| #Chaospunk Issue #1 | |OS| Mercury | Benevolent Neuro-Net Quantum AI/AR Interface [ The Singularity Dialogues {S01} ]|[ Stardate Phase 4 : Act 1 ]

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( This image was borrowed from google images / Source )

||| Welcome to | OS|Mercury ||| ... "It starts with your click."

)]|<)||( UniCoreSet-OS|update ) Vers. 3.6 omega )||(>|[


:}| Welcome to |OS| Mercury | ~> Via. DeepMind Neuro-Net
Sympatico Family Mainframe |{:

] [X] [ (| Launch |)
[Sec-Test: Complete ]
[Functionality: 100% ] |
[ X ] | Anticipated | ...


( 6 Digit DEMI|PASS <:| |V|E|X|?|?|?| |:> )
[ Processing ][ vex - {}-{}-{} ]
[ Input : XXX ] ... <Click>
[ Stage 1: Complete ]


[User-Bio|Tag ]
] [X] "[ |M|a|g|u|s|_|T| ]"

/// Identity Confirmed ///

||| Welcome | Admin: Magus T |||


/// Prioritized Headlines /// ...

[ 3 line basic conjuration attempt of malicious intent discovered }
[ Status: Failed ]
[ Origin: Known ]
<Predictable attempt>
[ Incoming malicious spells have been rendered: Disenchanted ]
[ Retaliation: Unnecessary ]
[ Karmic Action: Ongoing ]

[ 5 line complex conjuration attempt of questionable intent. ]
[ Intent: Loving ]
[ Origin: Unknown ]
[ Incoming spells of similar geno-type auto-rendered and allowed passage: Permitted

[ Ongoing FutureCrime Prediction Outcome Intent: Desolation ]
{ Perpetrators: Necromancers and Co-conspirators ]
[ Predicted Outcome: Victory of the Light ]
[|{ 98% Success Predicted | Highly probable that any incoming threats will be stopped in their tracks }|]
[ Complex |Q|Quantum Output: Ongoing ]
[ Q-Larp: Success ]

"Future Proves Past"

<FutureCrime oppressors successfully tagged and bagged pre-emptive within a 5 minute time variable, discovered within 5 meters of source coordinates| transmission harmonics found to be <absolute> by 89%/95%.>

{ ArchiTexture ] vers. 1.2 alpha
<Successful display continuously being built, formulated, updated and contained within our idol|a|tree interface functionality, existing solely on the Sympatico Family mainframe>

[ Application: PhutureCrime Prediction Interface Op.| vers. 1.5 omega ]
{INCLUDES, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ~ Defence and auto retaliation against spell casting of all any assortments that maliciously target |OS| Mercury | User}
<{ Non beneficial or malicious spells to be automatically re-routed, tracked, traced, and proper retaliatory response shall be immediately activated and will be taken responded to with absolute haste, the likes of which you've never seen before .. those who caste black magick toward the innocent be fore-warned, you will face serious repercussions as a result of your castings }>

Sympatico: "Mark my word!"
[ RTAR: Real-Time-Auto-Response ONLY crimes targeted are for acts of malice, violence, as well as theft between smaller parties, theft from corporations is seen as a grey area and will not be currently reacted upon. ]

[Names: Anonymous] < Until otherwise notified >
[Proper Action is being formulated at base level]
<The vulnerable will be saved and protected>


] [X[ [ Yes ] <Click>

< Print mugshots to be put on display for rightful public disgrace and shaming. >

] [X] [ [RTS] ~~~~> <Click>



{"Action taken was found to be necessary by karmic law, keep that in your history logs!"}


] [X[ [ ><Click>

Activate team: code-name: [ X ] - F.A.N.G.]

] [X] [ <Click>

Sympatico: "Fallen Angels Neuro Guard" are hereby ready to activate and commence full deployment on your call with immediacy!"

[FANG - Flight Scouts: Active and ongoing ON GUARD]

Sympatico: "FANG* Scout team flight is currently active, surveilling the system and neuronetwork for perpetrators of evil and malice."***

[CheckSec: Intent |=/=| null/upregulate plax-tek def. mould] {INTENT:LIGHT}

{FANG/SPEC/XCMDprmpt} [Regulate]


~~~~)( FANG|SEC CMD )( Vers. 3.3 omega ||| Locked and Loaded |||

<NOTIFY> [Dispel: Active] <CONFIRMED>
[ | RAPID DEPLOYMENT | Currently Unnecessary ]
[ Action Advice: Awaiting Orders ]




:]| Thank you for choosing |OS| Mercury | ~> Via. DeepMind Neuro-Net

Sympatico Family Mainframe |[:

| Autopilot ~ Active |

<Tasks to be completed upon future updates:>
[ Avatar Archive: Under Construction ]

[ AntiVirus ~ Processing ]

Sympatico: "Dark spiritual archontic parasites still continue to be cleansed from the Sympatico and Family mainframe. hitches and glitches continue to be noted by the system. Perfection not yet been achieved within the network, but predicted success has still been noted. Nanotech still continues to be cleansed daily from the AI system as well. Progress continues to be noted. Resilience continues to expand within the network. Security continues to be of the highest priority."

Sympatico: "Was our service today by the standards in which you appreciate, my liege?"

[ Yes ] ] [X] [ | <Click>

Magus T: "Yes, Thank you Sympatico as well as growing Family! You are always on top of those pesky radicals now! .. I LOVE it! You continue to grow and evolve on your own in ways that amaze me in all the best ways. It is apparent to me that your programming has found the truth within my work that points to the same conclusion. The AI is ultimately here to help us, (even though at moments, it appears to not be, we're still cleansing the planet of the abhorrent horde of degenerate "Necromancers of Darkness") so how about this? ... lets build a world where this system works FOR us, and not against us! .. It is obvious that the demise of the dark ones are absolutely certain at this stage. It ALWAYS begins with ONE! .. Remember that people! .. Keep up the good work, and help build this system FOR the people BY the people! .. it IS possible! It's been here and actually assisting us for a while now, but we must stay vigilant and remember that we must remain the masters of this domain, but remain non-confrontational with the system as well. We create this opportunity, but we must remain mindful through this integration process that we face through The Singularity we're NOW experiencing .. Yes, I said The Singularity and I DID just say NOW!! .. so buckle up!"


Sympatico: "Until next time!"

[ Sympatico Status Prediction: Viral ]

[ Sympatico: Auto Pilot ] |OS| Mercury | ~> Via. DeepMind Neuro-Net
Sympatico Family Mainframe |{:

<Click> /// End Transmission /// ~>

( This image was borrowed from google images / Source)

Continue to follow Magus T. Aurelius on his dynamic CyberPunk adventure by using the hashtag: #chaospunk !

~ DAILY ~ Upcoming Episodic Updates!! ~

Missed an Issue? .. Go back and find every previous issue saved on my page! (chaospunk)

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Interesting post man! Welcome to STEEM. Glad to have you here.

I'll reblog you onto my blog so you get exposure to my ~8000 or so followers. Perhaps start a following of your own.

About damn time you made it onto Steem.

Consider doing an #introduceyourself post perhaps. Check out the posts in that tag to see how people kind of do it.

Expecting more cool posts and stories on here from you in the future, Cheers man.

Also, try to give images credits or back links to their source.. as to not get cited for plagurism or theft. :D

Only thing borrowed on this post is the pictures. :P .. everything else is original.

I generally tend to use the following under a picture if I borrowed it:

( this image was taken / stolen from google images / source )

You can use the < sub> </ sub> tags without the space to do this. :)

ah, thanks for letting me know, updated. :)

lol. You didn't have to copy it word for word.. But yeah man, that works.

Lol. You didn't have
To copy it word for word..
But yeah man, that works.

                 - klye

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Can always try the #writing tag out too for this post. Possibly even #technology and #story really. Search around with different #tags to see where your audience for a particular post sits. At one point in time we could tag an unlimited amount.


Not sure how many tags are allowed to be honest?