Simple game: Guess the rewards, Win the STEEM

in challenge •  3 years ago 

Guess the rewards of this post: $ XX.XX
Win the STEEM if it is correct.
You can have 3 active bets maximum.
Your bet should be higher than the current reward.
Up-vote to increase the rewards and the players and the rewards and the players...

The deadline is the first payout.
If the actual potential reward is higher than one of your bets, you can place it again.

Example: say the reward is at $ 1.22. Your guess are $0.37 , $1.37 and $1.57. You can place a new bet.
I will decide the winner(s) after the first payout.

Don't miss steem, don't miss team

Good luck everyone.

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No winner/rewards this time. New game in ~10hours