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I have been working on a Steemit project for a while and even though its not finished or polished I feel its time to introduce it to the Community for feedback and support.

Introducing Steem Challenges
This site will promote challenges that people are running on Steemit and be a place where you can easily browse to see what challenges are active and what is popular.

When I first came across a challenge I wanted to enter I couldn't find the announcement post. After much searching I found it and made my post but even then I found it quite frustrating that I had no way of knowing if I had entered correctly or not (did I use the right tags?, did I use the right title?....)

SteemChallenges will be a place where you can come and ask for help, see what other people are doing and it will also (in time) be a place where you can see previous winning entries and prizes.

My main motivation for this site was attempting to pick winners each month for the Culture Vulture challenge. Using tags on Steemit was not enough as posts under tags more than 7 days old are not shown. It occured to me that this also means that if you are browsing a challenge on the main steemit site you only see some of the posts. You might have a poor impression of the challenge just because there has been a lul in entries for the last 7 days. Some of these challenges have been running for months!


The development plan for this site is as follows

  • More challenges
    This resource needs to be comprehensive to be useful.
  • Automate the backend server
  • Automatic stats and analysis
  • Integrate posts from Steemit into the website
    The goal is that you don't have to leave the website to vote or comment
  • Enhanced browsing functionality such as filtering by author, reputation, ....
  • Confirm Entries
    I would also like to work with challenges to build in logic to this site to verify if an entry has been submitted correctly. It may be as simple as using the correct tag but some challenges require specific titles and other details such as resteems etc.

Let have a short tour of the site

Steem Challenges

The lander page has a list of challenges that we have included, lots more to come


Here you will be able to see how long they have been running, how many entries they get, how many votes, what type of payouts.


Have you ever wanted to know a bit more about the people running the challenges?
I will begin an interview series shortly covering the featured challenges

Browse Challenges

For each challenge there will be a list of recent posts in reverse chronological order. You can browse and see the entries. If you click on any link it will take you to the post on the steemit website where you can vote or comment.

Blogger Central @steemitbc

Blogger Central is the home for the culturevulture tag but I also hang out there. I welcome feedback on SteemChallenges so if you would like to get involved in this project please drop over to Blogger Central on Discord and say hi or message me on steemit chat @eroche


Special thanks to @ishtar for the design of the Steem Challenges site

Thank you for reading this. I write on Steemit about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Travel and lots of random topics.


This is a brilliant idea and will also help contest organizers. @robyneggs #poetrydice challenge and @jaybird s #steemitsandwichcontest could both use this to attract new entries as well as streamline judging. Thanks for building.

I will add these challenges tomorrow, they sound interesting. My initial motivation was to help with judging contests. Its much easier to scan through the posts on this site. It will get even easier when I add some filters. That may be a little way off yet.

I'll pass the info on to them. Sometimes the hardest part of judging is finding the entries that fly under the radar.

I have added those challenges @bleedpoet. I feel I haven't done the descriptions justice though. I will revisit these, I am open to suggestions.

great idea

That's very cool eroche very nice to do this, have a happy day😊

Great idea, collecting them all in one place! I'll have to ask you to add the #marveloustales contest once you're building your list :D

Cool, that looks like a great challenge. I will add it this week.

Great to hear, thank you!

Its up already, Its a bit of a manual update at the moment but the plan is to refresh this daily.

Aww that looks wonderful, thank you so much for adding it!

Thanks @eroche it's a great idea. Resteemed.

Emoji by @readallaboutit

This is awesome, I just checked out the Beta!!!

There seem to be so many great contests worth perusing and this hub looks like it's gona make that very easy to find!

Thanks so much for doing this & for featuring Steemit Sandwich Contest!

Feel free to request any further info you might need from me !

I'm adding a link to steemchallenges in SSC contest week 7 winners post releasing it wed afternoon!

Wow thanks @jaybird great feedback, and great contest. I had not seen this one before but I will be back for more. Your getting great entries.

This is an absolutely great idea. Thanks for creating

Just a word: Creative!

Some of the entries in the challenges are inspired, and indeed some of the challenges.

I cant wait till this list of challenges is comprehensive so we can appreciate all the creativity from the Steemit challenges in one place.

Great. I also really appreciate creativity and originality. Proud of you.

thanks for share, this is a creative idea, that website very helpful us to find challenges... thank you :), this site i have introduce and post in bahasa at my blog, very cleaver to you @eroche....!!

That's super cool! I've wished for a better option than scanning the #challenge tag. Thanks for making those wishes come true! Will you also promote contests on the site? I have one I've been running for a few months now, and could definitely use some extra exposure 😉

Definately, I will add new challenges to the list each time and I will be doing interviews. I would like to feature a challenge each week. Will you drop me a message on Steemit Chat @eroche or on discord @eroche.

Brilliant idea and the website looks great.

Hi @eroche i seem to find good news today on the Steemit page. Apparently you have read the needs of this community.

I also experienced what you experienced, could not find all the information i needed and you have answered it here.

Thank you for your effort to build something that many users of Steemit need, good luck.

That's an amazing idea. There are many things going on on steemit and sometimes they are hard to find in the multitude of posts.
Good Job :)

Thats Nice challenge..!
good wrok @eroche

Fantastic. Love the idea. there are always good contests and a one stop shop to find them just rocks.

Keep us posted on the development


Will have to check out, thanks

Awesome initiative! Both as someone who runs a contest and someone who participates in them, I think this is a terrific idea. I'll be watching for sure, and wish you much success!!!

Been there done that - with the challenge things.

Thanks for making such page.. it will help alot of people.

Also thank you for mentioning #culturevulture , I almost forgot to participate for this month :D

uda aku posting juga di halamanku kak,, hehehe

thanks a lot for the web news @eroche, like it and always resteem

thanks for creating a new web site that help us to find challenge

good job....i love challenge

thats a great idea! good work!

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