[CHALLENGE] I'd shave my head bald but it is NOT gonna happen!

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While I'm working on a serious article, I thought I'd throw this out there because in my head I'm thinking It ain't gonna happen and I have a very hard time resisting a double-dog dare from a friend so, no harm, no foul, right?

What ain't gonna happen?

Ah, that's the question, isn't it? The challenge is: If I made $10,000 USD on Steemit by the end of August, 2016, I'd shave my head BALD and donate my ponytail to Locks of Love...and I would have to do it live on Periscope or YouTube.

Meredith Loughran shows off her hair donation if she reaches her Steemit challenge goal of $10,000 by August 31, 2016
My wavy locks safely on my head

Yup. I currently have about a foot of donation-worthy hair but add a few more inches if it's buzzed from the scalp.

But it ain't gonna happen!

I've never trended in my life and I don't see it happening now or EVER
So - my hair is safe. My husband isn't going to hit the roof because I won't look like Kojak or Jean Luc Picard.
Besides... It's summertime here in Florida. No one wants to see my sickly pale scalp while I've got a nice tan going. And I don't think I could handle being called "CUE BALL"

So there you have it. A nothing post for a silly challenge that won't get any steem because it ain't gonna happen.

But seriously guys, I've got some well-thought out posts. Check those out instead - and ignore this post.

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I want to see your bald head heehee


HAHA, @karenb54 - with as much sun as I'm getting, my head would be green-white or translucent. LOL


You may start a new craze, be the next new look lol