Ulog Reflections : Name 3 Accounts You Follow On Steemit Because They Are Useful

I follow over 550 people in Steemit who at one point in my life I found to have something interesting to say. I have to say though that I am a bad follower as I have to rely on Ginabot to notify me of people that I want to read up.

Yet these three people are who I consider as my must visit profiles and would highly recommend that you do so as well.


From Unsplash - Jessica Sysengrath



I have no idea what his name is or background as he is one of those enigmatic people in the platform but I found him last November by accident as I had gone through most of the interesting posts on the people that I follow and was looking at new posts when I saw a post about overcoming personal demons.

At that time I was battling my own and here was a person that was chronicling his journey and how he turned things around. I was moved and from that day on he is an influential person that I have incorporated a lot of his thoughts and ideas into my writing especially on having an abundance mindset.

A lot of people think that he is too optimistic with the power of Steem and the blockchain technology that he is often called shilling Steem to unrealistic expectations and yet I want to believe on the things he sees, the potential that the blockchain technology will usher in the age of abundance.

Whenever I need to learn something that Steem is doing or has plans of doing I know that TM will be one of the first to write about it.

He describes himself as a Futurist that sees the technology that will impact it and he does not just talk about Steem, he also talks about 3D printing, Universal Basic Income, changes in technology, the adoption of the Blockchain Technology and most of all how humanity will evolve from these changes.



This spammy sounding name is more known as Asher to everyone else. He is the numbers guy together with @paulag, who is the numbers woman, make up the witness duo called @steemcommunity. If there is data analysis that you want to know about then these two people are your best bet!

I stumble on Asher when I was tracing the effects of The Stewards of Gondor by @fulltimegeek and although that program is on hiatus Asher took the reigns and established his League of Curation and Engagement and I have been part of it since January I think.

I have only managed to get to the top 3 spot because the reigning people in the league are pure monsters as they are able to do over 400 comments and over 100,000 characters each week. I swear most of them don't sleep or have 4 clones doing the commenting.


Monster I tell you

Besides running the leagues he always writes about things that are happening in Steem as well even before he become a witness.

He is able to explain things simply and in terms, non-techies like me can understand.

One of his effects to me was to take a more altruistic view on voting. His league influenced me to remove self-voting and to spread my votes more. He made me care more about communities and the platform.

I am very thankful to him because of that.



Oh yeah it's your boy Terry the man from Manila who runs the witness account @steemgigs which is also a Steem condenser aimed to breaking barriers and helping build the dreams of Steemians.

His words inspire, his actions are all inclusive and caring, he respects everyone and believes that everyone has value.

He is one of those whales that support massive communities and he sees not color, race, religion or social status. Everyone to him is a celebrity, he a true fan.

Un(dis)talented: Remove bum, average, smart and suddenly; "we are genius".
SteemGigs: Make "everyone" have something to offer" and suddenly; "dreams equaller reality".
Teardrops: Give tears value and suddenly; "we are back down-to-earth and "human"

All of these has the desire to be inclusive of the common man, of the "Untalented", the "Dream Builders" and those shedding their "Teardrops" of joy or sadness altogether celebrating Uloggers.

When he writes his post it is as if he is talking to you and filling your heart and soul with inspiration and motivation to believe in yourself.

Remove the doubts and shine.


One common denominator that I see in all three of these people are they are positive, they care about humans and see that Steemit can do so much good, they care for communities and engagement. Nost of all they care about you.


Footer by @ameliabartlett


Centurion Mave.png


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All three of those, from what I know or hear of them are great choices to highlight. I don't currently follow TM or SG, but that could change. Asher gets as about as technical on things as I typically want to get, but there are times where I will foray farther into the inner workings of things in hopes of gaining a better understanding.

It's good to have folks like these on Steemit, that we can learn from, associate with, and hopefully grow to become like. Or at least grow to be our own versions of them. :)


Yeah you could leave novel size comments with TM and he does a great job of thinking of different scenarios and possibilities for the future and he is one of my sources for Steem news and apps that are coming out.

I have yet to check taskmaster. surpassinggoogle has been a great help to everyone. Also, when I was starting here he was the one who made some of my posts reach $1 :D He believes in the talents of people and support them.

I have also come across asher through the engagement league. I only reached top 3 because no one can beat the king and queens of keyboard wars lol!

So far, it is only the accounts of @surpassinggoogle I found very useful for us minnows.. and all of his initiatives as well..


Yeah Terry does a lot in being able to make us feel welcome and of someone of worth in the Steem blockchain.

He has been instrumental in inspiring a lot of people to be active again.

The three accounts I followed because of their usefulness are; @surpassinggoogle, @euronation, @wafrica.


Pretty solid picks there as Terry is awesome and those two community accounts are wonderful places to get information and be engaged.


hay thanks for the mention and for supporting our witness efforts. @surpassinggoogle I think was the first witness I voted for :-)


Oh definitely I believe in you and Asher's commitment to the community and any way I can promote you guys is a great way for me to repay everything both of you have been doing in supporting the league.

My list is; @krnel @suparssinggoogle @dimimp. Each has added value of encouragement for me to continue blogging on steemit.


I also follow and comment a lot with Krnel and think that he has a lot of things to say that is of real value in the platform.
Truth and freedom are some of the ideas that I resonate with his messages.

Interesting person that you recommended there. Being involved in community building as well as active in Steemjet. Very nice there and thank you for letting me know.

@surpassinggoogle is a given, but nice to see you mention @abh1234. I love his statistical posts and he always engages and comes across as a really nice bloke. Never realised he had a witness partner so I'll be popping over to give them a vote. Never come across taskmasterm but looks really interesting so I'll pop off and take a look.
Have a great weekend little kuya lol ;-)


Yeah I really think that Asher's contribution to the platform is very important and his view and explanation of things really thought out.

You are in for a treat with Taskmaster as he also loves to reply and converse with people especially if they have a different view.

Hahhaa Thanks you to it is going to be a busy weekend as we are still in promoting and getting donations for @giftinkindph. Glad that the intro post did well and hopefully get more supporters.

my list is @surpassinggogle. @smartcash, @dimimp they have been useful and helpful to me


You are the 2nd person that has dimimp listed and I definitely see why people like the message that the person brings in the platform.

I only know @surpassinggoogle out of those three but I am checking them out as well. I follow you because I find your blogs helpful here in my journey in Steemit.


Oh Thanks Kat that is very nice of you to say that find some of my ramblings to be useful. Yeah Terry is awesome and is a person that we should #beliketerry

Thanks for the positive mention here Mav, I'm sat between 2 very pro-Steem people!

The Leagues have been a blessing to me too, and that's thanks to people like you for your continued engagement and support. Cheers!


I have to thank you Asher for the positive effect that you have with me. The league has many times saved me from quitting the platform because sometimes you get tired of the drama, the problems but then you remember all the good people in the league trying their best to keep the platform engaged.


Thank you, I appreciate that.

At times my mood is low also, but the leagues post is always well received and is a good way to end the week.

Retention may look pretty bad on the whole, but those sticking around, for the leagues etc, are slowly building their accounts.


Indeed the steem that I win are immediately powered up and I delegate some of my SP to @giftinkindph and slowly will make it a minnow that will support various charities with full votes.

Who knows it might become a dolphin as well hahahha even before I become one hahaha

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