you a lot for your prayers and love for Haiti. May God bless you and Bless Haiti! Amen!

It does not surprise me that the road is out. It's a difficult road even on a motorcycle. Only the best 4x4s could make it, but would still be very slow and have a hard time in tight areas.

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Please keep us updated on this, Joe. This storm is a beast and it'll be heading my way over the next couple of days (Florida). When you hear from Jean Rony again, let us know what's needed. I'll re-steem this, too.

Thank you David!!
I just heard from Jean Rony. He's fine and looking for ways to get aid. The children's home is fine too. It's a great structure and the kids were well prepared and stocked, so that's encouraging.

What part of Florida, David? Looks like this could walk right up the east side. Take care.

Yeah, I'm right on the northeast coast. We're hoping that the high pressure system will hold in place and keep the hurricane off-shore. Right now, we're only looking at tropical storm conditions, but that can easily and quickly change.