The Daughter Challenge

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Let's fill Steemit with love. 😍 The Daughter Challenge is on! If you have a daughter in your life who helps bring balance to your world. She is beautiful in every way. She has a heart of gold. She makes you laugh but drives you crazy. She is your Best friend. She fills your rainy days with sunshine. You pray for her success & you want her to achieve all her dreams. You're thankful for & truly adore her. 😍

Lesly - our daughter

Challenge Rules

  • Please use daughterchallenge as one of your tags
  • Nominate 2 or 3 others
  • Anyone can participate, no nomination required
  • Include this original post link in your post

I nominate @zephalexia and @bloghound and @ladyjah and @yanzel4lyf and @thegoddess and @mhm-philippines and @papa-pepper and @paradise-found.

I look forward to seeing all the beautiful daughters, and reading your loving words!!


I got challenged by @ironshield, so I'll have my post up soon. :) Great challenge!

Thank you, this is beautiful, to write what we feel for our princesses, but more beautiful is to read the dedication we make to her, and look at those little faces that steal your heart. bless friend! My entry

@wrladyhawk I have just gone thru this post of yours...and looking forward to join and submit my entry with my princess just 4 months old... Thanx...

Wonderful - can't wait to see the pictures

great job by you guys steemit is actualy lovable by all and we are very lucky to have a site like steemit guys.

Thank you - I'm glad you are enjoying steemit

yeah im just strted steemit so ....plz follow me and i will follow you back and suggest me about steemit plz my friend.

wow! thanks for nominating me mama bear @wrladyhawk , i really appreciate it 😘❤️❤️❤️
i'll definitely make my entry , bear hugs! much love!

Thank you - I look forward to seeing your entry

I have two beautiful daughters too...I will be joining this it ❤❤❤

Thank you - I look forward to seeing their pictures

Thank you for nominating me, Mama Bear. I'll get back after school. One love <3

You are welcome - I'll look for the pictures later

Beautiful challenge thank you! Here I leave my entrance ... Very emotional as it reminds me of the blessing of having my daughters.

God bless you, mama bear for this challenge. :-)❤️

Thank you very much.

great challenge

Hi @wrladyhawk. Thanks for this challenge and I’m glad I could join. Here’s my entry.

Nice challenge!