[BRAINLESS METHOD] Earning 900 PIPS every 3 months from FOREX Market [First Post on FOREX]

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For those who have no idea what is FOREX.
Please go to https://www.babypips.com/learn
There is a lot of good materials to learn which can shaped you into a trader.

Below is my current trading strategy that I used real money to trade.
The idea actually comes from SMA Crossover pullback introduced by Robopip from babypips. ( his blog: https://www.babypips.com/authors/robopip)
He is using his system since mid 2015 till now and earns ~900-1000 per 3 months.
(just check his blog and records are there.)
I think this is pretty impressive because the system is clean and easy to follow.
I really am appreciated Robopip’s generosity to share his method.

I have been following his method to trade since March 2017 and indeed it is profitable.
In general speaking, the trade signal appear 2-3 time per currency pair per month.
Right now, I am trading on EURUSD, GBPUSD & EURJPY.
Expecting to have 3 x 2 x 12 = 72 Trades per year

However,I have made just adjustments to his trade system starting from June 2017 base on my observation and backtesting results.

MA-X Pullback
1hr chart

Indicator: -
EMA100 closed price
SMA200 closed price
Slow Stochastic (14,3,3)

Entry - Long Position:
1.EMA100 crossing up SMA200
2.K-line and D-line going into oversold zone (Below 25)
3.Enter Long Position when K-line and D-line leaving from oversold zone (Above 25)

Entry - Short Position:
1.EMA100 crossing down SMA200
2.K-line and D-line going into overbought zone (Above 75)
3.Enter Short Position when K-line and D-line leaving from overbought zone (Below 75)

P.S. Only consider the first pullback

Exit Trade:
1.New crossover of EMA100 and SMA200
2.Reaching TP/SL

Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) :
TP @250 pips
SL @ 150 pips
When price moves 150pips from entry point, SL shifts to 50pips to lock up profit

I will post my trade records every week.
I do believe we can edge our trading skills through sharing knowledge and learning to each other. I hope everyone will love this system.
Please ask whatever you want below.

At last, don’t forget to upvote and follow me @stay9n0

REMINDER: Please perform backtest and forward -test on Demo account first before you put your real money in.


thanks. very good reward to loss ratio. I guess you will make a big fortune if you win 900 pips every 3 months? Top notch stuff. way to go!

Hi wilkinshui,just a reminder that the reward to loss is not fixed.

Trade will be closed if the new crossover of two moving average line is etablished.
No matter your position is having profit or loss.

Rules must be strictly followed.
I think this is the golden key to make success in forex market.

Thank for reading and comment.

Very interesting, thanks for posting!


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Would be interested to hear about your results going forward. Best of luck! Do you trade this manually or via a robot?
Please follow my curation trail!

so far, I mainly do trades manually when I get the signals.

However, I have coded this trading system via MT4 platform.
actually,My robot trades a very little lot amount of money.

Thank for reading.

And for the signals, do you check that manually of you have configured automatic alerts? As it is the 1H timeframe, have you found the timing to be important or even if you don't trade right away the entry is still OK?

I have automatic alerts through my developed EA. currently it works so far so good.
I keep MT4 platform running 24/7.
Once it generated a signal, a text message will be deliever to my MT4 mobile app.

For second question, since this system aims to catch big trend, therefore, it is ok for late trade position. However, if you are 50pips away from signal entry point, I won't suggest to place. I will wait for next trade.

Interesting, thanks for posting! :)

Thx for reading eirik

Plz follow me. I will keep posting about this trading system.

Interesting post. Watching and learning.

Looking forward to your trading report !
Does this method also applicable to stocks and cryptocurrencies?

Hi happychau123.
Thx for reading and support first.
At this moment, I won't suggest to apply this method to crytocurrenices.

I summarise reasons below

  1. Price of Crytocurrenices is frustrating in a large range. 350pips to currency is approx. 3-4% which need at least 5 days to reach that range. Biticoin is going up and down more than 5% everyday.
  2. Not enough backtesting data
  3. Large price variation among different crytocurreny exchange.

For the stock, as long as you backrest stock historical data and decide the reasonable TP/SL, I think it can work.

Thank you very much :)
I think I will try to apply it to some stabler stocks and use matlab to simulate from pass results first :)

thanks for the sharing, looks like that can milk some easy profits from the fx market

I am interested in earning via investments, afterall in HK no matter how hard work you are, salaries never catch up with anything, I followed you for more investment insights~ follow me back for random stuff from mine =D

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