30 Days Challenge Fall 2018 - Day Seven: Messenger owls


My wife was very close to her grandma. Her grandma lived in St. Louis where my wife attended college. My wife would go over often when she was a freshman and needed some family. Her grandma had a large collection of owls. Porcelain owls, owl paintings, books about owls, even a big macramé owl hanging on the wall.

The night her grandma passed away, we were awakened by great horned owls hooting outside our window. Now we often go out in the early evening looking and listening for owls. Owls have a spirit like presence. They appear silently flying out of the darkness, pass by, then disappear fading back into the darkness. There was an owl still out this morning when we went for our morning walk. Hooting us the calming message that all was right in the world.

Walking the same route at the same time, you see the same people. One of these people is David. David is Sikh. We suspect David is the name he gives out to his obviously culturally limited white American acquaintances but that works for us :) Hellos gradually became short conversations. Now talking to David is part of the morning walk. In the course of one of our conversations, David told us that in the country he was raised in, owls are bad luck. A co-worker gave him a Christmas card with an owl on it. He got over the Christmas thing easily but the owl bothered him. Did his co-worker wish him ill will? Enough so that he confronted the co-worker. Now they laugh about it.

Owls are still special to us. But a bit of cultural perspective is always a good thing.

Cross stitch project my wife is doing. The photo at start of story is an owl that found its way from my wife's grandma's house to ours.


Beautiful cross stitch work..(:
I love to hear the owls here at my cabin in the evening and I so often do. Majestic. I hear mostly the Barred Owl and Great Horned Owl. Sometimes a Screech Owl..
All awesome
My next favorite night time sounds is a whippoorwill which was my Grandmother's favorite.

I just listened to a whippoorwill online :) Beautiful.

interesting. In Russia I think, the owl is a simbol of wisdom.

Yes wisdom is associated with owls in US also. Wise old owl

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Wise old owls and beautiful cross stitch! I am so glad that David was able to ask about the Christmas card owl. Cultural differences are something that we need to work on developing more understanding about

I feel like the value of simple connections with people that aren't like you is lost today. Too easy to only be around those that are like you in background, income, political views, ethnicity, everything.

I feel that missing from my life since I am no longer traveling. You know what small Midwestern towns are like. I am so happy that I have Steem as a way to interact with many people around the world.

@steven-patrick, this is such a wonderful story!!! That was grandma, stopping at your place to say goodbye! So beautiful :) Thank you for sharing such a great story! Tell your wife I love the cross stitch too; such a great thing to pass down from generation to generation ... the story too!

thanks @lynncoyle1 my wife cross stitches to calm her frazzled nerves she gets from living with me lol

hahaha is your house just full of cross stitch then? :)

Ummm no comment ;)

Very nice story. Never realized an animal would be consisdered bad luck. I learned something, too.

The crosss stitch project is really nice.

thanks for checking out my posts @nananini

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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