The CHAOS Show Ep 58 with special Guest Rich Quitliano @richq11

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From 7 pm Central on @MSP-Waves

Today's CHAOS Show focuses on @familyprotection - our children, parental rights, medical tyranny, the unlawful sexualization of children by the state and its ultimate goal: legalized pedophilia and its derivatives.

Rich Quitliano @richq11 is a Steemit legend. Author of two published books, father, grandfather and friend, Rich lives off Steemit and internet blogging. His wisdom is marked by the toils of life, dealing with the CPS, unruly family-in-law and a heart of gold.

We will focus on @richq11's latest three @familyprotection posts, namely:

Knowing myself and knowing Rich, we will be all over the place, discussing personal experiences, root causes, fixes. Rich's intro paragraph to the first post gives a clue to the breadth our discussion may take on:

With a new caravan of "migrant dreamers" approaching our southern border (conveniently in time to disrupt the midterm elections) we can expect to see a barrage of news footage of innocent infants ripped from their mother's arms whose only crime is the yearning to be free and have a better life... yet the same leftist activists are silent about the same thing being done to mothers and families in America on a daily basis.

I am honored to have Rich on once again on The CHAOS Show. His insights, in-depth knowledge of a vast variety of subjects, coupled with the experience of a rich life (pun intended) will make today's show worthwhile your time.

Be There or Be Nowhere - And stay safe!


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I love listening to you and @richq11 's conversations. I'm only sorry that I'm going to miss the first half hour.
Tonight's conversation is sure to be engaging, enlightening, enraging and, not surprisingly for Jane, require a full box of tissues.
I'd like to encourage everyone who can to tune in.

Another heart of God.

WOW! That's a lot to live up to!!!

Great to hear you're gonna be on this show!! Hope you are doing well buddy.

You'll do great!! I've no doubt.

Nah - just be yourself! :). I am running a bit behind. Sound check at 6 pm Central? @richq11

I can't find that show anywhere... how about a link???

I have not uploaded yet. Will post link when done later today.

Thanks lol.... I drove myself nuts trying to find it this morning! Thanks for having me on, you make it easy to talk- very comfortable!

@richq11 Here it is my friend!JYMm2ahQ!Aoh1VGFFLLOhg_MBl3SXbZh0YQvXgzqFRT3LGrcVIfI

PS:// That's a great compliment. Thanks RIch!

Thank you! Anytime you want me on, just ask. I hate doing those things but you make me feel at ease!

AWESOME....Ive been floowing you and I just wanted to say thank you for the last time you aird my story and donated to my trip to court (which unfortunately I did lose) I am doing another fundraiser and I actually just got the message from family protection about your show as I was out with my son for the day til just sad, but if you ever would like me on the show at a later date, i would be more then happy to discuss my dealings with the MCFD- AKA Child protection in BC, you guy s do an awesome job and thank you for being out here, we all need this to go viral and we parents that are good, loving and stable deserve our kids home...and to BE HEARD....#STOLENBYMCFD #nevergivingup @mcfd-legal-kidnapped

Hey Maya!
Here is the post:

Join MSP/PAL on Discord via and add me as a friend. It would be good to have you on today from 4 pm Central. I would have you in a voice channel and you'd be 'on air' with me.

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