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Issue #9 ~ [ Alchemy ]
Plus NEW and important alleged "seismic" data update and revocation! critical action

Today I did some exploring throughout and around the castle.. after spending some time acknowledging some various oddities I found whilst sightseeing around the castle, I noticed that I was rather impartial to most of what I saw. However, I eventually ventured off into a separate, partitioned section of the castle. I find a warm and spacious room far off to the back of the second floor of the castle. Upon walking into the room there wafts a distinct sweet,woody yet musky odor, as if this room has been left untouched for many years. This room seems to be somewhat undisturbed and uninhabited by the legion of spirits that normally haunt the rest of the castle. For reasons not entirely known to me at this point, the Djinn seem to avoid this area for the most part, so I decided to take some time setting up an impromptu laboratory and workstation here, so I can continue to complete some final experiments, as well as to give me the ample space and solitude necessary for me to complete some important magickal workings I had left on my docket before I was ready to set off and part ways from the desert.

Still a bit of tinkering left for me to do here.

Upon closer inspection of the room, I notice some books on a shelf, as well as stacks of many old ratty notes that I found tattered up and scattered all over the floor, so I pick them up and quickly organize them as best as I can despite my lackluster ability to actually read or properly interpret much of the language found written and scribbled on the papers and documents. From the very small amount that I’m able to decipher, these notes appear to be artifacts from another timeline or dimension. I came to this early conclusion due to this following fact alone; this castle that I’m currently inhabiting is still very newly constructed here, so it just wouldn’t make any logical sense that a person lived and died here during the short span of time that we’ve spent during it’s very construction, which at this stage, this castle should only been a few weeks old at best. This “alternate dimension” theory is the only theory that makes sense to me at the moment. I distinctly sense and took note that this room also seems to emit and exude a significantly higher vibration in comparison to any of the other rooms I came across up until this point.

It is rather curious how the Djinn tend to avoid this room as well.. hrmm.. “Is there a connection?” ”There are no coincidences...” I hear quietly whisper from behind my shoulder and itch the inner recesses of my right ear.. My hair stands on end as I turn around and notice no one there.. As spooky as this was, these types of strange events grew to become more of a normalcy in my life than most would otherwise suspect.

Based on how erratic and cryptic much of the writing eventually devolves into, and based on how the appearance of the writing subtly transforms over time, I can safely conclude that some very peculiar events that appear to take place here in this characters life. Perhaps this was a sister universe not far off from this one. It could be that these notes were written by a sage or a priest; someone who was fluent in the proper use of sacred symbols, and their proper planetary correspondences. I can’t quite make out much of the writing, but the alchemical symbols and formulas that I’m able to make out on some of the paper are quite familiar to me, not to mention, many of the formulas written are rather advanced, so the work being done in this room must have been the workings of an advanced alchemist or some other type of magickal scientist who worked here in the past..

I wonder what eventually became of him?.. “Perhaps he just became stark raving mad, and went off the deep end?” .. “Unlikely..” sadly, most of these questions I ask will remain a mystery for the unforeseeable future, as these notes are the only clues that I have left of this mans life, work, or of any of the other various discoveries he may have made within his life. “.. gone.. such a shame, really.. I don’t even have “his” name .. YET!”

Alchemist room2final.jpg
(Image was found and borrowed via google image search / source)

It must have missed my initial observation but right in the center of the room there was a white seal of protection, emblazoned by a seven pointed star permanently scored into the wood of the floor .. I smirk ”Ah! .. Now I KNOW this man was a TRUE alchemical scientist!”

And being the scientist that I personally am, I immediately set the collection of notes aside on the desk and I carefully walk into the center of the room, directly in the center of the seal .. Immediately my equilibrium cascades and shatters into millions of pieces and I become profoundly shaky and completely spiritually unrestrained, to seismic proportions! .. The shakiness, and disjointedness that I’m feeling continues to expand in proportion and the intensity only increases the longer that I hold and remain idle in this exact position in the room. “Interesting!” My vibrational alignment is rapidly increasing to higher spectrums the longer that I am able to remain idle. The shifting and shaking eventually become so pronounced that for the sake of caution, I was forced to step back out from the center of the seal in order for me to re-calibrate myself back again in order for me to regain some level of normalcy.. during this experience, there was a part of me that was unsure if my body was even going to be able to contain itself and survive at such intense degree of viscosity and utter insanity.. I almost felt certain that my body was about to explode!

Now, out from the center of the vortex, within a few minutes, I find myself back at a calm, solid, baseline .. now back to a calm center.
I grin ear to ear.“Yes! .. This will make an EXCELLENT room for many interesting experiments in the near future!”

With great excitement, the internal gears beginning pleasantly churning deep within the mushy recesses of my ever curious mind.

“Boys and girls, I think we’ve found a portal!”

UPDATE Speaking from one potential timeline from an alternate possible potentiality. The timeline with earthquakes shall be shifted away by my wishes. No earthquakes become problematic in my life. Period. This current timeline of theoretical projected outcome is not among those in my highest wishes .. this imaaginative, fantastic non-event of cataclysm wanted to give birth to itself. Do understand that this action will not be permitted. End of story! .. Bubble goes ...Pop!

~ABRA HADABRA~ (I create what I speak) As I visualize the [7point] to attract higher timeline model variation of positive outcomes for humanity in the highest order!

Blessed Be, one and all!



(7 pointed protection star. Direct symbolic link to Alchemists Stream/Portal)


New Sympathetic Sigil Attained!
~> #[7point] <~

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"This is not a game."


Excellent story telling, finding oneself in an unfamiliar place with the word of another language. Unlocked by a key, thanks for a lovely Christmas morning read about something different @chaospunk

@tipu curate

You're absolutely welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed - as always, more to come! :)

Right on man! Glad to see you posting some more epic stuff.

Thanks man! .. Yeah this post just blew up overnight! :)

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Thank you, I deeply appreciate the feedback as well as the upvote! :D

hi dear @chaospunk, what a beautiful story !! I love stories of magic, of parallel worlds, of adventure !! keep on ;-D merry christmas

Thank's for the feedback, I appreciate it! .. just keep following me if you'd like to keep up with the story! .. Much more to come! :D

we are waiting for you !! ;-D


Well, it was very interesting, to tell you the truth, I didn't imagine some parts hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela

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